Erik miller track meet

Coleman Wins A Nail-Biter, Miller-Uibo Prevails; Birmingham Recap

erik miller track meet

Illinois Top Times - Mar 28, to Mar 29, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL, USTiming/Results by: Adkinstrak Timing. Eric MillerMid-Distance - Jump To: Eric Miller. Class: Senior. Hometown: Huntingdon Valley, PA. Highschool: Abington. Bio; Related. "Because the board failed to meet its fiduciary responsibilities, STE's The former director, Erik Miller, approved more than $3, in credit.

Miller-Uibo was a stride behind coming off the curve, but powered down the homestretch to pass both Asher-Smith and Dafne Schippers to win in Schippers, who appeared that she might be able to steal victory, faded in the final 50 meters.

erik miller track meet

Asher-Smith got up for second in Jenna Prandini and Gabrielle Thomas took fifth and sixth, running Both women will advance to the Diamond League final in two weeks. Shaunae Miller-Uibo blasts down the homestretch to take the m in a meet record of Dina Asher-Smith second in The year-old ran a 1: After a first m in But when Korir went, the move was definitive.

His lead grew with every stride as his head bounced mechanically, trying to keep pace with his legs.

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Meet record and 3rd fastest time of for Emmanuel Korir in the men's m Clayton Murphy put himself near the front in the early stages of the race, but faded over the final meters, crossing the line last in 1: Erik Sowinski took eighth in 1: The Aussie ran 3: Youssof Hiss Bachir was the only runner to follow the rabbit--running the first m in With meters, Hiss Bachir was enveloped by the pack.

McSweyn and Gregson moved in front of Chelimo and were in the top two positions with meters remaining. Gregson held the lead until McSweyn shifted gears and easily moved past him. Stewart McSweyn runs 3: Ryan Gregson takes second in 3: Nick Willis took fifth in 3: American Drew Hunter was tenth with a 3: After opening laps of 63 and 65 seconds, Hassan sat behind Ethiopian Gudaf Tsegay. In the last lap, Hassan had no equals and took the race in 4: Kate Grace of the U.

Comfortable and in command.

erik miller track meet

Sifan Hassan takes in 4: Muir, who won the European Championships m last week, posted a 2: Renelle Lamote took second in 2: Tirop ran the last m in just under 62 seconds to win in 8: A flat tire kept us off the podium. Inwe had problems early on. I tagged a rock entering Outer Limits that flattened a tire and broke the steering ram clamp. We were able to make it through the trail to remote pit where we welded the ram to the axle housing and changed the tire.

Problems plagued us again on Aftershock when we lost a steering fitting that was damaged previously.

erik miller track meet

We were down for over two hours but still able to manage a respectable 14th place finish. This is our opportunity to race against the best in the world.

erik miller track meet

Nothing beats competing in front of a crowd, let alone 30, race fans. My favorite part of the event is seeing a small city come to life in the middle of the desert. People travel from all over the country and make this one of their annual vacations. Knowing that everyone is there to watch us race is a pretty cool feeling. How do you physically and mentally prepare for this type of racing?

I like to cross train.

Olympic Track And Field Trials - Erik Kynard Wins Men's High Jump Final

Swimming, cycling, running and lifting are all key components of my training regiment. Being fit equates to better focus and decreased fatigue, allowing me to push harder for a longer period of time.

I could not run this race without my team. From having a prerunner, to prep, to logistics and planning, they have it covered.

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These guys are not only my teammates, but they are also my best friends. How much does strategy play a part in KOH? You need to know when you are pitting, who is doing what during pits, where your spare parts are, when you can push it, and when to save the car.

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All that planning needs to adaptive though, you never know when you are going to completely wreck your steering 30 miles into the race. Strategy saves you time, time wins you races. What will it take to win the King of the Hammers in ?

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Winning KOH will take a capable, well-prepared car, backed by a great team in addition to talent, dedication and a little bit of luck. How much does a car vs. KOH is becoming really competitive.

People are spending money on some serious rigs that would run circles around the older cars. With endurance racing, there is a balance of going fast and saving the car.

If you had the opportunity to participate in any race in the world, what would it be and why?

erik miller track meet

Having the chance to run a multiple stage race through different countries would be an amazing experience. The variety of terrain and challenge from its length is intriguing. Who is your racing idol and why?