Relationship between goku and chichi doing it in the bed

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wee chichi asked goku to read gohan a bed time story,obviously we know goku trains had to Goku there's a difference between pan the bread and Pan your granddaughter. When Chi-chi meet ssj3 Goku Goku And Chichi, Son Goku, Dragon Ball Those fruitless karma sure do want to get a taste of revenge on Vegeta. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Romance - Goku, Chi-Chi Goku was sound asleep in his bedroom, one that he shared with his wife, Chichi. First on her list of things to do was cook; she needed to make sure . How many people her age even had this type of relationship with their husbands anymore. As always, I do not own the rights to anything Dragonball Z, and I am Goku and Chi-Chi were in bed, relaxing before going to sleep. . He was back to his old self, and things were back to normal, their relationship mended.

They were Chichi's, after all. Chichi twisted the knob to "Off". Her hands reached up to ring her hair out, ridding it of the excess water it carried. Satisfied, she stepped out from the shower to pick up the towel sitting on the counter.

She unfolded the towel and wrapped it around her being. She walked over to the high window on the side of the room and cracked it open. The last thing she needed was to have mold growing in her bathroom! Her fingers found the almost-forgotten hair tie and placed it around her right wrist. Chichi then reached for the lock on the bathroom door, turning it to its opposite side, then twisted the knob above it.

The door opened, releasing a puff of moisture that she sealed off by quickly closing the door behind herself. Her ears caught the sound of a dish clashing with eating utensils, and sure enough, once she had poked her head into the kitchen, there sat her youngest digging away at his breakfast. A smile rested on her lips, but the question of where her husband was hung in her mind. Clinging to the towel wrapped around her being, Chichi then headed to her bedroom.

She cracked the door open slowly, revealing a sleeping Goku. Surely Goku must have smelled the food? She shrugged her shoulders and began to rummage through her dresser. Just as Goten had finished up the last of his eggs, Gohan walked into the kitchen.

Goten greeted his brother, who smiled in response, then scowled. He nagged at Goten for leaving the chair in front of the cabinet. He also nagged Goten for leaving the cabinet open. Goten jumped down from his seat with a laugh. He walked to the sink and stood up on the tops of his toes to dispose of his dish. Once that was taken care, and the chair being forgotten about again, Goten dashed out of the kitchen and back up the stairs.

Gohan released a heavy sigh as he grabbed himself a dish from the open cabinet, closing it once he was done. He hooked an arm under the top of the chair and carried it back to the table, plopping himself down upon it. He took a fork out from the utensil holder on the middle of the table and began to poke around what was left of this morning's breakfast.

His eyes cracked open as he removed the pillow from his face. Goku picked his head up to survey the room. He noted that he must have fallen asleep again. He noticed a woman in the tiny bedroom.

Judging by her long raven locks, there was no doubt in Goku's mind that the woman was Chichi. She clung to her towel as she bent forward, using but one hand to sift through the immense amount of clothing she owned. Chichi definitely had a shopping problem, despite how she normally only wore one to three different outfits within a week's time. She owned numerous evening and cocktail dresses, button down shirts, slacks, denim jeans and shorts, blouses, and a whole life's supply of nightgowns.

She only chose to wear her silken ones during the summer time.

relationship between goku and chichi doing it in the bed

The heat was just way too much for cotton. Goku watched as his wife bent over and came back up numerous times, all with a look of disapproval.

Silently, Goku climbed out of their bed. On the tops of his toes he made his way behind his wife, grabbing her by the waist and hurling her onto the bed. Chichi let out a loud scream as she hit the bed's surface. Goku jumped on top of her, placing his head upon her bosom.

His arms then came up to encircle her. Chichi let out a cry of protest. She tried with all of her might to push the "fiend" off of herself, but it was to no avail. Goku was just far to strong. He dug his spiky, soft locks deeper into her chest. Chichi rested her hands atop his head and began to pet him.

It wasn't like she didn't appreciate the affection Goku was giving her. How many people her age even had this type of relationship with their husbands anymore?

Through her daydreaming she had failed to notice Goku lifting his head off of her chest, until a foreign hand brushed against her cheek.

She looked down to see that it was Goku's hand. A smile hung on his lips. Chichi felt her face ignite; she had completely forgotten about this day.

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She probably would have remembered as the day progressed, but as of then and there, it had completely slipped her mind. Goku lifted himself up onto his knees. He swung his left leg over his wife so he was straddling her hips. Chichi propped herself up on her elbows as Goku leaned over her. His hands gently cupped her face as their lips met. The kiss was gentle; loving. She left herself fall back onto the mattress as Goku began to maneuver himself between her thighs, finally breaking the kiss once he was settled in.

He smiled down at her. She smiled up at him. Chichi brought Goku's face down to her own once more, rubbing her nose against his in affection. She heard a chuckle come from deep within his strong, yet gentle chest. It was the chest which held the pure heart of the alien she loved, an alien who defied his wicked Saiyan destiny and became Earth's savior, rather than its destroyer.

But how can I blame myself? I'm young, attractive, and in a marriage that is unquestionably loveless. All this non-sense and I still cook for the man and do his laundry his training gear doesn't smell like roses. Present Goku just walked in after finishing his training.

Chi Chi was in the kitchen prepping dinner, apparently a stir-fry of some kind based on the number of vegetables she was at work chopping up.

When will dinner be ready? One of the few times we spend with each other Normally she would bite her tongue; but not this time. Their marriage had gone on long enough like this.

All of your friends talked about how much fun you are to be around, yet all you do is eat, sleep, train, and hunt. As much as I've tried to force it, you never carve any time out of your day to be with me. Even just to have a cup of tea in the afternoon. I don't understand it.

All things you said, those are the things I've spent my entire life doing. What else is there? Even after vowing to spend his life with Chi Chi in matrimony, Goku couldn't answer that question. That question blew out the cracks in Chi Chi's emotional dam.

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Her eyes began watering and within seconds was full-out crying. She promptly ran upstairs and into their room.

Goku had some self-awareness that he was 'dense,' but he couldn't understand what he did or said that would make Chi Chi act that way. And of course his pure heart was greatly disturbed by seeing someone he cared for so hurt-especially when he was the reason for it. He made his way to the door to discover it was locked. Goku spoke through the door out of necessity, "What's wrong Chi Chi? What did I do that made you cry?

He wasn't going to feel okay until he made this right. Maybe he just wasn't being as good of a husband he thought, even though he couldn't think of anything he was doing wrong. No, I don't think his view of women is how I'm supposed to treat my wife. Yamcha has dated Bulma for a while now. Maybe he can help.

As Goku approached, he could sense two life forms. Instead of using the front door, Goku jumped off Nimbus onto Yamcha's balcony and knocked on the door. Inside Yamcha's Place "Who's that Yamcha? Ah, who is it? Can I come in? Bulma turned on the TV to create a diversion from their previous activities.

relationship between goku and chichi doing it in the bed

Yamcha opened the door, red in the face and full of sweat. So you're the other person I sensed here. That'd be me," she replied in bitter and bratty tone that was lost on Goku. I did something that made Chi Chi really upset and made her cry. But I don't know what I did. You can't be married to a chick and barely ever see her unless there's a legit reason for it, like work or something. You really have no reason. I understand your training, but you're right there man by the house. There's no reason for you not to.

You just don't know what you're doing You have to make it a point to do things with her besides sleep and eat. That's how a couple develops a relationship. It's more of a process than simply being friends with someone.

So if I ask Chi Chi to go for a walk through the woods, then that would be considered spending the kind of time with her I'm supposed to. By the way you want some water or something? I'm parched," Yamcha politely asked. But I don't get it. I mean, I guess it feels nice; but I don't really understand the rest of it. Yea, well those other parts kind of come in sex when you develop a relationship outside of it.

So the stuff we talked about earlier, spending more time with her. That will lead to more than just physical feelings when you're in bed together. Thank you, my friends. I knew that marriage was a mistake. Chi Chi's a whacko. She followed Goku her entire life practically to marry him," Bulma added on after Goku left.

Back at Mount Paotz Chi Chi had since vacated their room and was back in the kitchen fixing dinner. She had regained her composure to some extent, and though she wasn't sure what to do long-term, she decided to continue with the day as usual. As Goku approached he sensed Chi Chi's energy stabilized and felt more at ease entering the house.

When he entered, as awkward as he felt, he was just going to come out with it. Why don't we go now before the sun completely sets? This was very uncharacteristic of Goku, suggesting something spontaneously-especially if it meant a later meal time. It was a welcome change, and considering this is what Chi Chi wanted to start, there was no reason for her to say no. Through a few minutes in the woods, there was a silence between the two. Goku was unaware of the social norms that constitute 'awkward silences,' and Chi Chi simply didn't know what to say.

Given her knowledge of Goku's lack of knowledge, she decided she would have to initiate if this 'walk' would have any meaning other than mild exercise. But she didn't know what to say. It seemed that she and Goku really had nothing in common-besides martial arts, of course. Lost for a decent thought, she took a random stab at it. As I think about it, even during winter you often don't need more than your regular training close. Are you impervious to the cold? Krillin and Bulma said that same kind of thing when I was a kid.

I guess I just naturally stay warm. I went to Yamcha's I wanted to ask him for help about why you were so upset, because I honestly didn't know.

He talked about the importance of spending time with someone you're married to beyond just eating and sleeping and how it develops the bond the two people share. So that's why I asked you out on this walk. Maybe not the best idea, but at least maybe we'll get to know more about each other. I only know so many people who know what they're talking about with this Chi Chi.

Krillin still thinks marriage is a prison sentence, and while I suppose I wouldn't know, Master Roshi's thoughts on women probably aren't proper for marriage. So Yamcha it was.

Besides, Yamcha is good person Chi Chi. I know he used to be a conman; but he was only a little younger than we are now. He's changed a lot. Goku was still definitely a lummox, but he at least had the foresight to ask for help when he wasn't sure and came up with a decent idea of his own.

Then again, someone as pure as him would do that instinctively. If it were something he could physically fight, then he would've just done that himself.

Either way, guarding some he cared about, or even an innocent stranger. Maybe her father was right. Goku needed more time to develop as a husband. What was happening now was an episodic breakthrough for him. The point is that the conversation should be spontaneous compared to our usual transactional interactions. Let's get a closer look.

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It was nothing less than picturesque. Something like this or viewing the stars at night. Also, I wouldn't mind getting woken up at night to view the stars.

relationship between goku and chichi doing it in the bed

I'll make sure I ask you from now on. That jogged a lot of Chi Chi's memories about why she was so bent on marrying him. He certainly wasn't a prototypical man by any means; but he was the best man on the planet to give your heart. Even though his rough edges may cause some despair, he would never harm you on purpose. And if he did it on accident, he would do whatever he could to fix it. It's been a while since you've fought and you wouldn't want your skills getting rusty. It gets a bit lonely sometimes training alone anyway.

As weird as it was, that was definitely their strongest bond. And now Goku was offering to spend time training with her despite his vastly superior abilities. Chi Chi leaned down and grabbed Goku's arm. Goku gently removed her from his arm so he could place it around her shoulders.