Venezuela and united states relationship with saudi

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venezuela and united states relationship with saudi

More on: Venezuela Politics and Government United States This publication is now recent. Trump's hawkish policy towards Venezuela could lead to a serious military involvement: relations between the United States and China might. Pro: U.S. policy chief culprit in Venezuela's collapse and had governments that consistently had good relations with the United States. One now is more likely to find articles and op-eds in the U.S. media defending Saudi Arabia's monstrous Venezuela is now Latin America's most homicidal nation.

Venezuela crisis is the hidden consequence of Saudi Arabia's oil price war

Living standards have truly collapsed. While all of these have undoubtedly had a part to play, the falling price of oil is the most significant factor.

venezuela and united states relationship with saudi

However the connection between this and an economic crisis in South America is not as obvious. When there is an oil surplus, or a reduction in demand, the price will fall. At the start of the global supply and demand for oil was fairly balanced, at around 92m barrels a day.

venezuela and united states relationship with saudi

But production started to escalate thereafter, and by late the average daily supply reached 97m barrels, more than a million barrels per day ahead of demand. This surplus caused a sharp drop in the price of oil. Part of this increase in supply was from American shale oil, extracted through fracking, but mostly it was the result of the Saudis deliberately pumping large amounts of oil for political reasons.

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Taking on America and Iran It seems the Saudis are trying to achieve two aims. Oil markets have always been at the heart of the Saudi-Iranian struggle for regional hegemony.

venezuela and united states relationship with saudi

Back inwhen Iran was planning extensive nuclear power plants and envisaging the spread of its influence throughout the Middle East, the Saudi regime swamped the markets, expanding oil production from 8m to almost 12m barrels a day, sharply cutting the oil prices.

Iran watched billions of dollars in anticipated oil revenues vanish, and the Shah was forced to abandon his plans for nuclear investment. At the meeting, the United States and like-minded nations June 30,4: Protesters rallied on Monday vowing to block Venezuela's main roads to raise pressure on Maduro after three weeks of deadly unrest that have left 21 people dead.

venezuela and united states relationship with saudi

Riot police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to break up one of the first rallies in eastern Caracas early Monday while other groups were gathering elsewhere, the opposition said. Diplomatic success in Cancun would not have halted the bloodshed in Caracas, but failure has emboldened Maduro. Venezuela is now in jeopardy of descending into further violence and unrest, with Maduro talking loosely of defending the revolution with bullets rather than ballots. Press reports indicate the White House is considering a pivot toward unilateral action against Venezuela, including potential sanctions on Venezuelan oil.

venezuela and united states relationship with saudi

Such a step is likely to backfire. In the past, Venezuela has used U.

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The effectiveness of that particular Venezuelan tactic has faded, and further U. A better approach would combine more aggressive multilateral diplomacy with targeted use of unilateral carrots and sticks.