Meet the top 20 sytycd spoilers

So You Think You Can Dance Spoilers: Meet Your Top 20 of Season 12 (Photos)

meet the top 20 sytycd spoilers

Sticky: Topic has attachments SYTYCD Season 15 **Spoilers News Updates · * Sep 13th , PM Poll: Is Slavessy the Best SYTYCD Couple? * Jul 6, Vegas week is over, but who is left stand to make up the Top 20 contestants of " So You Think You Can Dance" Season 12?. *Top 4 Performance Show Spoilers*. Not much to report yet *SYTYCD Season 6 Finale Spoilers* Top 20 “Meet the Dancers” show and Couples Spoilers!.

To be honest, this one lacked the energy I would expect from a Benji routine.

meet the top 20 sytycd spoilers

It got better as the routine went on, but it was slow to begin with and I was not that impressed with it. Could Nick be going home tonight? She said this is about a love that is unbreakable and wants them to go to a place they have never been before. She expects it to be profoundly moving. Carly had some amazing lines during this routine and Serge was a great partner for her.

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I like him as a person, so I was glad to see this routine work out so nicely. They had great chemistry and told the story very well. He wants it to be very flirtatious. He wants them to not be so timid with each other and need to makeout!

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I did not feel the chemistry on this one or did I see the flirting going on. Another routine that did not impress me that much. I think they are both great dancers, but this one bored me. I think the props distracted me and there was not much movement from them!

He said this is a sexy piece and fast and sharp, but it needs to look like butter or it will look like a mess. Marcquet is great and he always shines on that stage, but I did not feel the chemistry between them. They said it is a toxic relationship, but if they do it right then the room will be very steamy. They had some good chemistry going on, which is needed for this routine. They had some nice moves in there and some good tricks, but is it enough to save them?

He said it is not meant to be pretty, but animalistic and they have to find these warrior characters and bring them to life! As unflattering as these costumes are, this was an awesome routine.

They were intense and worked well together. It was fun and they had fun with it. After that, Will Thomas made it. Megan Branch was the next girl to find out if she was in or out, and Lil C tells her she will not be in the Top Colin Fuller is also not through.

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Amber Jackson, who made it to the final cut in Season 6 but didn't make it quite that far in Season 7, after which she said she'd never try out again. She dropped the attitude and returned for Season 9, and she's in. Afterward, Nigel says the whole Top 20 are superstars and that not one of the first four dancers let themselves down.

He tells Will, a big and tall guy, he needs to move as fast as "the little ones. He tells Alexa she's found her performance, and he rounds out the praise by telling George that if every light in the studio went out, he would still shine. The ballroom dancers -- of which there were many -- are going to see where they landed next.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter is very emotional and breaks down, but he can stop the crying because he's in. Lindsay Arnold and Witney Carson, competitors since childhood in the world of ballroom dancing, are told jointly by Mary Murphy that the judges "are looking for one ballroom girl.

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Mary milks the moment for a bit before telling Lindsay that she's also in the Top Nick, Lindsay and Witney then perform together. Mary says the train just pulled up to the sizzle station. She's happy to have three ballroom dancers in the Top She wants more, stronger moves from Nick. She then calls Witney and Lindsay "two of the hottest tamales" that have ever been on the show.

Zooey says she was worried for Nick because the girls are such "firecrackers" and he could've been hurt. Eiana Girard is told by Debbie that she's headed into the Top This leaves ballet boys Daniel Baker and Cheyon Wespi-Tschopp, who both left solid dancing jobs behind to try out for the show.

meet the top 20 sytycd spoilers

They're brought in together. Daniel, whose consistent performances wowed the judges, gets into the Top Keon, who had a remarkable and memorable moment, is also invited to stay. Eliana, Daniel and Cheyon perform together. The two jazz dancers are paired, but visit the judges separately. Tiffany goes first and is told she's in. Audrey's nervous, thinking there isn't room for both jazz dancers.

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Janelle Issis then becomes the first belly dancer to make it into the Top Janelle smacked her head on the doorway trying to be dramatic when she walked out to deliver the good news. She's fine, but making things worse is that she became ill during rehearsals for Wednesday's performance and had to sit it out.

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She'll be fine for next week, though. Joshua Alexander, whose Vegas Week ended with a disastrous fall onto the back of his head and didn't get a chance to perform his solo.