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Feb 9, There's a brand new head of global regulatory affairs and a new chief medical officer. —the bulk of it at Rocky Mount for consultants, a state-of-the-art quality-control and new managers—Hospira hopes to meet the FDA's standards. At the same time, pharmacy-benefit managers such as Express. The Trope Namer is The Who song "Won't Get Fooled Again" which uses this exact trope, though with political and revolution overtones. See also He Who Fights Monsters for where the new boss didn't start out the same as the old boss, but became that way in the process of deposing. Apr 9, The suddenly popular year-old firm enjoyed an astounding net inflow for all of the new inflows into the entire U.S. mutual-fund business. stock recommendation as a "play on natural gas" in a meeting. Barron's rankings are based on a sampling of funds but a broader ranking shows the same trend.

They also noted that the voting process seemed more costly and onerous than necessary and should be updated to the modern era to adequately and efficiently meet the needs of shareholders and issuers. The officials declined to identify the shareholder. Until the fall ofthe New York Stock Exchange regularly closed early to let back-office clerks catch up on clearing and settling trades. In the days before computerized trading and electronic delivery, messengers, often retired New York City police officers, shuttled around lower Manhattan, delivering stock certificates and bearer bonds.

Mix-ups, certificate theft, and failures to deliver shares within the five-day limit were common. Big brokerages, such as Hayden Stone, collapsed under the flood of paper and were sold off. Inthe creation of a central record-keeping and depository institution, the Depository Trust Co.

Cede is where most U. The stocks trade, but never move. Participants, in turn, send a proxy or a voting instruction form VIF to their own clients, such as institutions, individual investors, or respondent banks, which have accounts with a participant bank.

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Cascades of proxies can follow. Respondent banks may have their own clients, which may include still other banks with shareholder clients. All will send out proxies or VIFs to their clients. As votes are cast, the proxies and VIFs reverse course, heading back up the chain until they reach the tabulator of the vote. This can be done by mail, email, or telephone, depending on the participant, the shareholder, and the third parties involved.

In a big proxy contest, hundreds of thousands of proxies could be sent to shareholders who might represent many millions of potential votes. The biggest proxy communications firm, Broadridge Financial Solutions BRestimates that on peak days, it sends out 3.

The company has a transfer agent that keeps a list of these holders, whose identities are known to the issuer. Providing additional wrinkles to the complicated process are the many third parties involved in the balloting. These include proxy communications and processing service providers, such as Broadridge; proxy solicitors, which try to woo voters; proxy advisors including Institutional Shareholder Services, or ISS, and Glass Lewis, which recommend how shareholders should vote; and transfer agents, vote tabulators, and inspectors.

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Persepolis depicts life in Iran under the rule of Islamic theocracy as this. The Iranian revolution brings about the downfall of the American-appointed Shah, seen as a tool of western oppression with 3, political prisoners, but replaces him with the fundamentalists, a tool of national oppression withpolitical prisoners. Both have visions of a utopia, both intend to use mass genocide to create them, both use respectable business fronts, both of them employ Jaws And all three were directed by the same director!

Friday the 13th Jason replacing his own mother as the slasher in the sequels with the same M. When disguised as Jason, Roy not only used his M. After Titan defeats Megamindthe Mayor hails him as a hero. Titan corrects him, saying that Metrocity is "under new management.

Activists in Egypt succeed in formenting protests that eventually overthrow dictator Hosni Mubarak. The activists are not happy when the army, instead of allowing free elections, installs an autocratic dictatorship which is basically Mubarak without Mubarak.

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The activists take to Tahrir Square again. Literature At the end of the Discworld novel Night WatchHomicidal Lord Winder is replaced by the soon to be known as Mad Lord Snapcase, who immediately goes on to prove himself just as bad as his predecessor when he orders the main character's death. Mister Slant, the leader of the Guild of Lawyers, even lampshades this when he says the trope name in Canis Latinicus.

Hell, they just come right out and say it in English, too. In The Belgariadthe people of Nyissa actively and ruthlessly engineer this: In order to ensure their Queen's Legacy Immortalitythey train 20 girls into behaving, acting, and thinking like her. When the Queen dies which means they killed her because her age started showingthey pick the best impersonator and kill the 19 others, starting the cycle anew.

In Michael Flynn 's Spiral Arm novel On the Razor's Edge, Donovan learns that Padaborn's revolt triggered many power shifts among the Names, to contain the problem, with new faces, much of which had passed unnoticed. Later, he learns that he is not Padaborn after amnesia, but one of his trusted lieutenants, betrayed to the Names; Padaborn himself went on to become one of the Names he revolted against. In Nineteen Eighty-Fourit's mentioned in the underground icon Emmanuel Goldstein's book that the people with the closest thing to a rational understanding of the un-ending Forever War that helps define their world are the unfortunate subjects of the disputed territories who mainly know that whichever side is "winning" around them will be the new name for the same treatment and the same labor.

The "proles" are intermittently encouraged pushed to support it wildly, then drop it from their lives until the next time; the Outer Party are made to believe in the whole thing to a psychotic degree; and the Inner Party are supposed though certainly never openly admitted to be even more into it than they are while pulling the strings.

Both pretend to be godsboth want to rule the universe. The Ori actually have great power as a result of being ascended, while the Goa'uld used stolen technology to imitate godlike powers. The show makes it clear that the Ori are most definitely NOT gods, though. Before that, the horrific Sokar, a Goa'uld overlord banished by his kin for his great evil and now back for vengeance, was replaced by And they were even played by the same actor!

Yes, let's get rid of the "ridiculous Goa'uld," as he put it, and replace them with And whose minions have staff-like weapons. We've never seen that before, right? Even the Wraith qualify - Goa'uld-ish voices and human servants being "worshipers" makes them more numerous Goa'uld with vampire flavoring. Yes, there are staff-style Wraith stunners in addition to the smaller ones. Oh, then we find out that different hives have different queens and they don't like each other but alliances can be made and The Jem'Hadar, Kazon, and Hirogen are all slight variations on this idea.

Power Rangers was positively horrible about this while it was still set on Earth. It starts out with Rita Repulsa, whose motivation was to conquer Earth starting with Angel Grove, sticking to the tactic of sending the same squad of incompetent Putties and a single Monster of the Aesop in easily defeated waves. Once she got usurped by Lord Zedd, he pretty much just maintained the same status quo. They were then replaced with the Machine Empire, who pretty much did the exact same things. Turbo comes along and we meet the new threat, Divatox, who also quickly settles into doing the same things often with a bomb thrown in somewhere for good measure.

She's followed by Astronema. After the Zordon era, taking on the Super Sentai formula in which a new season equals total overhaul, sometimes the Big Bad within a series will be defeated and a new one will come to power.

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It will be a momentous occasion We know by now that the formula isn't going anywhere. From one season to the next, every villain will follow the same tactics. But we wouldn't have it any other way. House of Cards UK. The opening level has the player liberating Peach from Bowser's Castle as per usual. After Bowser is displaced by an even worse foe, he winds up at the foot of Booster's Tower, sadly reminiscing about the good old days. We soon see that Peach, who vanished in the same kerfuffle which left Bowser homeless, is stuck on the tower's peak.

Booster, another horned weirdo, has decided to marry her for no discernible reason. The first Shadow Hearts game. The game itself notes this, as Albert Simon states outright he's doing what Dehuai tried to do - just correctly this time. Early in the game's existence, City of Heroes had a Nazi group known as the 5th Column as one of the many different villain factions players could encounter. They would later be taken over by the Council, a group that, while adding a few new enemy types to its arsenal like the Galaxy division, was otherwise just a more generic Palette Swap of the Column with different names.

To the point where fans keep accusing the creators of censoring Nazis. The 5th Column has been undergoing a resurgence, though, starting with their appearance in a few time-travel related Task Force arcs, to being revived under new leadership, and most recently, they have begun appearing in the streets again, usually beating up Council members.

The bosses in The King of Fighters games. There will always be a scheme that will somehow involve gathering energy from the fighters in the tournament- from using it to resurrect Orochi to destroy mankind to using the energy to fire a space cannon to fire laser beams to Southtown.

He does prove much more dangerous though, mostly through sheer competence he actually kills the hero off almost instantly, and only loses in the end because a god intervened.

Every Devil May Cry game since the first features a human seeking to exploit the power of demons to become a demon himself. Both their plans involve collecting hearts, making you run around fixing different worlds that could be destroyed by their actions, causing some awfully similar enemies to attack people and even their appearance is the same although they are still individuals in their own right and work independently.

Ryan doesn't care about his underlings individually because "look out for number one" is his motto, while Lamb takes the "collective good" so far that to her, one person's life is meaningless.

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Lampshaded by Booker in BioShock Infinite. When he is comparing local dictator Comstock and Comstock's arch rival Fitzroy: Again by Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite: