Tommy joe ratliff and adam lambert relationship

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tommy joe ratliff and adam lambert relationship

Feb 5, Adam and Tommy's Real Relationship | adam lambert, adommy, glamnation, glitterbaby, tommy joe ratliff. Adam Lambert Guitarist Tommy Joe Ratliff is a Blues Player, Guyliner or .. I have a great relationship with Fender and I was at a party from an. Tommy Joe Ratliff Adam Lambert, Boys Who, Pretty Kitty, Scary, Hot Guys . Adam and Tommy's Real Relationship | Is this the best Adommy picture ever or just.

How do you bring some of that influence into mainstream pop music? I was originally on bass with him. He wanted more funk and blues so he switched me over to guitar. A lot of dudes, picked up a guitar to get laid or for the hope to someday make money with it.

Some do great, but it cripples a lot of them because all they care about is how many notes you play, and how cool your fingers look playing the riff. When I was younger I used to be really intimidated by people that play fast as shit like Yngwie Malmsteen laughs. I had friends that could pull that stuff off.

But, it definitely is not what my ears want to hear. It makes you play with way more conviction and let lose. Right, and the whole foundation of popular music was built on them doing it wrong. So I would call you the definition of a pretty successful musician, I would think.

Just trial and error with bands laughs. I was in a lot of metal bands, actually. Struggling to get by, saving up my own money for T shirts to sell, and rent for a place to practice. I was always in bands with dedicated members. When I was 27, I just quit and focused on my playing and was hoping to get into something worth my time. Funny enough, on my 28th birthday, I got a call from a friend of mine that kind of played match maker with artists, musicians and bands all over the place.

His name is Barry Squier. I really think you will get it if you show up. If you want to wear makeup and play some old school soul, cool. You wanna play some old grungy blues, cool. Haha… yea, I am a very lucky guy. Everyone has their own ideal band situation, this is definitely mine. Just would love to do well enough for myself too I can be old as shit and still able to support myself playing the blues. So is there anybody contemporary in the blues that you like?

Adam Lambert: Kissing Tommy Joe Ratliff On Stage!

I know there are some bad ass players out there though. I was at the Baked Potato [live music venue] over a year ago, and this dude that was playing rhythm guitar for Mike Landau was a monster.

His name was Kirk Fletcher. I went up to him after and asked him for lessons but he just kind of laughed and said no. Or shout him out in an interview. That is a really good band. It angers me laughs. I respect them a lot. I love their music. So how often are you on the road? With the first album, we did a really long world tour. It was a huge success and it was great!

So you like the touring?

tommy joe ratliff and adam lambert relationship

You like being on the road? Hell yea, its so much fun. Last year, we did an acoustic promo tour for one of the singles. It was so much fun. You did an acoustic run? The record was dance and really electronic, so it was fun to break the songs down to just acoustic and vocal. When are you going to start it up?

Well, cool, man, so when do we get to hear a new album from Tommy Joe? It was an inside joke we all had on tour and it just stuck. Thats not a bad thing laughs. You know which one I love which just kind of flew into the radar is Sweet Tea. Oh god, Sweet Tea is so good. That album is like, perfect. I have a great relationship with Fender and I was at a party from an opening for one of their show rooms. I had no idea he was even there but fucking Buddy Guy got up there and played. But, I saw him leave.

He walked right past me.

Adam Lambert: Kissing Tommy Joe Ratliff On Stage! | Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff : Just Jared

I wanted to stop and shake his hand, maybe even get a picture but he just kept going. I understand… but that would have been awesome. He is really cool. And Jimi Hendrix was watching him!! Have you seen that? And then I got the job. I think from the first time we met we have a lot in common, like we both love the movie Velvet Goldmine Aside from your musical talent, I think Adam is also into your cute looks. That American Music Awards performance, it was not long after you were hired, right?


Yes, that was my first performance. No, it just happened in the moment. We were talking about it and inspired by that, we thought we had to do something.

It was our first performance as a band, and I said to Adam that he can grab me or do whatever he wants. And at the show Adam came and kissed me. I guess the world was too shocked by it. Yes, because it is wrong according to Christian belief. Is it true that Adam calls you Glitterbaby and you call Adam babyboy? So after that sometimes I call him that. And a while after, when we were getting ready for a show, I had glitter on me and when Adam saw that he called me glitterbaby. He helped me a lot.

Even on personal things like when I had an emergency situation and I had to leave the band. I talk to him about anything, and he talk to me about anything.

How is it for you lately? He does seem like that kind of person. We have a lot of things in common. Do you have the same sense of humor?

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We have some questions from your fans. Since you joined the band, is there anything that you notice different from yourself?

But maybe after staying at a very good hotel I found myself disappointed when I came home laughs. When we asked Monte the same question, he said the part that changed in him was that now he wears more make up laughs. Hahahaha, Well in my case I also wear more make up than I used to be. Before I just put on eyeliner, but now before show I can put on eyeshadow and lipstick myself. What kind of makeup products do you use? Aside from music, what are you into lately?

Sometimes I rent a box set of tv series and do a marathon. I always watch Western movies at home and all my friends are calling me old.

I love horror movies too. My favorite Western movie is probably Tombstoneand my favorite Horror movies are Exorcist and Halloween. I think it takes a lot to surprise us.

tommy joe ratliff and adam lambert relationship

Hmm, there are several times that we performed at a surprising venue. Like a very small stage, or somewhere in a remote area, and once in Texas we played at a slaughterhouse. That was quite shocking. I think that was the most interesting one to me. It feels like a Metallica concert. His music helps a lot when I feel sad or have problems in my relationship. How do you see yourself in 10 years?

I really want to keep playing for Adam. And I really want to start a blues band. Do you want a family? There are a lot of things I want to do, but I guess we have to find a person who would understand. Yea, of course laughs. This interview took place on September 18 in Florida. InRock official website Japanese You can order the magazine from amazon. Is that the biggest difference? At what age and why? I loved them, I loved all these tons of bands Metallica.