Star wars knights of the old republic ii ending a relationship

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star wars knights of the old republic ii ending a relationship

It is the sequel to BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and was . the Mandalorian Wars, when they activated a superweapon in order to end the with Obsidian's past work and the good relationship between the two developers, . STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ relationship begins still persist, this is why you end up with this pseudo. Page 1 of 2 - Love Interests - posted in The KotOR2 Universe: Hello, I am a Obsidian Forum Community · Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords It was kind of crappy in KotOR I when I spent all that time to just have Kotor2 doesn't have an ending, so no, there won't be a "fullfilling" end.

The untested racer manages to win the race. Before he can accept his prize however, Brejik breaks the deal at the last moment, claiming the soldier had cheated by using the prototype accelerator. In the chaos Bastila breaks free and a fight ensues. Brejik and his Vulkar thugs cannot defeat them and die in the battle.

star wars knights of the old republic ii ending a relationship

Having rescued Bastila, the party begins looking for a way to get off Taris through the Sith blockade when a messenger comes to their apartment, telling them that a Mandalorian mercenaryCanderous Ordowants to speak with them in Javyar's Cantina.

When they get there, Canderous proposes that they steal the Ebon Hawka freighter that belongs to his employer, Davik Kangthe Tarisian Exchange boss. But first, they need the security pass codes to get through the Sith blockade, and the only place to get the codes is from the Sith base.

To gain entry into the base, they have to purchase T3-M4a T3-series utility droid that Davik has had programmed with the entrance codes to the base.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords - Wikipedia

After purchasing T3-M4, the party breaks in and kills the Sith Governor to steal the passcodes. Canderous takes the soldier and Bastila to Davik's estate. Canderous recommends the soldier to Davik for hire as a ploy. Shortly after being welcomed, the three open the hangar doors and proceeded to steal the Ebon Hawk. As they are getting to the Ebon Hawk, they are confronted by Kang and the galaxy-wide famous bounty hunter Calo Nord in the hangar.

They kill Davik and leave Nord buried under rubble caused by the Sith bombardment. After stealing the Ebon Hawk, the infiltration party picks up the others and charges the Sith blockade while broadcasting the codes and escape the Sith onslaught.

star wars knights of the old republic ii ending a relationship

Dantooine refuge Bastila reveals to the soldier that he is very strong in the Force and takes him back to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine to see if the Council will train him as a Jedi. They accept, in spite of his age, particularly after it is revealed that he is experiencing visions detailing the fall of Revan and Malak - and that he has shared these visions with Bastila, with whom he has forged a Force bond.

After training under Zhar Lestinthe soldier, now a Jedi-in-training, is charged with doing battle with Juhania young Jedi apprentice who had been tainted by the dark side of the Force. After defeating her, he succeeds in convincing her to return to the light and is promoted to the rank of Padawan. He is then ordered by the Council to investigate mysterious ruins that are believed to be the place seen in his visions. There, he finds a droidwhich requires him to pass two tests regarding his knowledge of astrography before proceeding further into the temple.

The party completes these tasks successfully and is granted access into a room containing an incomplete Star Map. One which gives clues to the locations of four more, similar maps. The party surmises that the maps, if combined, would lead them to a mysterious " Star Forge " that the droid speaks of and which seems intricately tied to the fall of Revan and Malak. After learning of this, the Council charges the Padawan with the mission to find the Star Forge, accompanied by Bastila, his companions, and Juhani.

Meanwhile, unknown to them, Calo Nord, who has survived the carnage on Taris, is brought before Malak by Admiral Karath. Nord offers information to the Dark Lord about Bastila and her companions, which Saul promises Malak would find "most interesting. Tatooine The newly christened Padawan and his companions journey to the desert world, Tatooineand explore the city of Anchorhead. There, the Padawan receives another vision, indicating that the Star Map he is looking for is located in a cave.

Among the characters who join the main character are Kreiawho acts as a mentor to the Exile; Miraa bounty hunter she only joins if the player is light-side aligned on Nar Shaddaa ; Hanharra Wookiee bounty hunter he joins only if the player is dark-side aligned on Nar Shaddaa ; Atton Randa former elite operative for the Sith during the Jedi Civil War who turned to smuggling after leaving the Sith, having found out that he was Force-sensitive Atton is the love interest of a female Exile ; Bao-Dura Zabrak engineer ; Briannaan Echani Handmaiden she only joins if the Exile is male and is one of the two love interests of a male Exile ; Micala former Jedi Initiate turned historian another love interest for a female Exile ; Visas Marra Miraluka Dark Jedi apprentice to Darth Nihilus she is the other love interest of a male Exile ; and G0-T0an interrogation droid.

Several characters featured in the first game are also brought into this sequel, and a few can join the main character's party: Enemies include Darth Siona Sith Lord with a shattered body, held together with the Force and Darth Nihilusa being of hunger that fed on Force-sensitive energy. Korriban and Dantooinewhich also appeared in the original KotOR, are also revisited.

The Ebon Hawkthe ship used by the main character in the first game, once again is the main method of transportation. A brutal civil war has all but destroyed the Jedi Order, leaving the ailing Republic on the verge of collapse. Amid the turmoil, the evil Sith have spread across the galaxy, hunting down and destroying the remaining Jedi Knights. Narrowly escaping a deadly Sith ambush, the last known Jedi clings to life aboard a battered freighter near the ravaged world of Peragus It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded.

See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. This is based on the canonical female light side version of the game. This section of the article assumes that the player chooses only "light side" options in the course of the game.

Alternate stories are noted in the " Behind the scenes " section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

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Meetra Surik Main article: At the climactic Battle of Malachor Vshe activated the Mass Shadow Generatorwhich caused over a thousand instantaneous deaths. Although this event ended the war, the trauma of sensing so many deaths through the Force caused Surik to instinctively sever her connection to the Force, and she was subsequently banished from the Jedi Order. After wandering the periphery of the galaxy for a decade, Surik is drawn into the conflict between the Republic and the Sith.

Gathering companions and healing the dying Jedi Order in her journey, Surik ultimately eliminates the Lords of the Sith Triumvirateencountering the shadows of her past along the way and conquering her inner demons.

Darth Sion Main article: Knights of the Old Republic II is a role-playing video game played from a third-person view that features pausable real-time combat.

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Knights of the Old Republic. Choosing dialogue options that are respectful and empathetic gives the protagonist light side points, while options that are egotistic and evil result in dark side points. They allow the player character to practice in lightsaber combat or Force powers, depending on player choice.

Why does everyone hate KOTOR 2?

The player can also exploit high influence by drawing party members to either the light side or the dark side, and some characters can even be trained to use the Force.

The Phantom Menace[14] [15] in a time when the Jedi have been nearly exterminated by the Sith. Throughout the game, the Exile restores their connection to the Force while, with the help of non-playable companions, setting out to stop the Sith.

The player makes choices that turn the Exile to either the light side or the dark side of the Force, and they travel to six planets to either help or hinder the Republic's efforts to bring peace and stability to the galaxy.

The deaths that ensued created such a substantial "wound" in the Force that the character was forced to sever their connection to the Force to survive, and the Jedi Council ordered the character exiled from the Jedi Order. T3-M4 and Canderous Ordo now identified as " Mandalore "both featured in the first game, also join the Exile's team.