Miley cyrus tour 2014 meet and greet

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miley cyrus tour 2014 meet and greet

How cool are these pictures she takes with her fans!? We are giving away the chance for YOU to meet Miley (and possibly get a picture as AMAZING as these) . Gallery: Miley Cyrus brought her Bangerz stadium tour to London's O2 Arena on 13 Aug Meet the millionaire producer behind Miley Cyrus' songs. That compares to an average of $ for Miley Cyrus tickets to her Bangerz tour and $ for Demi Lovato tickets to her upcoming tour.

It would expand throughout the United States, from September 14, in Portland, Oregon to December 2, in Miami, Floridawith a total of forty-five dates. Alternative rock band Metro Stationwhere Cyrus' older brother, Trace Cyrusintegrates in, was confirmed as the opening act for all dates. On June 16,two more dates were annexed, [9] and one final date was annexed in Octoberin order to meet demand.

Ticket buyers were required to bring the credit card used to make the purchase and photo identification to the concert venue in order to gain entry. All groups were to enter the concert together, and ushers issued seat locator slips.

miley cyrus tour 2014 meet and greet

However, it marked the first time for an arena tour to sell all tickets through paperless ticketing. We thought that of every single option that was available out there, this was a really viable option, to go with the paperless ticketing.

Also, more resources were available, for more companies were willing to invest in the tour. Ideas were suggested by different individuals and were tested during filmed rehearsals in order to decide which would make the final cut.

So, we've added everyone's kind of specialty into our show [ Octavious Terry served as an assistant for directing, meanwhile Dondraico Johnson assisted choreography. They, along with twelve other members, composed the tour's creative team. It consisted of a rectangular main stagewhich featured staircases that elevated the center of the stage, and a narrow runwaywhich connected the main stage to a B-stage that ran the length of the main stage.

miley cyrus tour 2014 meet and greet

I'm able to move around to each side so there's no one person who feels like they don't have the best seat. Every seat is the best seat. Cyrus' flying required two wenches, one for a vertical lift and one for a horizontal move that coursed the audience and back to the stage.

The other good thing was that our offices are only 10 minutes away. So if I had to send a welder down there to make some changes I could do it pretty fast.

The biggest thing we had going for us was a great crew.

miley cyrus tour 2014 meet and greet

We had some really good people out there. The only reason we had to retro fit anything was because of last minute design changes that came about once everything was up and they could see it all. Terry Ritz, founder of the organization, and his partner Steve Aleff had created various ideas based on the tour soundtrack that was provided to them by the Wonder World Tour's personnel.

Bangerz tour Meet and Greet

They met with the tour's choreographer, band manager, and lighting designer, asking them to bring their "hopes, wishes, and dreams. Neville Emerton ran the automation from under the stage, and Sean Conner ran all of the flying moves from a position at the front of each venue. Meanwhile, assistant stage manager Seth Posner called cues for each concert.

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In this one we had to take a more theatrical approach with someone calling cues every step of the way because there was so much going on at once between props and automation", explained production manager Omar Abderrahman.

Because it came along late in the design process, the main elevator was not built to handle the weight of the car, though it was eventually reinforced to support the weight and movement of the car. The car was also modified; it was made electric, instead of using a combustion engine, for fire-safety and changed to turn around by adjusting its turning radius to automate steering with all four wheels.

She wore a black leather hot pantsuit, a tank top, and a white fur vest with a silver sequined hood as she escaped the cocoon to perform the concert's opening number, " Breakout ". Numerous backup dancers accompanied her and, towards the conclusion, she performed atop movable scaffolding. She then performed covers of " Hey Ya! After exiting the B stage, an unreleased track titled "Pretty Girls Fun " played while the LA Bakers appeared on the main stage dancing and twerking to the song.

Cyrus then re-appeared on the main stage for a performance of " 23 " by Mike Will Made It in which Cyrus was a featured artist. Cyrus then had a brief outfit change before performing "On My Own" where she was surrounded by her dancers dressed as colorful animals, and " Someone Else " where she rode a flying hot dog above the audience. Following this, she re-appeared in a white leotard to perform " We Can't Stop " while some of her dancers were dressed in foam fingers outfits, inspired by her MTV Video Music Awards performance while her other dancers on stage were dressed as lighters.

For the encore she came back on stage in an American themed outfit wearing a short blonde wig and a cowboy hat for the performance of " Party in the U.

Cyrus then said her goodbyes to the audience and exited the stage while fireworks were shot into the sky with elements of the United States National Anthem playing in the background. For the performances in Latin America and New Zealand, none of the props were brought on stage, there was no B stage at the back of the arena and the setlist was briefly modified.

Critical reception[ edit ] After Cyrus' premiere performance, the Bangerz Tour received praise from critics. Victoria Pavlova from Contact Music spoke favorably of Cyrus' stage presence and wardrobe, and stated that her entrance was "enough to recommend the show right there. He appreciated that she "[owned] all her headline-grabbing antics from the twerking, that foam finger and those skimpy outfits " and mainly performed tracks from Bangerz, although he was more critical of her vocal delivery during the slower tracks and the inclusion of "filler" songs, which he felt "[didn't] quite cut it.

She also opined that "her taste in other people's music is quite impressive", commending the uses of "Fitzpleasure", "Jolene", and "Hey Ya! She opened her show sliding down a giant pink tongue extended from her gaping mouth on an enormous video screen that showed her pretty face in all its blue-eyed, blond-cropped hair glory It was a real spectacle. Conner also opined that "Cyrus has the charisma and maybe the smarts to be the post- Madonna Madonna", and added that she appeared to be "approachable, on- and off-stage, in a way that Madonna never did.

Miley shockers these days are about her topless desert photos and cameo in Pharrell's newest video. That doesn't mean the show's not still worth seeing. That she can get an arena filled with teens and young adults to sing along with Dolly Parton's country hit from speaks to the power of Cyrus.

And, for the most part, during this version of the Bangerz tour, she uses that power for good. The show is also funny, and doesn't come off as pre-programmed and scripted as most over the top arena spectacles Her voice was both flexible and appropriately raw.

Miley Cyrus, Bangerz Tour: in pictures

Throughout, she managed to come across as gracious and accessible, bantering with fans and accepting pretty much any gift that came her way. He also praised Cyrus' vocal delivery and called the show a "real spectacle.

He further commented on the show's theme, writing, "It was an impressive pop-culture aggregation and the entire production was like a party scene from an over-serious 90s movie about a future dystopia The thing about Miley Cyrus is that she's a genuinely beautiful woman unafraid of making herself look like a total goober: You can't help but admire or scratch your head at the girl's go-big-or-go-home approach.

Louis Post-Dispatch provided a favorable review, praising Cyrus' "solid and consistent" vocal delivery and calling the show a "silly and entertaining spectacle. Officially announced by Cyrus and NBC on June 26,and premiering on July 6,the two-hour special featured performances from her tour stops in Barcelona and LisbonPortugal, along with behind-the-scenes content focusing on aspects of the tour and her personal life.