Meet the danes berlinale 2017


meet the danes berlinale 2017

Tips for attending the Berlinale and European Film Market . Danish Film Institute / Meet the danes Trust / Nordisk . February 13, [ ]. Meet the Berlinale jury. These seven people will be selecting the Golden and Silver Bear winners at the 67th Berlin International Film. The 16th Berlinale Co-Production Market will take place from Saturday to Wednesday Based on the meeting requests by interested potential co- producers and.

The Image of the Noble Savage Especially in the Germany of Karl May, it appears that misunderstandings between the different cultures are a given. How great is the danger of false romanticising?

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And romanticising can quickly lead to the quest for a lost paradise and the projection of the idea of the so-called "noble savage". We must really watch out for this. The situation of Indigenous people is nowhere near as ideal as our own sense of longing tries to make us believe. At the same time, the medium of cinema is virtually predestined to be a place for longing and projection.

How do the films handle this? Cinema has always been a place of longing and it can remain so. However, the films are by no means romanticised depictions of an idyllic world. We show work made by Indigenous filmmakers — their aesthetics, artistic and narrative ambitions are equally as important to them as to any filmmaker.

The focus is on the medium of film and how it can be utilised. In addition, the cultures are very different. In Greenland, for example, a very idiosyncratic and fresh film landscape is currently developing.

We will be exploring this topic in the "Indigenous Cinema and the Mainstream" event where we will discuss the national differences between Indigenous film cultures with Indigenous producers and film institutes. Many Indigenous filmmakers, producers and directors question their place in the film industry and how they can gain recognition at national and international level.

Many associated filmmakers and producers will go there to bring new projects and ideas to the market. This presence and participation at the EFM supports the place of Indigenous films in the international film industry. The Absence of Violence What strikes me about the programme - in view of other types of cinema in which colonialism plays a role — is the almost complete absence of violence.

meet the danes berlinale 2017

The history of colonialism is a very violent history, even if it does not appear immediately at the heart of all the selected films. In this way, violence and oppression are manifested. Identity is a central topic for many Indigenous people. Her questions are fundamental: How does it feel to be a Greenlander? Do I by necessity have to choose between a traditional and urban way of life?

However, there is actually little physical violence in the films — apart from in the short film Sikumi On the Ice by Andrew Okpeaha MacLean where a murder leads to a moral conflict: When we were watching the selection screening of Angry Inuk, the director explained in her introduction the Inuit culture of conflict. It is a culture where conflict does not result in violence but instead has various rituals at its disposal to deal with it. The rivals meet each other with their drums, sing and make fun of their opponent — this lasts until everyone is laughing and unity is restored.

meet the danes berlinale 2017

A very different kind of culture of conflict; devoid of brutality. A quiet protest from our point of view. No spiritual surrender Another central motif is the special forms of spirituality Yes, this motif has been with us from the start.

Alongside the different relationship with nature, another hallmark of many Indigenous cultures is a special form of spirituality. We already witnessed this last year in our focus on Latin America.

Shamanism, the existence, perception of and coexistence with spirits play a big part. Many Indigenous cultures take this as a given. Our title in the Berlinale Journal is "Everything is Connected". I think that sums up the perception of nature, religion and spirituality in Indigenous cultures.

Since colonial times, Indigenous people have often blended religions, creating hybrids of Christian rituals and their original spirituality. This is not only the case in the Arctic but also in Latin America and other regions.

A good example of the vitality of the myths that play a very big role in oral cultures is Johogoi Aiyy God Johogoi. It depicts the Ysyakh summer festival in Sakha. The horse-god has a special place in the culture there because horses are the most important animals. The horse-god is as much a part of reality as the horse itself. Director Sergei Potapov adroitly intertwines the different levels.

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The festival, the myth, the big love affair — everything comes seamlessly together. Storytelling is a fundamental building block of all Indigenous cultures. Their narratives also allow them to resist.

Know your goals before attending should it be pitching, selling, buying. Also plan the films you want to go see.

Go for the first weekend As with Cannes, it seems like the opening weekend is far busier than the second weekend. I asked my respondents when they would be attending and Wrap up warm Warm clothing was a frequently-mentioned tip, as was comfortable shoes.

The events are more spread out than at some other festivals, so you may be in for a lot of walking. Dress warmly, get up early especially if you fancy queueing for free film tickets Pack warm clothes, wear comfy shoes, there is a lot of walking ahead of you! The freezing wind during Berlinale is a bi…ch. Wear great solid warm hiking type shoes…with a good pair of socks…. Style is less important than warmth and dryness…in Berlin Be prepared for ugly weather and quick weather changes from cold to sunny from rain to snow… Wrap up warm, wear comfortable shoes and make sure to leave time for some currywurst.

Grow a beard, if you can. Berlin is COLD at this time of year. Where to go If you are a film maker: Go to the Coffee bar area in the Martin Gropius house, and to the lobby in the Hyatt and set up your meetings there Acquaint yourself with the MGB, the Hyatt, The Ritz Carlton and The Marriott as these are the principal meeting points for industry professionals.

Use shuttle, runs really well. There is more to do than just wander around lost, also the locations are spaced apart and the festival is really, really big. The Scandinavian events are always high in demand.

Berlinale Talents has great speakers, although not all events are open to other festival attendees. The TrustNordisk party is the best social event, although be prepared to stay up late.

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But you will need invitations. Gemeinschaft has an amazing jazz brunch and the networking and atmosphere there is just great. The Germans have had plenty of time to plan their events and they are the home team…. There is always a good party mood. Network, network, network Both the festival and the film market are a great place to expand your network and meet new people. Check the Berlin app for films and go to as many parties as possible! Just hanging around the Martin Gropius Bau is a great way to bump into people.

Many filmmakers meet their future co-workers, financiers, etc at festivals. Mix film screenings, industry talks and mingles into a nice cocktail as too much of only one ingredient will wear your senses down!

Do not hesitate to present yourself to festival programmers and financiers you meet and find out what they think of things films screened, seminar topics, etc rather than pitch your own project first thing.

When they are selling your film in the future you will not want them being hassled by new producers. Say hello by all means but ask if you can meet them in London if they are London-basedor towards the end of the market when they are less busy.

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And research who they are — take an interest in what they are selling and have sold.