Jose mourinho alex ferguson relationship quotes

How do Man Utd end Pogba v Mourinho war? Get rid of both of them |

jose mourinho alex ferguson relationship quotes

The 50 greatest Sir Alex Ferguson quotes 2 Here's our pick of Sir Alex Ferguson's greatest-ever quotes. 1. . (Ferguson's first impressions of Jose Mourinho). Old Alex Ferguson quotes show his true feelings towards Mino Raiola Pogba's fractious relationship with José Mourinho seems to have had. “Oil and water” was how Sir Alex Ferguson likened his relationship with Pogba's Paul Pogba quote on Jose Mourinho Manchester United.

Already eight points adrift on the Premier League ladder and having been this week dumped out of the Carabao Cup by Derby, the last thing the club needs is for this nonsense to continue. But what is the answer? Plainly put, if the two cannot grow up and work out their issues, then at least one of them has to go.

And Pogba arguably should be the first out of the door as things stand. The year-old, normally known for shunning many an invitation to speak to the press, has taken glee from stopping in the mixed zone on numerous occasions already this season as he seeks opportunities to stick the knife in. And when the super-agent sniffs a great deal for himself and his players, he rarely loses the scent. For as long as Pogba is taking every opportunity to land a snide counter-blow every time Mourinho opens his mouth, there is no hope of anything but open warfare between the two.

If United had backed players over the manager every time Ferguson had a run-in with one of his stars, the great Scot could have been sacked a million times over and the club would likely have come nowhere near the success they achieved. But all of that is not to say that Mourinho is untouchable. There is every possibility that Mourinho could outlast Pogba at Old Trafford only to remain a sitting duck thanks to his inability to get the best out of this squad.

At the very least no player has contributed so much to a single Premier League club as Ryan Giggs has to Manchester United. I am where I want to be. I wouldn't change it for anything. It's a club with a fantastic culture.

They believe in stability. They believe in the power of the manager.

How do Man Utd end Pogba v Mourinho war? Get rid of both of them

They believe in the support of the manager. But if at the end of the day Man United decide that he is to leave, then give me a call. Being fast and direct, I like that, but he's a Manchester United player.

I build a team around Oscar in that position and on the sides the other players are doing very, very well. Juan is not comfortable on the sides. He tried very hard and he did very well in some matches, but it's not his natural habitat.

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So when a club like Man United comes and for sure they told him he's going to play in his favourite position and he wants to go, he goes. He was charismatic, young and the media loved him, so there was nothing to be gained from taking him on.

He was terrific for football and terrific for Chelsea. I enjoyed the competition with him.

Mourinho and Manchester United: A courtship in quotes - ITV News

He was something fresh and new to our game. I don't know what I will do with my wine now. I wish him well. You want to see managers like that in the game. In the first year at Chelsea when I saw him running along the touchline at Old Trafford, he reminded me of my first years at Aberdeen jumping, raising my arms, celebrating.

jose mourinho alex ferguson relationship quotes

We can't hide our emotions. They're always there, they're part of who we are, of our character. Mourinho is a really good coach but that's as far as I would go really. He pontificates too much for my liking. He's a good manager, though.

jose mourinho alex ferguson relationship quotes

When you talk about the great managers, he will be one of them.