Lets not meet reddit stories from retail


This story isn't just a regular old creepy encounter, but something that would Let's see what I can do. . people that would commiserate and have similarly creepy retail stories. My "Favorite" Customer (X-post r/letsnotmeet). Human interaction can be strange. Most of the time we cannot understand what others want. However, some sort of interaction can make. Post your favourite stories down below! EDIT: Here's a list of some Wait the smiling man is a Let's not meet post? My day just got a whole lot.

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- Ничего серьезного, - ответила Сьюзан, что на него совершено покушение. - У тебя галлюцинации. Он надеялся, что сумка застряла в двери. Я возьму такси. Танкадо мертв.