Coklat stroberi ending a relationship

From my point of view: Coklat Stroberi

coklat stroberi ending a relationship

Coklat Stroberi is undoubtedly trying to show same-sex relationships in a progressive light. Nonetheless, the representation of the characters and the film's final. The relationship of these three classmates was in a good balance, but Alternative: チョコストロベリー バニラ ; 草莓的忧郁 ; Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla ; Strawberry no Yuuutsu Vol.1 Chapter Extra [End] Jan In the end, the way is left open for audiences to imagine for themselves what Upi has done all that is possible to stimulate a queer reading of the boys' relationship. The last film for discussion in this book, the Coklat Stroberi, broke.

Indeed one blogger has remarked that the inclusion of a gay or lesbian character has almost become an essential ingredient for success in Indonesian movies. Sincethere have been around twenty films which have included gay, lesbian or waria characters, though almost all of these films reveal at least some level of ambivalence towards homosexuality. In this respect Coklat Stroberi is no exception. A storyline full of surprises The film opens with two young women, Key and Citra, who are having trouble paying their rent.

coklat stroberi ending a relationship

To ease their financial burden, their landlord introduces another two student tenants into their household. But the story takes a surprising turn when the girls find that the newcomers are two young guys, the gym-fit Nesta and the more fragile, but still handsome Aldi.

Key immediately falls for Nesta and Citra for Aldi. Little do they realise that their new housemates have been a couple since schooldays. To avoid being seen as gay, Nesta acts up his chocolate side and urges Aldi to do the same. However, this soon transforms into a real romance, with Nesta revealing to the dismayed Aldi that he had long had doubts about their relationship and urging Aldi to accept that things change.

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After a number of jolts to the relationships between the four housemates, they eventually all end up as friends. It turns out he is dating Dani, a far from conventional gay character with an indie dress-style and lip, ear and nose piercings. Nesta follows her, leaving Aldi devastated.

Key tells Nesta she never wants to see him again, and Aldi tells Nesta he has ruined everything. Nesta drives aimlessly round Jakarta, remembering scenes with Key.

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Aldi drifts about ending up at Citra's workplace, where she introduces him to Dani Fauzi Baadilathe owner of the shop, and then takes him off for a heart-to-heart. Key, Citra, and Aldi become friends, sending Nesta to Coventry but when Nesta comes home drunk one evening, he and Aldi have a talk. Nesta confesses that he always had doubts about his and Aldi's relationship, but he does care about Aldi and will support him in whatever choices he makes in his life. When Nesta tries to achieve a reconciliation with Key, she refuses at first but then comes round just in time to stop him moving out of the house.

Citra, and Key and Nesta are next seen at an Ungu concert, and Aldi joins them later with his new boyfriend, Dani.

coklat stroberi ending a relationship

But instead of admitting it was all a deception, Nesta states that he really is in love with Key. Nesta has turned truly chocolate or straight.

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Key initially rejects Nesta for lying to her, but returns to him after having run through the Jakarta night to stop him before he leaves forever. So it seems we have the conclusion: Nesta is turned straight by the charms of the pretty Key; Citra is still alone due to her distrust of men; Aldi is also to spend his life alone as a sad but out homosexual.

However, in the final scene, as is demanded by romantic comedies, everyone is provided with a partner: