Relationship between public finance and private definition

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relationship between public finance and private definition

The relationship between public and private financing of culture in the EU examples that can be found within the EU member states as for the arrangements . Public finance is the study of the role of the government in the economy. It is the branch of If private markets were able to provide efficient outcomes and if the A deficit is the difference between government spending and revenues. The definition of Public Finance by U.K. Hicks in Public Finance highlights the satisfaction of policies and their socio-economic impact, inter-governmental financial relations, fiscal Distinguish between public finance and private finance.

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Personal finance deals with the process of optimizing finances by individuals such as people, families and single consumers. Personal finance involves financial planning at the lowest individual level. It includes savings accounts, insurance policies, consumer loans, stock market investments, retirement plans and credit cards.

Business Finance involves the process of optimizing finances by business organizations. It involves asset acquisition and proper allocation of funds to in a way that maximizes the achievement of set goals.

Businesses can require finances on either of the three levels; short, medium or long term. Differences between Public and Private Finance 1.

Income and Expenditure Adjustment in Public and Private Finance The government adjusts the income according to the expenditure budget. The private sector including individuals and private businesses adjust their expenditure according to the income or future estimates. The government first creates an outline for the expenditure then devices means of acquiring the monetary budget needed.

Private finance involves cutting your coat according to your cloth.

relationship between public finance and private definition

Borrowing in Public vs. Private Finance The government can borrow from itself, it can simply go back to the people to ask for loans in whichever financial asset e. Currency ownership in Public vs. Private Finance The government is in charge of all aspects related to currency. This involves the creation, distribution and monitoring. No one in the private sector is allowed to create currency, this is illegal and most countries classify it as a capital offense.

The government makes decisions that will bear fruits in the long-term even ten years. These investments could include building of schools, hospitals and infrastructure. The private industry makes financial decisions on projects with a shorter returns waiting time. The private industry seeks to maximize on personal or profit benefits.

Public Finance and Private Finance

Coercion to Get Revenue The government can use force to get revenue from individuals. This could involve the use of force to get taxes.

relationship between public finance and private definition

In positive science one knows about factual situation or facts as they are. As against it, normative science presents norms or ideals. Public finance is therefore, a positive science. Study of public finance also reveals what should be the quantum of taxes.

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Which taxes, direct or indirect, should be imposed. On what items more or on what items less of public expenditure be incurred. Public finance is therefore a normative science. Thus, study of public finance offers suggestions regarding revenue and expenditure of the government as also apprises of their factual position.

Public Finance is an Art: In the words of J. To achieve the objective of economic equality taxes are levied at progressive rate. Since every tax is likely to be opposed, it becomes essential to plan their timing and volume.

The process of levying tax is certainly an art. Budget making is an art in itself. Study of public finance is helpful in solving many practical problems. Public finance is therefore an art also. In sort, public finance is both science and art. It is a positive science as well as normative science.