Arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

Tumne ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ke Arnav ko pehchana aur duniya ko asliyat dikhai. again witnnesssng an epic moment betweeen arnav n khushi's love. had all the best arhi moments captured in it from deir 1st meet to deir marriage. Arnav was sitting at the back with Khushi consoling her. . It was around 10 pm when they reached They met Nani and Ratna, the children. 'Akash bhaiyaa has asked me to remind the meeting at nine.' Arnav NK's head whipped back from Arnav to Khushi, as if he was.

arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

The thought in itself is sinful. She's your best friend for heaven's sake.

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Let's not do it. It wasn't easy to say them but he had to. He wanted to be sure if she really wanted this. You can't back off now. I am burning down there. I just need you. I am sure and even you know it. It was so difficult to not scream his name as painful pleasure shot and ran in her body. The contact was magical, and so right.

The room was filled with soft moans and groans as Arnav entered deep within her body and soul, breaking all the natural barriers which obstructed his way. The night was a memorable one, for both of them. It had shifted something in the hearts of both, to which they were still unaware. Why do you look sullen? After that night, he had expected her to be happy but she wasn't. What could be the reason?

Did she and he.! His stomach tightened in knots. So this is exactly what he had feared so far. The natural spark of his eyes died right there as he tried to imagine several situations, each increasing the throbbing pain in some unknown corner of his heart.

It's me who did everything.

Part 21: Intimacies

I am horrible Arnav. I am the worst girlfriend he could have. He loves me so much but I. I just couldn't give him what he wants" She replied, pulling back and looking ashen and he hated it. He hated to see her cry.

arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

Moreover he hated to see her blaming herself. You are my sweet darling, aren't you? You look best when you smile. Now tell me what exactly happened? Do I need to go and rearrange his bones for hurting you? You just have to ask me, you know?

Match Made In Heaven

It's all my mistake. I went to meet him in his flat. He's recently got a call letter from some renowned firm so we were celebrating. Just me and his friends.

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Then one of his friends dared him to kiss me right there and you won't believe Arnav, he agreed. He knows I am not comfortable with these stuffs in public yet he asked me to initiate the kiss. I was so embarrassed and I refused. You think I was wrong there?

He knew what was coming but he had to listen. He has to play the part of her best friend. Just a best friend, nothing more. That was so hurting. I simply sat there stunned and then I told him I am ready for it. The night she had requested him to do IT with her. She was inexperienced and Arjun had been constantly asking her to get physical with him.

With her blind love for Arjun she had agreed to it but had asked him for some time to get used to the thought. Khushi what the hell is going KHushi: La had enough she came forward and then said La: ASR what is going on she said annoyed Arnav: Arnav is this true what she is saying is she your wife and are those your children La: The truth is that these brats and this bitch is up to no good.

Annika said in anger Annika: We love them both that much Anuj: Our mama is hear to stop our father from making a mistake of marrying a witch like you. La had enough she was now at her boiling point and she was really angry with what the children just said. In a spur of a moment she yelled in anger La: La was shocked and so were her parents Arnav was now angry. He was pissed and the Asr in him was taking over Arnav: ASR did you not see the way they spoke to me Arnav: You called them brats LA: You know what the funny thing is that you think i will still get married to you, i will never marry a girl who does not love those children like her own.

The other gift was a electric photo frame which had all the best arhi moments captured in it from deir 1st meet to deir marriage. Khushi had tears in her eyes seeeing dose gifts dose moments and deir name together was priceless for her The room was filled up with candle lits and rose petals Khushi moved towards arnav and now she wasn't shy at all coz it was him who was seeing her, her love who had all rights on her and her body Anjali was preparing for some pooja and called out for Rohan and asks him to get the flowers Nk talking with pandit ji and confirming the puja samagri list and called out for Lavanya, she came out yes baby em almost done with the guest list Anjali calls out everyone den Akash, Payal,Nani,Mammi came out Anjali had tears in her eyes and flashback Den arnav said maut ho ya zindagi koi aise taakat nai jo hume alag kar skti hai to which khushi smiled.