Cartman casa bonita ending relationship

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cartman casa bonita ending relationship

His budding relationship with Heidi Turner helped him find new purpose in life, but his . We don't see the end results of their cafeteria brawl in “Tweek vs. . Cartman's complex web of deception towards Butters in “Casa Bonita” leads to him. Cartman decides to convince Butters that the world is ending and locks him Cartman immediately runs into Casa Bonita, but his fun only lasts a couple .. dislike of Jewish people, if his relationship with Kyle says anything. Cartman has basically turned her into himself, except she's far more intelligent Must Die”, “Casa Bonita”, and “Crack Baby Athletic Association”. . Instead of just taking the easy route and ending their relationship for good.

The other boys confront Cartman, notifying him that the police are on their way. Knowing that his entire plan failed, Cartman makes a mad dash through the restaurant to sample every attraction and food in the few moments of freedom he has left.

cartman casa bonita ending relationship

He is cornered by the police, Sheila, and the boys. Cartman, however, jumps off the fake waterfall. A police officer explains the trouble Cartman has caused, noting that Cartman will be sent to juvenile hall for a week, that he has made the whole town worried over nothing, and that his friends now hate him for what he had done to Butters and to them.

The officer asks Cartman if it was worth it, to which the latter mellowly responds, "totally! Production[ edit ] The titular restaurant in the episode is based on the real-life Casa Bonitaa Mexican -themed restaurant in DenverColorado.

The concept for the episode came together at the last minute. Parker and co-creator Matt Stone had both gone to the restaurant as children.

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They received clearance from Casa Bonita to use their name and likeness, which Parker and co-creator Matt Stone thought was very unusual, making them "even cooler. That was your dream as a kid, to be able to go to Casa Bonita for your birthday. The show's animation directorEric Stoughhad also gone to Casa Bonita as a child, and other individuals on the crew from Kansas and New Mexico were familiar with the restaurant. Of the hundred or so Google and Yelp reviews I've read about Casa Bonita, a solid half of them mentioned Cartman or South Park as their motivation for dining.

We are now cool with the year-olds [sic]. The sets included brief audio commentaries by Parker and Stone for each episode. When the volunteers expand their search area to include places like abandoned wells and bomb shelters, Cartman quickly moves Butters to an derelict gas station and seals him inside an old refrigerator -- which is promptly hauled off to the dump.

cartman casa bonita ending relationship

Butters manages to free himself, and mistakenly thinking the dump is the blasted remains of South Park, sets about "rebuilding society. But just before they enter, the police call Kyle's mom to inform her that Butters has been found, and that they want to talk to Cartman.

Cartman panics -- he runs inside the restaurant to hurriedly take advantage of all the joys that Casa Bonita has to offer before he's arrested.

cartman casa bonita ending relationship

Finally the police catch up to him. Before he's hauled away, he's asked if all the grief he's caused -- not to mention the week-long stint in juvenile hall he'll have to serve -- was worth it. To which he replies, "Totally. You [Cartman] never cared about my birthday at all! That's just putting on a nice sweater!

Denver, Colorado

Pray for all mankind. That'd be so awesome.

Totally worth it - Eric Cartman @CASA BONITA

You know, I mean, I said some things, you said some things, but I think it was good and we've moved past it. I I love you.

cartman casa bonita ending relationship