Area x rexus ending relationship

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area x rexus ending relationship

Area-X: Guide - Rexus. REXUS. CHAPTER 3. Future: Home - "Investigate on my own." Status: Elcia XVI You will get Ending 6 if you did not follow this guide. A description of tropes appearing in Area X. Years into the future, humanity's technology has Bittersweet Ending: Certain routes' Good Ends are this. Yuon's relationship with his father, in the Yuon-oriented version of Rexus's route. Rexus Area x cast Rexus. Edit. Age, Position, The Leadar of the time travelling via the connection through Elcia's watch when Elcia realises that Rexus is in At the end of Ferim's path, Elcia assists the combination of a number of.

She's young, beautiful, strong willed and a sadist Yep — that's right, a sadist and boy was it fun to play as her. Elcia is also very special in several ways. First — unlike most Time Negotiator's Elcia is able to stay in other dimensions for a lot longer than most, she also isn't limited to travelling to only one era.

Throughout the game you will also discover more and more secrets about her as you play through the different routes but I don't want to give to much away right now. I started with Belph and if I'm completely honest, before the game was released he was the guy I was least interested in.

I didn't actively seek out his path but seeing as you can only choose between him and Yuras until you've completed both of their good and bad routes and I didn't really have a clue what I was doing at first, it just kind of worked out this way.

Belph is a pretty laid back or should I say a 'lazy' guy who spends his free time either playing video games or drinking. I'll leave you play the game to find out why that is: Almost as soon as she reaches her destination Belph makes a joke that a normal person probably wouldn't find funny in that situation although I thought he was great then proceeds to talk half-arsed nonsense before leaving her to do her job.

By this point I was already enjoying myself. His half-arsed, lazy but witty attitude carries on like this for a little longer until Elcia finally arrives back in her own era. I don't really want to write to much about the novels story as it might somehow discourage some from actually buying it and that would be a shame, but yeah, Belph's witty attitude really does give him a nice characteristic and you can see that Elcia and him get along quite well.

Belph's bad ending was I suppose it was a little sad considering how it turns out but I didn't really feel any strong emotion for it.

area x rexus ending relationship

You can see he's doing his best to protect Elcia by sacrificing his own freedom in many ways and still I only felt a tiny bit sorry for him — nothing more.

Belph's good ending however, I found to be really fun, he's still mischievous but you see it in a slightly different light. The bonus ending via sea path I thought was amazingly done. It's a very small chapter but it brought a smile to my face none-the-less. The Sadistic duo are together and making the most of it. They are care-free, having fun and at the same time, making the world a better place. This also has my favourite Belph route CG in it. Yuras is found in the Ice ages and I think it fits him perfectly.

He can appear cold at times as he has very little to say and doesn't usually speak until prompted too. He does however, speak truthfully without hesitation.

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Yuras is a strong fighter and can dispatch jaguars instantly. The first time Elcia meets Yuras is just the best. Believing her to be dead after a jaguar attack he tries to bury her in the snow. Needless to say, it's quite a funny scene. Even though Yuras doesn't speak much to begin with, you do learn quite a lot about him, his past and his relationship with his family.

He's very close to his older sister and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her. I also found it rather cute how, even though Yuras lives in a world filled with snow he doesn't know what a snowman is, referring to it as more of a monster yet he still loves to make them after Elcia introduces them to him. I think I was too shocked to feel much other than a great deal of sympathy.

You do really see a side of Yuras that you don't want to be on the receiving end of. His good ending I liked seeing his mature side as well as his childish side. He was so adorable here. That's all I can really say without spoiling it to much though: Ah how I've been waiting to romance you since X-Note. If you played X-Note you will likely be pleased to find Rexus hasn't changed all that much. He can still be found lurking behind objects much like he was with Essi in the park but only this time he has to face Elcia when he's caught.

She doen't have a single problem teasing him with her sadistic humour and I loved it when she can make him blush as red as a tomato. The whole scene in ORZ Corporate at the staircase if you're on Rexus good path is the best thing ever!!

That tomato faced Rexus really is something I couldn't get tired of swooning over Again as with X-Note he tries to act dumb most of the time but Elcia can always see through him easily, telling him repeatedly that he isn't a very good actor.

area x rexus ending relationship

If anyone is wondering, Rexus path really does fit in nicely around his story with Essi from X-Note and it's done in such a creative, unique was I would never have been able to guess it Aaaanyway for something I've been looking forward to for quite some time, this route really didn't disappoint. I still can't believe it was Elcia who made Anon who he is in that novel but I'd really like to thank her for it heh-heh-heh.

I know I just said the route didn't disappoint but I can't truthfully say the same for the endings. I know Zeiva Inc isn't big on the whole happy ever after romance thing but still, I couldn't help hoping for more here, maybe that's because I've been wanting to seduce this red-haired hunk for what seems like ages.

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That's not to say I didn't like the endings at all — in fact the good ending is very practical That's not how I'd have imagined describing a good end to a visual novel but there you have it! We then come to Livan found in the Middle Ages. He's obsessed with painting and refers to a lot of things as if they were paintings. While technically a Dating Simthere's very little outright romantic content, just like in X-Note.

The heroine of the third entry in the series, Silent-X makes an appearance in this game as the bartender in Belph's route. Playing it in the Sky path will net you her name as well. As with X-Noteeach character is designed according to a specific colour. The credits of each route re-show the CG of that route, ending with the one exclusive to the post-credits scene.

The exception is Ferim's route: The game genre, to an extent. Due to Rexus's route and X-Note being along the same continuity, there are a few cases of this: Yuon's relationship with his father, in the Yuon-oriented version of Rexus's route. While Elcia does her best to help mend it, and the entire thing ends on a hopeful note, X-Note establishes that not only does Scid die not long after, but his and Yuon's relationship never got better. Given Elcia's lack of appearance in X-Note and the reasons behind Rexus's devotion to Essi, it isn't too hard to predict that she dies at the end.

Earn Your Happy Ending: According to Word of Godthis was the purpose behind the Sea paths' Bittersweet Endingas they give meaning to the Sky path's ending which, while somewhat bittersweet, at least ends on a happy note for most characters. At the end of Yuras's route, it finally stops snowing.

Part of this is admittedly for plot convenience, as the snow was interfering with Elcia's ability to return home, but it also marks the end of Yuras's conflict and a brighter future. As noted under Creative Closing CreditsFerim's route has credits that don't fit the usual pattern of the rest of the game.

The leader's decision to have the supposed 'present' labelled as Future. Seeing as how the leader is Rexus, and for him, this is the future, it makes sense for him.

The Present may be called as such because while it's not his present, it's Essi's present. Early on, Belph claims their leader is a gorilla. If you remember that, then the constant comparisons of Rexus to a gorilla are a dead giveaway as to his true identity. The fact that when Elcia travels to different dimensions, her clothes change and she can speak the language.

It's easy to take it as an Acceptable Break from Realitybut it's actually the major sign that there's some Body Surf going on. Elcia's rare ability to be able to travel to multiple dimensions, which can initially be written off as necessary protagonist specialness.

In reality, it's because someone similar to her exists in every dimension, due to the nature of Livan's wish, which allows her to always be able to Body Surf. In Belph's route, one NPC will mention that jaguars could still exist in their time.

Hence why jaguars are present in the so-called Ice Age. Elcia will mention how history doesn't seem to always get things right, seeing as how they didn't properly capture the Ice Age. Of course, that's because it's not actually the Ice Age—not the one in the past, at least. Quite a bit, regarding Ciera's role in the story: Elcia will mention in Ciera's bio how she feels a natural affinity towards the woman. Apparently, she hasn't entirely forgotten about Ciera being her mother.

Why is Ciera good at cooking? Because she comes from the less primitive Middle Ages. Ciera telling Yuras that she isn't his sister. On a first playthrough, it seems like she's referring to the fact that they're foster siblings, but in hindsight, she's likely referring to the fact that while she's possessing the body of Yuras's foster sister, her soul isn't the same as the one Yuras knew. Like its predecessorgetting the Good Ends of some routes are difficult if you don't know exactly what you're supposed to do.

A safe bet is to examine things repeatedly, even if it seems pointless. A recurring theme is the idea of characters pulling this, and whether happiness brought by it honestly count as happiness or not. You can also expect someone to sacrifice themselves in every route. One of the major clues to Rexus's identity that Elcia picks up on is that he knew she wanted to meet Loil for negotiation purposes, when she'd never alluded to such a thing.

There's one NPC you'll meet in every dimension. It's also revealed that there's apparently one of this trope for everyone, as time-traveling is really just Body Surf through them.

Elcia, due to the nature of Livan's wish, has one in every dimension, hence why she's the ideal time-traveller. A lot of them in Belph's route. The first he tends to say whenever Elcia's putting up her usual facade, as an expected part of their interactions. He repeats it when she tells him that she's never believed him after he claims to have told her everything, both knowing that this is it for them.

The second he says after she expresses her relief over him being okay, considering recent events. In his Bad End, she asks him if he'll be all right, as he's selling his freedom to Trole, at which point he roughly repeats the line.

The third line comes when he leaves her to herself with a task, knowing she doesn't need his help. He says it again, after telling her that this is probably the last time they'll ever meet. In the Sea and Sky paths, Belph comments that even if it's the end of the world, he feels like everything will be all right as long as it's Elcia. In Ferim's route, she reminds him of these words when he begins worrying about where her investigation is heading, as both are coming to predict her upcoming Heroic Sacrifice.

The same dialogue is said in Ferim's route, but with the speaking roles reversed as Elcia prepares to make her Heroic Sacrifice.