Sho and kyoko relationship test

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sho and kyoko relationship test

Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko Mogami are both in love with each other but both have no that the girl Ren was talking about was her before Katsuki's Acting Test. Kyoko asked, unsure of how Ren was driving in the correct direction of the Darumaya even though he had never He needed to test his theory out. He would ruin his whole relationship with her if he leaned in for a kiss now. Ren Tsuruga is in love with Kyoko Mogami while Kyoko shows a little that the girl Ren was talking about was her before Katsuki's Acting Test.

Guineapigs1 On Ren and Kyoko's wedding night a spell is cast that takes both Ren and Sho back in time two years, but there's a catch. Kyoko doesn't remember either of them. Now they both stand a chance at winning the heart of Love Me girl 1. Who will come out victorious? I've been super busy lately, and I actually wrote the majority of this chapter almost right after posting the last chapter. Unfortunately, I never got around to editing it until now. I have plans for where the story is going and how I'm going to end it, so hopefully this story will be finished at least by the end of this year if I update better.

I have hope that I can update quicker starting in two weeks when I start to have more time on my schedule, so bear with me on these slow updates for a while until I have more time to write really soon. Thanks for your support on this story, and I hope you like this chapter.

sho and kyoko relationship test

Ren acted like a true gentleman as he opened the passenger door for Kyoko and shut it behind her once she was inside the car. When he got into the other side of the car, he drove off, not bothering to see if Sho was following or not. Don't you need the directions to the Darumaya? Yes, Kyoko-san, that would be very helpful," Ren replied even though he had already been driving towards the restaurant.

He had driven her there so many times that he had memorized how to get to the Darumaya, but Kyoko didn't know that. Once Kyoko had given Ren the necessary directions, it was silent until Kyoko spoke out. I would usually walk or bike back, but today you've saved me the trouble! I'm sorry for the inconvenience! I do worry about when you walk or bike home by yourself though. You're one of the top 10 actresses in Japan, and I don't see it as very safe for a famous celebrity such as yourself to be out in public biking to her jobs…" "Don't worry, Ren-san!

No one can notice my face on the streets anyways! I never ride my bike when I'm in character, so no one is able to recognize me! Please reach out to my manager or I if you really need a ride home. Once they arrived at the Darumaya, Sho pulled in behind them.

sho and kyoko relationship test

He met up with the two, and the trio entered the restaurant, quietly shutting the door behind them as to not wake up Kyoko's landlords. Do you have any preferences as to what I should cook? Kyoko turned to leave the room but was stopped when Sho called out her name. As Kyoko opened the lid of the box, her eyes sparkled at the trinket inside. Inside of the box on a small cushion sat a delicate silver charm bracelet with charms to represent all of the famous princesses.

Kyoko lightly caressed the ruby rose, a crystal slipper, and a blue fairy before remembering that she was not alone in the room. Ren realized his feelings for Kyoko with the help of Bo the Chicken Kyokowho was completely oblivious that the girl Ren was talking about was her before Katsuki's Acting Test.

Ren's feelings for Kyoko developed when Kyoko worked as Ren's substitute manager because Yashiro was sick. Ren got sick and Kyoko took care of him. An evidence can be seen when Kyoko was changing Ren's water pack until Ren accidently called her "Kyoko-chan" tenderly the same way he called her as Kuon 10 years ago.

Ren can also be shown easily jealous when other guys are with Kyoko and are also attracted to her. Ren's jealous attitude can be seen when Ren puts off his "gentlemanly smile" then shows his "Demon Lord" side, as nicknamed by Kyoko.

Ren's notable jealous attitude can be seen when he and Kyoko acted as Cain and Setsu. Sho was calling Kyoko, which resulted Ren to rage in anger, which made Kyoko feel scared. As a result of Kyoko walking backwards, she falls down into the bed. Ren follows her and goes on top of her. As from today, I left his stupid ass and went to fulfill my dream.

sho x kyoko

You see, Sho and I have been engaged since we were little kids and my mother abandoned me, but not before she engaged me to Sho. Well, I say my mother, but in truth, that woman never was my mother. She was a woman so jealous of my mother and her talent that she kidnapped me when I was six months old. Unfortunately, despite her not being my mother, the engagement still was legal as she was my guardian during that time.

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But to tell the truth, even if it wasn't legal, I wouldn't have said anything, because no matter how much I hate Sho's playboy tendencies, I am also completely and utterly in love with him, no matter how much his behavior has hurt me. You must wonder how I know that Saena wasn't my real mother, right? When I was seven, I met a boy who looked so much like me before Saena died my blonde hair black.

We stood staring at each other for a long while and then the boy grabbed my arm and dragged me to his parents all while speaking English.

It turns out, I looked so much like his mother when she was younger that he was sure I must be his long lost little sister. His parents seemed to agree and with my concession, we took a blood test. It turned out that I was really their lost daughter and that my name really was Kyoko. My parents' names were Kuu and Juliena Hizuri and the boy who dragged me to them was my older brother, Kuon. My family wanted to take me back with them, but I refused. I know I hurt them, but then as I explained that I was engaged to Fuwa Sho and I wanted to stay and support him through his dream to become a professional singer, they accepted my decision and left, but not before giving me a cellphone so that I could talk to them while they were in America.

I grew up and soon I left with Sho to Tokyo so that he could achieve his dreams.

Psychological test - Relationship test

I tried to be supportive of him, I even badmouthed Ren Tsuruga who was my brother with a stage name for him, but he never appreciated my support and continued to ignore my existence. That's why, after a talk with my big brother, I died my hair back to blond and, leaving only a message to Sho, I left and followed my brother to my new apartment. Of course, to the world I would continue being Kyoko Mogami, at least until I earned the showbiz world's respect.

sho and kyoko relationship test

Today, I am going through audition to enter the same company as my brother, and currently it is my interview. But I found recently that he has been cheating on me, so I left him until he truly finds out what is important. I also thought I could take this chance to make my dreams of becoming an actress true.

sho and kyoko relationship test

But I don't mind since I love him with all my heart. I shook my head negatively. But that doesn't mean I can't take my revenge by making him jealous. Of course, I know we will marry in the end, after all, we can't break the engagement off. I realize that this might be hitting too close to home but…" I shook my head and smiled.

Glaring at absolutely nothing, I started speaking in a low, dark tone. I gave you everything, I quit high school for you, I didn't chase my dream for you, I became your crutch for everything and this is how you repay me? I will take my revenge on you no matter what and then you'll be begging me to take you back like the dog you are but you are never getting me back, you hear me? I smile really brightly at that.

I take out my cellphone and dial his number. I am from now on your junior!