Tucson meet yourself move your body

Tucson Meet Yourself Festival

tucson meet yourself move your body

TMY is a school: in over 2, surveys collected over the last four TUCSON MEET YOURSELF FESTIVAL .. nourishment of body, mind and soul is only a few steps away. (If only that line would move a little bit faster!). Tucson Meet Yourself is a three-day festival, taking place this Friday, Saturday Get Moving Run: On Sunday morning, the Southern Arizona Roadrunners will Meet the Healers: Here you'll find various ways to heal your body and mind, from . Grupo Danza Xunutzi at Tucson Meet Yourself I thought I'd be done " Move Your Body," Xunutzi kids and Kalin on stage. Next stop for.

Their trip began with teachers Nico Lizarraga and Selene Paola attempting to collect 16 teenagers of the group for a scheduled 9 pm arrival in Canelo. Given inevitable delays, they arrived at midnight.

Dinner followed bringing the sleepy and tired youth back to life. Bedtime — approximately 1: They were up early, breakfast, Facebook checking and practice on our volleyball court followed and then the drive to Tucson. The morning was rushed, they had their hands full collecting their costumes, rushing to the stage, dressing, to be ready for their hour long performance.

The stage and where the audience is normally seated was in full sun — 98 degrees plus with reflection off the concrete. All the seating was moved to the side of the stage allowing for very poor visibility. It was very hard on these kids, their dances are fast moving and energetic, their costumes heavy and hot and to top it off, the water container at the side of the stage was empty. Traditional dance from the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.

tucson meet yourself move your body

Dance of "Los Viejitos" or the Old Ones. Traditional dance from the state of Vera Cruz. Next stop for them was rehearsal for the evening Jim Griffith program.

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The morning pace continued, rushing to eat lunch — El Guero Canelo hot dogs and carne asada tacos and then off to the Fox theatre. Rehearsals ran late, by the time they got on stage and finished theirs, there was no time to leave the theatre. For some reason it was not possible for them to wait in the comfort of the cushioned chairs of the theatre. They sat downstairs in the dressing rooms with a sizeable wait before the program began.

Up to this point it had been a long day for them given the heat, rushing from one place to another and the waiting. Readying for "Hats Off to Big Jim. Carolina Acosta passing the time. Once the evening program began, their day began to change. The event for Jim Griffith was overall nice, informal, cozy you might say, not too many tributes — they are all well done, several performances.

It was arranged by Dan Guerrero, a seasoned director and choreographer, son of famed Mexican performer Lalo Guerrero www. No surprise to me, the performance given the kids of Grupo Danza Xunutzi, was simply superb and earned an applause that exceeded the total applause for the evening combined.

tucson meet yourself move your body

They gave their all to a man who they did not know despite my attempts to convey to them who Jim Griffith was, I know it did not get across. Sitting on grass at the end of the parking lot, teacher Nico talked to them about the day, the possibility of a summer tour of Europe. An hour of wandering through the food booths looking for diner brought a lot of laughs. They are not adventurous eaters by any means. But, as important as the festival is and has been for close to four decades, one of the most important charges the Board has given Maribel in her new role is to begin the process of transforming TMY from a folklife festival to a folklife organization with a variety of programs that educate the public and document in as rich ethnographic detail as possible the artfulness with which folks live their lives in this part of the world.

Reflecting on the recent changes, Maribel said recently: One that lends itself well to presentations and therefore to the most visible aspects of cultural identity, sometimes the most expected or even stereotypical aspects.

tucson meet yourself move your body

That does not mean that festivals are not important tools for cultural exchange; of course they are. But it also means that many vital aspects of cultural and folk communities -the ones that are not so easy to present in short intervals outdoorsgo un-recorded and un-noticed. It is often in the quiet, behind-the-scenes work of cultures, in their own contexts away from the public eye, where we find the most intriguing and enduring material of cultural sovereignty. The taste is not something you will soon forget: Melt some queso cocido Sonorense Sonoran cheese inside a folded mesquite tortilla, throw in a few drops of chiltepin chile home-made salsa, and you will know exactly what the Sonoran desert tastes like physically and tangible in every bite, the phrase "sense of place" will make sense to you for the first time.

As it turns out, the taste of this place has gotten into lots of different kinds of foods that grow in the region one only needs to dare step out a bit and try the many possibilities that await the senses. This is the argument that world renown ethnobotanist, author, and internationally celebrated storyteller Gary Paul Nabhan makes in his latest book " Desert Terroir: Fortunately, there are lots of great resources to help anyone who wishes to embark on this kind of exploration. To name just two: Esperanza and her father were selling Sonoran wheat flour tortillas made by Esperanza's mother at a roadside stand.

Over time, she and Gary developed a friendship. One day, after returning from a trip to Sonora, Gary thought of giving Esperanza an assignment: Hesitant, Esperanza said she'd give it a try.

And trial and error indeed it became. Esperanza "They first came out brittle, and then like cardboard, so I kept on switching the mixture of flours, and then the kinds of oil 'till I got it right," she is quoted saying to Gary. The health benefits of mesquite how they are one of the healthiest foods that people suffering from diabetes could eatwas one of the great attractions that mesquite had for Esperanza.

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Esperanza and Gary have been part of Tucson Meet Yourself for several years now. By the way, the wood used for the wagon is mesquite recycled from the cutting of trees during the expansion of I Graphic designer Suzanne Jameson prepared the educational labels developed around the theme of "Taco Diplomacy"an interactive component which engaged thousands of people with the question "what is a taco?

The fact that mesquite trees are so common in every Tucson neighborhood has been a motivating factor behind the efforts of another great local organization, Desert Harvestersto "promote, celebrate, and enhance local food security and production by encouraging the planting of indigenous, food-bearing shade trees such as the Velvet mesquite or Prosopis velutina in water-harvesting earthworks, and then educating the public on how to harvest and process the bounty.

tucson meet yourself move your body

Desert Harvesters has gathered the best information available about all the various uses of mesquite which of course, for many people also include the aromatic wood used for grilling meats.