Relationship with morrigan and leliana

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relationship with morrigan and leliana

They are both awesome, at least from what I've seen in Inquisition. It's my first time playing Origins, and I just met Morrigan. Who should I. Start the romance with Morrigan but do not select the Shapeshifter topic. Once you have completed this keep Leliana low on approval. You'll. In Dragon Age: Origins, the Wardens of either gender and any race can pursue a romance. Morrigan (a "Witch of the Wilds") and Alistair (a young and humorous Grey Warden) are the heterosexual options; Leliana (a Chantry lay-sister with a mysterious past) and Zevran (an assassin of.

For all companions including Leliana: For Leliana this is the second time she'll give the Warden a hard time over another character. There is no way around a break-up this time. You will be forced to make a choice. Depending on the wording of your choice, the romance with the character you do not choose will either simply be cut off with the possibility of being restarted lateror it will be ended permanently if you're particularly harsh in your break-up.

Romancing a companion will trigger a "Mother's Talk" with Wynne. Romancing two or possibly three companions at the same time seem to trigger all of the possible "Mother's Talks" at a time. If one has not already triggered any one of them, the following dialogue will represent an amusing and very confusing conversation. Going with Alistair at this point results in a slightly heartbroken Leliana and you lose about 16 approval points for leading her on.

If you avoid choosing, Leliana will break up thinking Alistair is the better matchmaking her feel better about the break-up and lose less approval. Either way, one romance option is no longer available after the decision. As a female in the PC version, getting involved with both Alistair and Leliana in the same storyline is possible but requires careful timing.

If they both hit high disposition at the same time, they will offer mutually exclusive romance options, and your choice will make the other one unavailable for the rest of the game. However, this changed after hardening her in Leliana's Past.

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With a high approval rating around 90 and speaking to Leliana in camp directly after hardening her, you will have the romance option available as if you were not still involved with Alistair. When both Alistair and Leliana's jealousy dialogues trigger, speak with Leliana and choose her.

This will leave Alistair still in the romance you may need to try all the available dialogue options; with good persuasion it will work. Then avoid speaking with Alistair until the Landsmeet.

At the Landsmeet you can voice your approval of Alistair as King and then convince Alistair to have the Warden using the "No one can tell the king what to do" dialogue choice. At the end, before going to the gate to meet the people, speak with Leliana who should still be in love and she will also stay with you. Thus, you can have both Alistair and Leliana with you in the end. You can also have Zevran if his approval is around 50 both Leliana and Alistair need to be hardened before attempting this.

There is a way to get both Alistair and Leliana to love you without having to not talk to Alistair. When you have Alistair in love with you, romance Leliana before doing her quest until her jealousy dialogue triggers. Choose her then go talk to Alistair.

relationship with morrigan and leliana

Alistair's jealousy dialogue also triggers, choose him. Now your relationship with Leliana will have ended.

relationship with morrigan and leliana

Do her quest and harden her not sure if hardening her is necessary. Get her approval rating to Now, when you talk to her about Marjolaine and following the "she was special to you" line you can rekindle the romance. Now, you'll be romantically involved with both and since both jealousy triggers have already triggered, they won't trigger again.

Though you can have both active at high approval, this causes Zevran's dialogue to be bugged. If this isn't an issue, start both romances. You should be able to restart the romance with Zevran provided you still have a romance starting line left especially if you didn't choose "Do you stare at everyone like that," to start the romance initially.

However, you can still talk to Alistair. If you are a human noble, you can marry Alistair for political reasons and also keep Zevran around as a lover if his approval is high enough.

But it is impossible to remain in a romantic relationship with both of them.

Romance (Origins)

The love triangle dialogues are set to only trigger once each and it's possible to trigger both Morrigan's and Leliana's adore approval jealousy dialogues before being forced to break up with one of them. This is because telling Morrigan that you choose her does not automatically cut off the romance with Leliana.

relationship with morrigan and leliana

Morrigan expects your character to then tell Leliana it's over. Leliana's jealousy dialogue will then trigger when you click on her and you can still change your mind and pick either. Your romance with the one you don't choose will then be cut off. If you later restart your romance with the one you rejected after her quest, you will then be free to pursue both simultaneously since you already triggered both adore jealousy dialogues the first time around.

You have two chances to restart a romance with Morrigan, after retrieving Flemeth's Grimoire her personal quest and by giving her the Golden Mirror gift found in Orzammar Commons from the merchant Garin and say something about it being a gift for a beautiful woman Note ps3 1.

She could give you just the chance with the Golden Mirror, no chance available after completing Flemeth's Grimoire. Zevy's meter was also pretty high not unusual, as everyone was that highyet out of nowhere, Leliana told me that becasue I am currently involved with Zev, I must choose. I wuz like, WTF? I never even wooed Zevy! Sure, he had a crush on me, and to be polite, I told him you may stare, but I don't swing that way, I told him.

No offense to you that do, but it's not for me.


But all of a sudden, when I ask him to back off, we're lovers? Where was I when this happend? So i'd been playing chummy with him the whole game and all of the sudden every conversation was precursored with "i know we're not friends, but I fully romanced Leliana, then Morrigan called me over to her tent to have sex. And then I did it with that gay elf.

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