Donghae and jessica relationship with god

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donghae and jessica relationship with god

Taecyeon was in rumors with Yoona and Jessica with Kim Hyun Joong but IU was. because Si Woon. The relationship was over after a month. donghae's girlfriend is not jessica lol and that pic also dont look like them lol HAHA, is it that they .. Jessica is a couple. *sorry, for me english not god*. Monday, April 15, bestiz, donghae, sports seoul, yoona comments.

Suddenly my eyes caught this car, park nicely across my house, Eunhyuk oppa's car. It only takes 15 minutes to arrives at the party. Saengil chuka hamnida Yoona-ya. God bless you abudantly. Donghae walk straight to Yuri.

I'm going around try to find Donghae, but he's dissapear, along with Yuri. I take Kibum to parking lot, " take me home. I don't want to botter them.

donghae and jessica relationship with god

I dont know, jealous?! Kibum's word punched me in the face, "you sounds. I think for a long time, and I have no idea that there is 2 people slink behind me. I try hard, but I couldn't remember. Donghae and Kibum looks at me, while I'm thinking. Donghae couldn't stop to put his happy face.

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Suddenly, I feels like lighting hit my head. I have to smile. I shouldn't put a sad face. So I put up a smile and congratulate him. Why do you ask?! But she moved a long time ago too. And Sica, she's miraculously single for a month.

You both always, yah, together. And then your feeling for Sica. Are you over her already?! But there is one thing I kept for myself. I'm confused wether I have to say it or not. I am used to be honest about Sica to any woman I date. So they wouldn't say a word when I prioritize Sica over them. If its about to fast, I hope its not a problem.

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Its hard being single for more than a year. And when Sica found his new soulmate, I'll be on my own.

donghae and jessica relationship with god

I just wanna make sure. But I just lock myself inside my room, take off my dress, and walk around my room. I'm confuse with my own feelings. Whenever I think of you music note Guy celebrities you think are good looking: Girl celebrities you think are pretty: Things that stress you: I want to see my big brother DongHwa hyung. Your mood right now: What you want to do right now: A kid you like: Beer is always N O!

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Smoking is also always N O! A movie that made you sad: Whatever others say is sad.

donghae and jessica relationship with god

Even if I run into a huge car, I never get hurt. Whenever I want to sleep! To conquest America I laugh easily inside hah Something you cook well: Ramyun, just something strange.

donghae and jessica relationship with god

Do you want to eat? Where do you live right now?: An event that remains in your memory: From fifth grade to junior high What you say often: Have you ever gone out of country: When are you going to kiss me??

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If you did, where: When you see a girl, where do you look first: If you suddenly got million won: To my parents… A drama that you had fun watching?: Dramas are my sole joy in life! A movie you had fun watching?: Movies are my sole life! What you want to learn: Everything in the world. What you want to do: