Zabuza and haku relationship marketing

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zabuza and haku relationship marketing

Haku nodded, but also said, "I am Naruto-sama's by battle rights and thus will only serve .. They then headed to the market and then home. Naruto! Zabuza to Haku Naruto Show, Boruto, Naruto Shippuden, Gurren Lagann , edit this yesterday Tamako Market, Sad Anime Quotes, Anime People, Manga, love Cute Relationships, Cute Love, Anime Qoutes, Manga Quotes, Cute . At the market, Zabuza watched moodily as Haku obliviously walked ahead of him , smiling and clutching her little basket of vegetables in her.

I will accompany you to your team practice, if that is alright with you Naruto-kun," she asked and saw him smile and nod. She then smiled and said, "Shall we eat dinner? He started to walk towards the stove, but she put hand on his shoulder and guided him to a chair.

I will serve you, Naruto-sama," she said with a smile on her face. She cleaned up the dishes and they then made the bed and went to sleep. Naruto was in for another night of soft crying from the girl. He knew that she was incredibly strong, but also had a gentle heart.

He knew that he would help her through her mourning.

zabuza and haku relationship marketing

Haku during the night had become tangled up with him in the sheets, but also somehow his hand had gotten inside of her pajama top and he knew if he moved he might destroy the top, or even worse, incur her wrath for having his hands inside of her top. Her breathing changed and he noticed a smile and a warm smile. She then undid the buttons, much to Naruto's embarrassment. When she finally removed the top, he was in an even worse predicament. She was now straddling him at the waist, without a top and then she asked, "Are we to consummate our marriage this morning, Naruto-sama?

Naruto's eyes leapt from her breasts to her face. He continued to turn bright red at this, but finally said, "No, we're not ready yet. He moved to try to gently push her off of him only for his hands cup her breasts.

They were soft, but he also felt the muscle below them. He gently squeezed and saw the effects of this. Haku's eyes closed and she both leaned her head back and pushed her chest into his hands. He squeezed them gently. To his surprise and pleasure she began to rock back and forth. This continued until both their eyes opened suddenly and she sprang off of him and ran to the bathroom. For his part, Naruto was having troubles sitting up and his hands were still where they were when he was fondling her breasts.

He finally rolled off the bed and noticed the tent in his pajama bottoms. It took all of his will power for him to get himself back under control. They proceeded to dress quietly and got ready to meet his team.

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Haku walked alongside of Naruto and noticed the glares that went towards Naruto. Naruto scowled, but appeared to ignore them for the most part. Haku for her part walked beside, but slightly behind Naruto to the training grounds.

She then saw a transformation in the boy. He went from melancholy to happy in just a second. He then exclaimed, "Hey Sakura-chan! She then walked over to Naruto and slammed her fist into top of his head. She then backed off when she felt killing intent directed at her. She looked around and saw an angry Haku.

Sasuke smirked, while Sakura began to sweat and swallowed hard. She then stutteringly said, "You… don't scare me. Naruto wore a worried look upon his face, but then Haku said, "Naruto-sama, we should start to train. We can work on your aim later. I have another exercise for you to do. This stream should do. She then began to explain the exercise, "You have done the attaching exercise, correct?

Naruto nodded and then she continued, "In this exercise we will work on a varying flow of chakra to stay on top of the water's surface. Now do what I do and do not worry if you do not succeed right away. Also don't go into the deep water just yet. The surface only slightly rippled when she stepped on the water. Naruto looked excited and exclaimed, "Wow.

They watched as dust left the area around his feet. Naruto then took a step on to the water, well his foot went into the water. Luckily for him it was shallow. He stood in the water and tried again. Sasuke scowled and then jumped onto the water, standing on its surface. It is of more use to learn it for all you can than to just copy it and thus be able to use it.

While I'm annoyed at you, Sakura-san, you should also try this exercise.

Holy ****. How gay were Haku and Zabuza?

I would suggest that you not do it long Sakura-san, since your chakra capacity is much lower than Uchiha-san and Naruto-sama," Haku explained. The next twenty minutes were spent attempting to stand on the water. Sakura finally had to quit, due to low chakra, but Naruto was still working on getting fully to the surface of the water.

Sasuke was walking on the water, but would occasionally sink some, not understanding why. Haku watched, but said nothing, hoping that Naruto would get it before the Uchiha boy. Several minutes later Sasuke had to abandon the exercise from having low chakra levels himself. Naruto continued strong, impressing both of his teammates. Both were wondering, 'Just how much chakra does he have? This was an hour later, when Kakashi finally arrived.

He raised an eyebrow at Naruto doing water walking training. He just announced himself by saying, "Yo! Kakashi walked over to the group and said, "I see that you're training them another chakra control exercise.

Sasuke-san was able to work on it for thirty-five minutes before getting mildly exhausted. Naruto-sama was able to do it for over an hour and is barely winded. The exercise works on control, but will burn chakra quickly for those with genin levels of chakra capacity.

That is the reason it is usually not taught to genin. Here is where I would rate you on your capacity and control. Sakura has low genin level of capacity and high chuunin to low jounin level of control.

Sasuke has high genin to low chuunin level of capacity and mid genin level of control. Naruto has low genin level of control at best…" Sasuke smirked at this, while Sakura giggled and Naruto scowled. Kakashi continued, "But he has high jounin capacity. He more than likely about twice or more the chakra capacity of myself.

Haku didn't seem surprised at all by Kakashi's statement. After some taijutsu spars and pointers from Haku on Naruto's form the team prepared to take on a D ranked mission. The team escorted Haku to the Hokage's building and from there she was escorted to the Torture and Interrogation unit.

A few hours later a man with a long blonde ponytail exited the building and looked at Naruto. Naruto could tell that the man didn't care for him, but at least the man tried to hide his disdain for Naruto. He reentered and brought Haku back outside. Do you understand," the man asked. The man sighed, but then said, "Yamanaka Inoichi, Ino's father. Now take him home, because he will need some rest. I would also get him some 'supplies'.

He will fill you in on the way. Naruto changed into his female persona and bought some feminine hygiene supplies, per Haku's request, along with other supplies needed like toothbrush and other amenities. They then went to a clothing store and bought some extra clothes for Haku. When they got there Haku was rather insistent that Naruto come back some other time and get himself some new clothes, but for the life of him he couldn't figure out why she wanted him to get some new clothes.

They then headed to the market and then home. After a quiet dinner Naruto was introduced to the 'fun' of meditation.

This lasted all of five minutes before Haku headed to bed in frustration. Naruto apologized, but Haku insisted that it was the questioning that had her tired and lacking patients, not his lack of focus. They then went to bed, where Naruto got yet another night of Haku crying herself to sleep.

Naruto was worried that she might be broken like she had described, but could do nothing, since she held onto him tightly throughout the night. He was in a dilemma, since Haku and he were wrapped together by both the sheets and their position. He panicked when he heard the door open.

Haku smiled warmly at Naruto, but then asked, "What's wrong, Naruto-kun? We forgot to lock the door last night," Naruto exclaimed while the pair attempted to extract themselves from each other and the sheets. Sakura ran into the room and saw Haku getting off the other side of the bed and an upside down Naruto lying on the floor, head first.

She giggled, but then asked with a gasp, "Are you two sleeping in the same bed? Why are you here anyways? Naruto-sama is a generous master and doesn't want me to sleep on the floor. Thus I will not argue with him about the sleeping arrangements. Also any help I would give you would stop immediately. I live to serve Naruto-sama and don't forget that, Sakura-san. If Naruto-sama had a separate room for me I'm sure that I would be using is, but he is an orphan like myself and he doesn't have that much money.

She then waved to the pair and left the apartment, closing the front door behind herself.

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Naruto breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Haku went around the bed and helped Naruto to his feet. They then began their morning routine, showering separately, getting dressed and then heading to the morning meeting with his team.

Naruto glared at Sasuke and asked, "What did you do to her teme?

zabuza and haku relationship marketing

We've been practicing water walking. I was hoping that I would be enough for you. He also realized that Haku had from the night he had cleaned her up, she had devoted herself to him and that he was starting to feel for the girl in a similar way that he felt towards Sakura, maybe more so.

He then said, "Haku, I will be faithful to you. How many women you bed is up to you, but I'm not sure that I could hold myself back against that one with the way she treats you. It would be a short lived liaison. He wore a scared smile and nodded to Haku. He then moved to the stream and began to continue the water walking training.

Kakashi showed up about an hour later, but seemed to be in a happy mood. Do I have something for you guys," he stated happily. Kakashi reached into his flak jacket and pulled out some card sized pieces of paper.

He then handed them out to everyone present. He then took one for himself and said, "This is chakra paper. It was made from a tree that has been infused with chakra since it was a sapling, so when you channel chakra into it, it will show you something neat. Haku-san if you will demonstrate. It split down the middle and both pieces were very soggy.

She then said, "Water and Wind in equal parts. Thus a bloodline limit for ice is possible. The paper turned black and started to fall apart, she quickly jumped away from the paper.

Only for it to fall into pieces and those pieces fall slowly to the ground like pieces of ash. Kakashi cocked his head and the said, "Interesting…" "What is does it mean Kakashi-sensei? Naruto began to laugh and said, "You mean Sakura-chan is a fairy? Sasuke looked at her in a way he had never before, almost with interest. As soon as she asked his face turned back into an unreadable mask. Haku then said, "Naruto-sama, her element is fire.

Kakashi-san was making a joke about it being fire and her temper, which she should keep in greater check. Kakashi quickly said, "And moving on… Sasuke if you please. He looked at Kakashi in confusion and the teacher replied to the unasked question, "You're like me, Lightning is your primary affinity, but you can use others. She moved quietly by the window, and Zabuza's eyes widened a little as the pale morning light backlit her skin.

How the fuck did he not realize Haku was a woman? Zabuza glared, then rolled over, irritated. Haku was bending over him, pressing a robe to her breasts. Roughly, Zabuza pushed back the robe. He stared at Haku's breasts, then at Haku. Haku smiled and dropped a small kiss on his cheek. Things only got worse from there. At the market, Zabuza watched moodily as Haku obliviously walked ahead of him, smiling and clutching her little basket of vegetables in her hand.

She was dressed in that pink robe of hers,and Zabuza did not like the way her breasts seemed to burst out from that top. The fabric of her robe pulled and tugged across Haku's hips, and He threw his jacket over her, glaring.

Haku smiled serenely; and fuck if Haku didn't look absolutely adorable swimming in his oversized man's jacket, so much so that the perverts and the losers began to stare at her even more.

And fuck if Zabuza didn't pull out his sword, giving everyone menacing looks and silently telling them to shut the fuck up and move the fuck on, otherwise things could get messy from here. It took three more trips to the market and several half-drunken assholes hooting and high fiving amongst themselves before Zabuza came to a decision.

He had pulled a muscle beating the shit out of some asshole who was making cow eyes over Haku's butt. He wasn't even getting paid. The shit had to stop, now. You were safer when they thought you were some snot-nosed kid. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Zabuza grabbed her by the arm.

What do you do then?

zabuza and haku relationship marketing

When you were a boy, all they'd want is to slit your throat. But now," and he wrenched her arm back, making Haku cry out. And you think you can beat them? He breathed against her neck. If you can fend me off, then you'll have convinced me you can take care of yourself.

But right now I could snap your neck if I wanted to. She looked disappointed, which irritated him. Haku began to bind her breasts.

Zabuza watched, awestruck, as she tugged the hard canvas bindings across her skin, pulling tighter and tighter until any semblance of womanhood was erased. Haku had taken the order surprisingly well.

Zabuza was expecting her to cry, or at the very least stare at him with that hurt, wounded puppy look that made him feel bad and pissed off at the same time. But Haku seemed fine. In fact, she was humming a little bit. She stood and pulled the green boy's robe around her.

He could still make out the curve of her waist and hips, but then Haku pulled around the sash once, twice, three times, padding out her waist until it was as straight and narrow as any boy's. Zabuza watched as Haku padded around the room; a few hundred layers of fabric covering her body. That Haku could move around in that? With chest bindings and waist padding and everything in-between?

Zabuza didn't even like wearing shirts, they restricted his movement too much. And so it was Haku started dressing as a boy again, which made the sex all the more interesting. Zabuza tore into her layers and layers like a kid under a Christmas tree, and Haku shrieked and laughed and flushed a bright red, and there was just something so deliciously satisfying as seeing her breasts come free from her bindings.

He fucked her hard, bent over the corner of the table where they were to eat. Occasionally, Haku would struggle and try to flip him over, but that only served to make him fuck her harder. Zabuza turned and felt her leaning over him, her breasts brushing against his bare chest. She dipped her head low and began to kiss his chest.

Her lips were soft, and she dropped small kisses against his sternum. Haku smiled, and looked so fucking demure when she lowered herself on him.

If it were another woman, Zabuza would have thrown her out of the bed by now. If it were a man, Zabuza would have no qualms breaking his neck as a matter of course. But it was goddamn Hakuand Haku was moaning and making those soft, almost desperate sounds of hers, and Zabuza found himself straining under her weight. Her hips slapped against his, the wet, slick sounds of skin smacking skin filling the small room.