Keep your guard up relationship

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keep your guard up relationship

The term 'having a guard up' is thrown around here and there with known been 'guarded' and how has it affected their relationships? to keep themselves from emotionally connecting past a certain point with a person. Have/keep one's guard up definition is - to be careful and alert. How to use to be careful and alert He always has/keeps his guard up during negotiations. Having Your Guard Up: How To Take Down The Wall, Brick By Brick a really deep level with someone new, from having a meaningful relationship. But by keeping your distance, you end up being the person that no one.

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Others have been hurt deeply enough usually in early childhood or by enough people that they have learned through their experiences to guard their heart. What's the difference between these people: It all boils down to self-trust. How do you know which category you fall into? All you have to do is read each scenario and pick the one that best describes your typical romantic relationship you may pick a different scenario for different people in your life and that's okay -- just focus on your "typical" romantic relationship for right now: I find it relatively easy to get close to others and am comfortable depending on them.

keep your guard up relationship

I don't often worry about being abandoned or about someone getting too close to me. I am somewhat uncomfortable being close to others; I find it difficult to trust them completely, difficult to allow myself to depend on them.

You Look Like An Asshole When You Keep Your Guard Up

I am nervous when anyone gets too close, and often, love partners want me to be more intimate than I feel comfortable being. I find that others are reluctant to get as close as I would like. I often worry that my partner doesn't really love me or won't want to stay with me. I want to get very close to my partner, and this sometimes scares people away.

If you picked 1, you have a healthy, secure attachment style when it comes to romantic relationships; and baring abuse or severe trauma in a romantic relationship, you probably fall in the "dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and try again category.

keep your guard up relationship

If you picked 2, however, you likely have a guarded heart. So what is a guarded heart? Individuals who have a guarded heart do not trust quickly or easily - they've learned that when you show those deepest parts of yourself to someone, you're going to get hurt.

keep your guard up relationship

So they've built up walls around their heart in an effort to protect themselves from getting hurt again. It's not that they don't know how to love - they do believe in love and desperately want to receive it -- they just proceed slowly and with caution because love hasn't always been on their side. If you're on the receiving end of this, it can be quite challenging and frustrating.

This is difficult to do when you have a guarded heart because you have trust issues -- not just with others, but with yourself. Those with a guarded heart tend to take their time making decisions and second guess their decisions more because they have a history of making "the wrong choice.

After all, those with a guarded heart tend to be very independent and self-sufficient. The only true way to avoid having your heart broken is to avoid love in the first place.

How to Avoid Getting My Heart Broken

The next best solution is to be careful in relationships, making sure that you open your heart slowly and cautiously, without keeping your guard up too much. When you find the right mate, feelings of brokenheartedness will become a memory. Date Carefully Be careful whom you date or you may be destined to end up with a broken heart. Some people are interested only in using others; some have intentions that are impure.

If you decide to date a person who is known to be a "player," for example, there is a good chance that person will break up with you after getting physical satisfaction -- leaving you with a broken heart and painful regret.

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Date people with good reputations. Date Before Labeling the Relationship Going on dates before deciding to be in a relationship is a way to avoid getting your heart broken. Instead of being quick to label your relationship with the other person, spend some casual time doing fun activities together, such as dining out, walking in the park or going bowling. These lightweight dates will help you determine if your date is a good fit or if a more serious relationship is not in cards.

Do Not Fully Self-Disclose on the First Date Do not tell your date everything about yourself the first time you get together -- or the second, or the third.