Second guessing myself relationship trust

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second guessing myself relationship trust

I think second guessing yourself is the best way to go on in your life. You will have happier relationships. Basically the aim here is not to give up this practice entirely (Trust me when I tell you it is a skill many people strive. I've worked hard over the years to kill my habit of second-guessing myself, . "I love her message that vulnerability is the key to building trust. . feature in O magazine, and a business relationship with the OWN network. If someone makes you second-guess yourself, you need to think about this and about Hijackals®. Difficult, toxic--even disturbing--people often.

5 Ways to Stop Feeling Insecure in Your Relationships

I was tired of feeling befuddled, ineffective and weak. I was tired of being the victim. One must practice and perfect the skill of thin slicing taking in a very thin slice of information and making an accurate prediction or assessment in order to instinctively eliminate confusing and unimportant incoming data that can lead to a bad decision.

I strived to understand my nanosecond first impression about someone and I searched earnestly for the underlying reality in difficult situation. The more I acted on my intuition despite the outcries of the controlling people in my life the more my confidence and self-esteem increased.

second guessing myself relationship trust

Years later my girlfriends were coming to me for advice about their lying, cheating, abusive partners. People may mistreat, mislead and betray you, but your intuitive voice knows only to influence decisions that are in your best interest.

How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself: 5 Tips to Feel at Ease

The more you listen to your internal voice, the more audible becomes the message, the wiser becomes the counsel, and the more significant is the advice. Soon it will become second nature. Listen to your internal conversations. Pay attention to your feelings of anger, fear and resentment; examine the root cause of these feelings.

Is the culprit your negative mindset, low self-esteem issue—or is it the damaging influence of someone else? Discard the negative comments of others and follow your gut. Intuition is no good without the courage to act on your gut instincts.

When you think a man is lying, twisting your words and manipulating you, step out on faith and expose his hurtful behavior. Each time you realize you were right, your confidence and self-esteem will increase. Too often we amuse ourselves with anxious predictions, deceive ourselves with negative thinking, and ultimately live in a state of hallucination about worst-case scenarios.

We overlook everything but the plain, downright, simple, honest truth.

second guessing myself relationship trust

When you invent problems in your relationships, your relationships ultimately suffer. Insecurity is often the culprit. The insecure passenger does not trust anyone else to drive. They feel out of control. They imagine that the driver is not paying attention. Or they may even fantasize that the slight jolting of the driver stepping on the breaks is a sign of doom via an impending collision. They freak themselves out by assuming that the visions they have invented in their mind represents reality.

What you need to realize is that there are normal idiosyncrasies to any relationship. There are ups and downs and mood changes, moments of affection and closeness and moments of friction. These ups and downs are normal. Wanting to be absolutely close and intimate all the time is like wanting to be a passenger in a car that has no driver.

Read The Road Less Traveled. Stop focusing on the negatives. Imperfection, however, is real and beautiful.

5 Ways to Stop Feeling Insecure in Your Relationships

The quality of the happiness between two people grows in direct proportion to their acceptance, and in inverse proportion to their intolerance and expectations. No meaningful relationship will always work flawlessly all the time.

second guessing myself relationship trust

Being too black and white about the quality and health of a relationship spells trouble. There will always be difficulties present, but you can still focus on the good.

What you need to do is look for signs of what is. Having an appreciation for how remarkable the people in your life are leads to good places — productive, fulfilling, peaceful places. So notice their strong qualities, cheer for their victories, and encourage their goals and ambitions.

second guessing myself relationship trust

Challenge them to be the best they can be. Every day, acknowledge just how amazing they are. The floor is yours… What relationship issues do you struggle with? When it comes to your relationships, what makes you feel insecure?