The ultimate relationship test big

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the ultimate relationship test big

We'd been dating for about three months, and it seemed as though we were ready for the big relationship test – a week away in the romantic. Here's why I think travel is the ultimate relationship test: by whining about the situation or do they just laugh about it and turn it into a big joke?. A chronic illness is the ultimate test of a relationship, a test that not (and really have some progression) seems like the biggest final test to me.

You see each other go through highs and lows and everything else in between. Above it all, we have seen each other through bad stomachs, high fevers, stinky clothes, and 24 hour transit days.

the ultimate relationship test big

The truth is, traveling with your partner is hard. It takes commitment, a lot of patience, and well, a lot of love.

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So why should you travel with your partner? It tests your character and how you handle and respond to situations. Unlike regular dating where you always see the best foot forward of a person, when traveling together, you get to see your partner react to everyday unusual situations. How your partner responds to a missed train or bus is more likely how he will respond to a few things later on in life.

My dad always says that you can see the true personality of a man when placed under stress.

Marriage & MS: The Ultimate Relationship Exam

Although these pranks that he played wetting the charcoal before asking my brother in law to light the bqq were seemingly harmless, he saw their true character when faced with small little problems. Which trust me, happens a lot on a daily basis when traveling. Because you find out if you can DEPEND on each other Like everything in life, traveling with someone is all about partnerships and working together as a team.

the ultimate relationship test big

When you guys go on a trip, does one person take all the responsibility? Can you rely on your partner to get you through both the big and small things?

5 Perfect Reasons Traveling With Your Partner Is The Ultimate Relationship Test

Traveling is a good way to determine what kind of role your partner will play in your life. Can you depend on them to step up and take control of a situation when needed?

the ultimate relationship test big

Trust me, it takes a different kind of love to take care of someone through stomach problems when on the road. There are moments when traveling when the only two things that you can do is curl up in a ball in bed and run to the toilet.

And when the going gets tough, will your partner just leave you to be or will they nurse you through it…vomiting and toilet sounds included. In sickness and in… When it comes to marriagepeople are quick to point out vows, and how they often explicitly mention this scenario. How many people have been tough guys during training but have gone to war and were suddenly not-so-tough once the bullets started flying?

Despite all of the pain and problems I have, I would say it is much harder to be on the other side. I have some experience: It would eat me up inside.

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Everyone has a limit. You have to do morerun more errands, do more housework, be on top of everything. That level of work will wear some people out. Not everyone is capable of being a caregiverthe best caregivers are among the hardest working people in this world. So much work, with all of those aforementioned emotional struggles on top of it.

Anyone who has witnessed it, really lived with and helped out with someone who needs care, you know that it is almost impossible work. Having your significant other have a chronic illness and really have some progression seems like the biggest final test to me.

the ultimate relationship test big

The thing is, not every relationship gets that test. People will live their whole lives together without a true test like that.

the ultimate relationship test big

Theirs is a love that can stand the test of time. How can this happen? All those years, were they wasted? Did they ever really love me?

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