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This pack includes T.J. Detweiler, Vince LaSalle, Ashley Spinelli, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey The relationship between T.J. and Principal Prickly is so important. T.J. Detweiler, the leader of the gang and the one who comes up with the Zany Ashley Spinelli, usually referred to by her last name, who was the "toughest kid. "The Legend of Big Kid" - When T.J. has trouble tying his shoes, Spinelli seems happy to take this opportunity to help him. She says "Here, lemme tie 'em for ya".

Spinelli returned again on February 13, with Georgie and he made his last appearance on May 6, Anderson has and will continue to make appearances since his very first exit. For a few episodes in Januaryhe was portrayed by actor Blake Berris. Anderson received Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in, andas well as a pre-nomination in Anderson and Lilley Maxie has been portrayed by actress Kirsten Storms since For an eleven-month stint from September August the role was temporarily portrayed by actress Jen Lilley, when Storms took medical leave.

Storms went on maternity leave on January 2, and returned on April 8, The role of Maxie was also briefly portrayed by actress Molly Burnett from July, when Storms took another medical leave.

Storms took a third medical leave from February July 24,where her character was off screen this time. The song "We Lost Our Way" by Daena Jay, feat Stuart Dooley played when the couple said goodbye in December and played inwhen Spixie's relationship was revisited, therefore it is another Spixie song. Background Spinelli was raised by his Granny and never knew his parents.

She is a member of the Jones family and the Scorpio family. When they first met they initially didn't like each other but after investigating the murder of Maxie's sister, Georgiethey started to get closer and eventually fell in love Spinelli fell first. He calls her Maximista. On July 15,Maxie and Spinelli have a one night stand. Maxie later regrets it, as Maxie believes that she used Spinelli for comfort. On January 8,Maxie seduces Spinelli to distract him from straying towards agent Winifred.

When Spinelli finds out he's furious. Engagement ring On July 14,Spinelli serenades Maxie and they go back to Jason's and make love.

Damian Spinelli and Maxie Jones

The next morning Spinelli proposes but Maxie doesn't answer. After proposing numerous times after that, she finally accepts more to spite her father, Mac then anything. The couple were set to get married on September 28,but Spinelli realizes that Maxie is not ready to get married, so he calls it off but they end up having a "non-wedding" and become "non-husband and non-wife". Sadly, after many problems, Spinelli and Maxie end their relationship in a "non-divorce" on July 15, On November 19,Maxie finally tells Spinelli that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him but he chooses to stay with Elliebreaking Maxie's heart.

They share a daughter named, Georgiewho was born in August of She was conceived during a one night stand they had on New Years Eve Mikey wanting to be a safety ranger. Gretchen puts handcuffs on her and Geoffrey, to make him second think about wanting to be "by her side forever", by dragging him everywhere she goes, including her science club meetings after school and skipping lunch to perform science experiments.

In "Operation Stuart" Chekhov's Classroom: Almost every lesson the kids learn in school is important to the rest of the episode. Furious, Bob orders his guards to bring him forward. As they grab T. Bob doesn't care about what T. On the other hand, he is sick of Randall snitching on the other kids to him and forbids him from speaking to the King ever again.

The episode "Chez Vince", where it's revealed that Vince has a secret talent for cooking. Miracle on Third Street". There was another teacher's pet to be Randall's rival named Douglas.

He only appeared once and was mentioned another time, however. The Tylers, the little brothers of the Ashleys, only appear in one episode and never show up in the series again. Same thing for their little sisters the Brittanys. Hustler Kid doesn't appear at all in season six. City with No Name: The name of the town the gang live in is never revealed.

One episode revolves around Speedy the hamster dying. It turns out that there have been multiple "Speedy"'s that the teachers replace each time on dies.

The Christmas special released on video. All but one of the episodes featured had nothing to do with Christmas at all, although one admittedly was about Thanksgiving.

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Same with "All Growed Down", except for the last segment, which was most likely an unaired episode. Mikey and Miss Grotke have their moments.

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And Dottie who owns the "Yard of no return" everyone was afraid was a psychopath who kidnaps kids. Despite she actually was insane she has conversations with her lawn gnomesshe is completely harmless and very friendly.

The gang almost always use codenames during their schemes. In one episode Mikey rips his pants while bending, and the others try to hide him from Miss Finster, knowing that she will take him into an office to sew his pants back together. They are afraid that the knowledge Miss Finster saw his underwear will cause the rest of the school to mercilessly tease Mikey.

In the end, T. All four boys end up in their underwear while Miss Finster sews their pants. King Bob who understands what the other boys did for Mikey recognizes the selfless nature of it, and insists no one mock them for it. A few comics based on the show appeared in Disney Adventures from to Kindergarteners are portrayed as wild savages, and adults frequently can't comprehend their children's problems. Miracle on Third Street could count too, but while Disney advertises it as a "movie", most Recess fans consider it a "special" and not in the movie count, while All Growed Down is the third movie.

The Complainer Is Always Wrong: Nicely deconstructed in "Good Ol' T. It only gets worse when they're paired together for an assignment on ancient Mesopotamia. While Gretchen does a huge amount of research, T. Gretchen voices her complaints to her friends, and they tell her she's wrong about T.

When the project goes bad, Miss Grotke gives them a "barely passing" grade; T. This is when the subversion comes in—T. Some of you may have noticed ice cream on the playground.

I want you to know that I will not stand for this. This ice cream should be eaten immediately! The kids shrug, and go back to enjoying themselves. In addition, I want you to all ignore Miss Finster, no matter what she says, about ice cream or anything else! Furthermore, I want to inform you all that I have a fat, saggy butt, which I like to scratch every hour on the hour.

Also, I want to apologize to all of you, for being such a mean principal, taking away hall passes, giving guys recess detention, refusing to accept sick notes, just because it doesn't look like a guy's mom's signature!

Making kids stand at the wall for 10 whole minutes! Man, I feel ashamed of myself for all the terrible, rotten things I've done! And next year, I promise to-- [T. It is revealed to be a furious Principal Prickly. You've got to come back to town. I can't just leave. Look, something weird is going on at the school. Principal Prickly is dematerialized! Why do you do these things to me, Pete? Do you enjoy tormenting me? Do you hate me? I don't hate you, Phil.

Well, there you go again, Pete. Insulting me, hurting my feelings, just like 30 years ago, only this time, Petey, I'm ready. I always thought about you. That part still grosses me out, sir. But this time, Pete, I'm going to humiliate you!

Recess S01.E23 The Experiment

This time I'm going to prove to the world that you were wrong and I was right! I found a way to prove my theory. I'm going to get rid of the biggest recess of them all! I am going to get rid Yeah, you try to help people, that's the thanks you've had. It'll never work, Phil. Well, actually, Pete, that's where you're wrong. Move the moon over here, and the currents that warm California suddenly become ice cold!

Summer, as we know it, will become a thing of the past. TJ and Prickly gasp in horror. You'll never get away with this, Benedict!