Nice to meet you god kamisama hajimemashita episode

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nice to meet you god kamisama hajimemashita episode

Full Episode. S 2: Ep 11 - 12/3/ Kirihito enters the Netherworld with Yatori to find the body of Akura-oh. Tomoe is preparing to go to the year god's shrine. Looking for information on the anime Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss) ? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and They mistake her for the man Nanami rescued—the land god of the shrine, Mikage. .. harem anime of all time, sure to make you giggle, blush, and crave for more!. Kamisama Kiss is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Julietta Suzuki and .. "Nice to Meet You, God") and the ending theme "Kamisama Onegai" (神様お願, lit. "Please, God"), both performed by Hanae. There are two OVA episodes, which first aired on August 26, , bundled with the 16th volume of the.

When someone says that the atmosphere feels "homely," it's because at that moment, it is reminding him or her of that one place where he or she can truly be at peace.

Kamisama Kiss

Sadly, some people don't have such a location. Others still are forced to change it. Within Kamisama Hajimemashita is a story depicting finding one's home with the help and support of those held dear. Nanami Momozono is a high school girl who is forced onto the streets after her father's gambling habits cause her to lose her home. One night, she saves a man who, as thanks, gives his "home" to her.

Kamisama Kiss as it is also known lays out its events in a rather episodic fashion. Much of what occurs involves Nanami overcoming difficulties based on her human status in a fully spiritual world.

She has no powers, she's clumsy, and is helpful to a fault. However, her kindness almost always turns the outcome in her favor.

Whether it is matchmaking the local swamp god or befriending her kidnapper, she finds it in her heart to love those around her. This trait is one that many characters from many shows obviously have. But it seems more appropriate here, given her literal god-like position.

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Kamisama Kiss is a tale about the home. At the same time, it attempts to weave in the romantic relationship that develops between Nanami and Tomoe, her familiar. The romance involved is nothing powerful, but it is interesting. In a sense, it's about two people from different backgrounds race, ethnicity, culture, etc.

The season pits both of them on opposite sides of the spectrum. But as it unfolds, they begin inching closer and closer until at least a somewhat satisfying stopping point is reached.

Its exploration isn't too deep, however. Besides Tomoe's strong animosity towards humans, the anime never truly questions or investigates such a pairing. And therein lays the problem. The romance and home ideas seem to be constantly butting heads in terms of story-telling.

That is, the show doesn't know whether it wants to focus on the romance or the "finding one's home" side. Both are done nicely, but a dissonance is created where it doesn't know what it wants to be.

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It tries to use the romance to facilitate the home idea. When it does, it becomes more about the relationship and less about the overall message.

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What is the ultimate message? The show tries to drive home pun intended the idea that one's home isn't necessarily where you were born or where you're able to be productive.

Indeed, it's the place where one feels most comfortable. Being able to just relax and not have to worry about the outside world.

nice to meet you god kamisama hajimemashita episode

Walking through that front door to be greeted by the things you love. Honestly speaking, the concept is simple, but one rarely gives it any thought. And that's because having a home in this sense is, for the majority, second nature. The art style itself appears quite "soft. This is true for the environments and the character designs.

The locations are typical: The designs for the characters are tame, despite the spiritual nature that enshrouds them.

nice to meet you god kamisama hajimemashita episode

The exception is Nanami. She has a beauty and radiance about her that is unnatural. The combination of her large eyes, taught smile, and lengthy brown hair probably give this effect. However, considering how there are thousands of clones like her in the anime world, her presence in the show was strange to say the least. In regards to actual animation, it varies between average and slightly below average. The show incorporates minimalist drawings and animation for good comedic effect.

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As the show progressed, however, the animation began to degrade. This is especially apparent near one of the ending sequences. Despite the buildup involved, what is given is never fully shown i. Nanami is the star. However, Nanami stops Tomoe from burning down the Yonomori's plum tree, which is precious to Mizuki.

Before Nanami and Tomoe head back to their shrine, Nanami promises to see Mizuki again when he feels lonely. In order to claim Tomoe for herself, Narukami tracks Nanami to the school, steals Nanami's deity mark and transforms Tomoe into a child. When Kurama finds Nanami and Tomoe outside, he brings them to his house so Nanami can take care of Tomoe, who has a fever due to his weakened state. Narukami is horrified that the shrine is falling to pieces because Tomoe is not there to maintain it with his power.

The next day, Narukami's shrine spirits summon Tomoe to see Narukami, leaving Nanami in tears. With Kurama's help, Onikiri and Kotetsu bring Nanami back to the shrine, but Tomoe hides from Narukami within the shrine.

After Nanami finds Tomoe inside his pocket mirror, Narukami's shrine spirits return the deity mark to Nanami and have Tomoe revert to normal. Tomoe kisses Nanami to reseal the commitment of being her familiar, in a sort of gratitude for her helping him. Kurama is surprised when Tomoe is actually a student at this school, but has no idea that Nanami is currently Tomoe in disguise, believing that the actual Tomoe is absent. Kurama takes advantage of this and tries to impress Tomoe in English literature class and music class, but Tomoe shows no appreciation.

After Kurama warns Tomoe that the presence of miasma has increased inside the school, Tomoe finds that the source is coming from a demon with a large tongue inside the girls locker room. He saves a girl named Ami Nekota from this demon, while Kurama tells Ami to keep what she saw a secret. Meanwhile, Mizuki pays Nanami a visit at the shrine and puts her to sleep to show her a peek of Tomoe's past at a village.

She briefly meets an evil Tomoe, who slaughters a demon first disguised as an injured boy she found in a nearby forest. She runs back into the forest, but slips and falls. Nanami wakes up from her dream, and Tomoe returns at the shrine to kick Mizuki out. Nanami is glad to see the kindhearted Tomoe once again.

Nanami experiments a little with her divine powers by planning to get Kurama and Ami alone together in the hallways. Nanami, struggling to define exactly how she feels about Tomoe, allows a girl to walk home with him, but he later rejects the girl's offer and confronts Nanami about this.

Thanks to the advice given by Ami's friend Kei UeshimaNanami decides to take Tomoe out on a date to an aquarium, but her childish attitude becomes problematic. At the roof of the aquarium, based on what Kurama told him earlier, Tomoe suspects Nanami to feel seduced in some way, to which she confesses her love for him.

This causes Tomoe to grab her and walk across the ledge of the roof, telling her to clear her mind. However, she slips from his hands when she questions her attractiveness, falling at breakneck speed.

Tomoe jumps off to save Nanami, but she orders him not to touch her. After Tomoe promises that he will not touch her ever again, she allows him to save her, but Nanami then contemplates about her forbidden love for him.