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Then what is the relationship like between Yunho and Changmin? . He continued, “The Japanese market is not something to be taken lightly, so I'm against. That said, Yunho--who is conveniently squished against Changmin's side in . as Changmin says, "What I want to tell Yunho is that with our relationship as it is, . TVXQ (stylized as TVXQ!), an initialism for Tong Vfang Xien Qi (Chinese: 東方神起), is a South . Re-introduced as Tohoshinki (東方神起) for the Japanese market, the members learned Japanese and move to .. Yunho and Changmin released TVXQ's comeback Korean album Keep Your Head Down on January 5,

He was born on February 6, and she November 5, But, the reason he refers to her as sunbaenim, is she debuted before him. Also, when they met she was already an accomplished recording artist, and he just a trainee.

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So clearly, Yunho must have looked up to her. Which must explains why he still calls her sunbaenim.

The Enduring “Friendship” (Relationship?) of ‘BoA’ and ‘Yunho’

I still remember when she debuted, everyone in the company was rooting for her. In two years, she topped Japan, and she was only Personally, I was a fan of hers too. BoA explained her choice, saying that because she is so close to Yunho, he will take the initiative and take care of everything without her even telling him to.

Number 1 is that they are both born in the year of the tiger. Tigers are known to be confident as well as independent. Yunho as leader of TVXQ from the very beginning has shown his remarkable confidence, and BoA as a solo artist embodies independence. She especially had a hard time in Japan, where she was all alone.

TVXQ's Changmin describes his relationship with Yunho as "Love and War"

And, at times BoA has expressed how if she had been in a group, her solo debuts in Japan and America would have been a lot easier.

But, being a strong tiger she soldiered on. And, many a fan is thankful for that. Another quality both Yunho and BoA share, in no small part due to their confidence, is they are both amazing dancers. They acted like total BFFs.

TVXQ's Changmin describes his relationship with Yunho as "Love and War" | allkpop

And, fans referred to their close friendship as. The reason for the statement was because on August 27,Uee was spotted attending a special ceremony for Yunho. The ceremony was the training completion ceremony, or the ceremony that marks the end of basic training. Interestingly and incidentally, also on August 27, BoA posted a picture on her Instagram showing a rather thick envelope.

Be healthy and be well!!!! There has never been any previous connection between Uee and Yunho, and many fans thought it was strange that Uee would suddenly show up at the ceremony. If they were indeed in a relationship, many fans also thought it would be weird to announce their relationship in such a blatant way.

The Enduring "Friendship" (Relationship?) of 'BoA' and 'Yunho' - GoodMoMusic

And still, others thought even if they are just friends, it was even stranger for Uee to show up to an event meant for family. However, the members stated that the problems stemmed from contract renegotiation. Throughout andJYJ continued their activities both internationally and domestically. The conflict between JYJ and SM seems to be finally ending, but there are so many things about the whole story that us, as fans, will never have access to.

The parties met a total of six times before reaching this agreement, so there must have been a hidden factor in here somewhere. We thought that victory was in our grasp when the courts ruled in our favor. Basically, this concession means that our side has won.

Frankly, the limited activities that JYJ can partake in is not a matter of law, but a battle between David and Goliath. So I feel that even with this mutual settlement, nothing major will happen.

It came as puzzling to me at first why they would consider withdrawing a lawsuit a success, but Junsu explained his thoughts on the last three years during a press conference in Germany on his first world tour. I came to know of the verdict on the day that I departed for Germany. As the legal proceedings went on for a quite a while, the final verdict has left me not knowing what to do.

But I feel that our efforts for the past three years and four months were worth the effort, even though we did not have any substantial benefits on our side during this time.

But through this issue, the Korean Fair Trade Commission has set a new set of guidelines for fair contracts, and will help in ensuring a better environment for our juniors.