Arnav and khushi meet again guilty

arnav and khushi meet again guilty

Arnav saw her after 5 year she has changed her always express saw Lavanya standing at corner of his study right now he don't to meet her or even see Hearing Khushi Arnav again felt like dying with a guilt of cheating his innocent wife. Arnav Singh Raizada glanced at the clock on his wall before stepping out into the poolside. Before he could speak again Khushi intervened. Khushi Massages Arnav's Back. 4 min. Khushi Finally Accepts Arnav. 1 min. Manoram tries to bring Arnav and Khsushi together. 1 min. A Little More of Arnav- .

He very well knew that all this was happening because Khushi had a special someone in her life and his feelings were not reciprocated. Whatever it was, he had no right to shout on Khushi and accuse her like that… She was trying to make him understand but he was not in a state to listen to anything.

You know Arnav very well right. Your dad has sent you here for me to make you the best. Im sure we are going to rock it. You have a bright future in designing… I have seldom seen newcomers with talent as yours. You are an asset to this organization.

Make you do what?

arnav and khushi meet again guilty

Are you happy with your puffed up face? Poor Mohan was shocked when Arnav told him where they are going. Asking him again in case he had heard wrong Mohan started the car… Half an hour drive amidst traffic and Arnav had reached to his in laws place… The whole house was decorated with lights and flowers… He could hear hustle bustle inside the house.

Taking quick steps to the stairs that lead to the terrace and opening the half open door, he saw her sitting there with her back to him on their wooden home swing …He noticed that she was looking at the stars…He had just started to take baby steps towards her when she turned back and saw him. Or am I imagining you…? Say No, please… 4 days and Ive missed you so much. I didnt know bhaiyya was just behind you…I promise.

Devi maiyya ki kasam that I wont call you that in front of anyone. I was just teasing you.

Di tells me that I need to search it in 30 seconds. Some rasam I guess. Maybe she was just missing being around him. It was her first job and he had helped her a lot in what she was today. Khushi realized Arnav was just looking at her all the while she talked.

Just work load has gone up. And Khushi introduced them to Anjali and Arnav. Arnav asked as he spotted Khushi alone Khushi was kind of amused at his question. So promise me that you wont laugh nor get angry. You are making me scared now.

Why would I laugh or get angry. She said touching his forehead to check his temperature. I mean who asks something like that…?

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Is there even something like real and non-real siblings.? So you mean to say all those months you assumed that bhaiyya is my boyfriend… Sorry devi maiyya. But today I had to tell you why I kept away my feelings from you all that time when I was driven to you from the first time I saw you.

Arnav had prepared himself for all kind of worst case scenarios but now that the time had come, he didn't know what he was going to do. He motioned for her to continue. I'm sorry Ar-" But before she could finish he had engulfed her in a hug. Arnav smiled at the memory. He still couldn't believe how he had over reacted seeing Khushi with another man. Arnav was interrupted in his thoughts when he heard the poolside doors side open.

He turned to see his young wife holding out a glass of milk to him.

Khushi PLANS A SURPRISE for Arnav in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 23rd August 2012

He quickly drank the milk and pulled her into their room. And I know that there's only 2 hours left before you won't be my wife anymore but you need to know that I love you and trust you completely.

If you do choose to leave after the contract is over, I promise I won't chase you and I'll let you go. The divorce papers are on the table, sign them before you go, if you choose to go.

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Do you understand Khushi? Will you let me make love to you for perhaps the last time? The next morning Arnav woke up slightly groggy but thoroughly satisfied that he still had a wife. He was then given the shock of his life when he's wife wasn't in the bed beside him. Dread filled his entire being.

arnav and khushi meet again guilty

He opened the wardrobe to find all her belongings gone. He checked the bathroom and none of her toiletries were there. He glanced at the table where the divorce paper were and felt physically sick. He stumbled over to it and saw that there was an envelope and his mother's bangles along with a signed divorce paper. His world came crumbling down when he saw this and his shaky fingers opened the letter.

Dear Arnavji, By the time you read this I'll be long gone. You might be feeling a bit groggy and that because I mixed sleeping pills in your milk. Please forgive me but I had to pack and leave quickly and quietly and I didn't want to disturb you. I have completed the full 6 months and now leave you in peace. Please don't ruin my sister's marriage or pursue me.

I've left for several reasons not just because our contract has ended. I'm young Arnavji, too young to be married. I've always wanted to continue my education but I couldn't because of our financial problem, but now I can. I want to see the world and do all sorts of crazy things that young people do.

arnav and khushi meet again guilty

I know what you're thinking, how is she going to do all that if she doesn't have any money? Don't worry about that Arnavji, in fact don't worry about me. Forget all about me and the times we've had, it'll be easier for everyone this way. There's one last reason I need to leave. I can't bear to see Di everyday as I feel guilty about the whole Shyam thing. This way she doesn't have to be constantly reminded of the woman her husband wanted. Before you start your search for me because I know you'll at least try to find me, ask yourself one question; who do I love more, Khushi or Di?

If the answer's Di, then don't try and find me, live your life and forget about me. If the answer's me, then don't try to find me because this is what I want. And if you truly love me you'll respect my wish. I return your mother's bangles to you in hope they find their rightful owner.

I wish you all the happiness in the world and I hope you achieve all your goals in life. I love you and have always loved you and only you. Of course Arnav had gone completely berserk after he saw the papers, read the letter and found the bangles. It had taken all the Prakash brothers, Akash and NK to restrain him. Arnav Singh Raizada never admits defeat, so he calmed down and drove to the Gupta residence.

She wasn't there but they did know of her whereabouts and no amount of pleading, begging and threatening made them tell him where she was.

He returned to RM and started grilling Payal for information but she wasn't budging and when he started to get a bit violet, Akash had roughly removed him from his room. Since no one was telling him anything, he hired the best private detectives in the country to look for her.

And sure enough the detective found her whereabouts in Mumbai, she was staying with someone called Karan Singh Malik. Further investigation on the man suggested that he was her childhood friend and that he had come to India to put his wife's ashes in the Ganges.

Satisfied with the fact that she was safe and with someone that she knew, he stopped monitoring her.