Geologix meet manager lite

geologix meet manager lite

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Updating SplashMe online data is combined with the common old live results, where you can upload Pdf documents to any Ftp server.

Hy-Tek Team Manager - How To Setup Team and Coaches

Both uploads work completely independent in the background and can be activated separately or both together as well. For SplashMe online data you only have to ensure, that you entered a valid global meet id and password.

You may use the "Clear" function to remove all online data for the current meet. You may upload your own logo with the "Image" function. The logo has to be a Png image with exact size of x pixels. Press the "Shift" key when you activate live results to make a full upload of all data. This can be usefull if you think, the online data was damaged for some reason.

What meets are shown for SplashMe?

geologix meet manager lite

Meets do not apear in SplashMe before you did upload live results the first time. You have to run this even if there are no entries yet in your database.

Meet Manager:SplashMe

There are some restrictions when a meet is shown in the SplashMe app: All meets apear only 20 days before the meet starts. Only until the day when the meet starts. Only until the day when the meet ends. Until 14 days after the meet. FAQ Some athletes have no star to mark them as favorite.

It offers all common functions to create start lists, result lists and other. Op dit moment maken ruim verenigingen gebruik van Splash. De meest actuele versies van zowel Team Manager als Meet Manager kunnen worden. Photo-Finish Results - Duration: Meet Manager is a desktop software for data handling for swim. SplashMe is the must have app for competitive swimmers and everybody else who is involved or interested in swim meets.

SplashMe brings swim meets.

Meet Manager:SplashMe - Swim Wiki

Download the step-by-step guide to get started. Splash Meet Manager is desktop software for managing swim meets. This package contains all the timing system interfaces, meet setup. Featured Meet free downloads and reviews. There will be no splashboards at the turn end. This is a Level 2 Entries. All entries are to be submitted electronically using Hy-Tek Team Manager format.

The Provincial Team splash fee.

Team Manager for Swimming provides coaches, parents and administrators with easy-to-use Team Manager will export these meet entries for the meet host. Wylas Timing can integrate with any Meet Manager. Out of the Splash Meet Manager is desktop software for managing swim meets. To download a demo version of the software please click here. If you are using Hy-Tek Meet Manager, be sure to download the latest program.

geologix meet manager lite

SplashID is free to download. LynxPad is a file-based meet management program that allows users to manage athlete and Description; Downloads; Video resultv software splash screen.