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The "iCarly" actor reveals his feelings about the ship wars to MTV News. with " Creddie" (Carly & Freddie) and "Seddie" (Sam & Freddie) shipping. flooded with comments more about Kress' fictional relationships, than his real one. The couple have mutual respect for one another and support each. The fifth season of iCarly began airing on Nickelodeon on August 13, and finished its run Because Sam is in a relationship with Freddie, her previous torture monkey, her new torture monkey is Gibby. However, Carly stops the fight and helps Sam and Freddie make up, with the help of Gibby, who sends Mrs . Seddie is the pairing of Sam Puckett && Freddie Benson Sam Freddie They have a love-hate relationship. They shared their first kiss together on the fire escape.

My face must have glued you to the spot, because you just stared at me and took my face in. Once you noticed that I was looking back at you, you got scared and dropped all your textbooks and papers right there.

I guess the moment when I came over to help you and introduce myself must have been the start of a friendship that would eventually span more than 7 years of our lives, which is currently still standing tall. But who's to say that wasn't actually the start of a relationship? By the time we went to Ridgeway together, it was clearer than ever to me how much you cared about me, Freddie. I'm actually really proud that you weren't afraid to express your feelings. I just wasn't able to trace my feelings for you at the time.

I even still remember when you offered to help me and Sam film the school auditions about 4 years ago. Seriously, it's funny how one accidental post you made of us acting goofy on SplashFace would become so popular that it would eventually blossom into the popular webshow we call iCarly. Looking back, Freddie, I seriously owe the birth of iCarly all to you.

Along with Sam, it was always my dream to create some form of entertainment that we could finally base on whatever we wanted, and YOU made it all happen. Once all 3 of us got together every week to do iCarly together, Freddie, we eventually became the best of friends, and I still remember filming our first webcast as if it were yesterday.

I even still remember the time you fixed Jake Krandle's voice even though you hated him and I wasn't offering anything in return. At that point, I think something finally overcame me deep inside.

You'd done so much at that point, Freddie, that I really did owe you a debt of gratitude.

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I'm not so sure I even knew what I was doing when I kissed you on the nose for helping me, but looking back, I think it still meant something, even though I kept telling Jake it was "strictly nasal".

Something I should probably tell you, Freddie, is that during our first Christmas with Spencer's junkyard Christmas tree, a certain someone came and helped me realize just how important you were to me by showing me what life would be like without you or Sam as my best friends.

That was pretty terrifying. That's why I was crying when you found me outside the iCarly studio. It just felt so wrong to imagine life without a vicious and lovable best friend or a cute and funny nerd. Learning how lucky I was back then easily made that Christmas the best Christmas ever and that's why I hugged you so tight. I've always felt like you and Sam were here in my life to make everything better. Without you guys, my life would be empty. God bless you both.

Then, there came the time Sam revealed to the whole world that you had never kissed anyone. Once it was out, I'd never seen you more depressed. Every time you looked at me, I could tell exactly what you were thinking.

You'd wanted me to be your first kiss. That's why you never counted Valerie or kissed any other girls. But, then you kissed Sam. You gave up on me being your first kiss and just kissed Sam. I was happy for both of you, sure.

You two had finally had your first kiss. I was pretty upset that neither of you told me about it, but, deep down, I was feeling even more upset because I was feeling a little jealous. That makes me sound really stupid right now, doesn't it, Freddie? And rightfully so, considering I told you it was kind of sweet that you had never kissed anyone. Once you and Sam both came out with the truth, I immediately felt like a defeated selfish little brat.

I really was jealous, Freddie. So thanks for having the strength to pin me down to the floor just to help me realize that. I really deserved it. About 2 weeks later came the Girl's Choice Dance. That doesn't exactly bring back the best memories for me, but once both our dates had gone wrong, the dance itself left me with a special memory I'll never forget: Just the two of us dancing at the Groovy Smoothie.

It just felt so special. As I stood there looking into you eyes, with my arms around your neck, and eventually with my head comfortably rested on your shoulder, all I could hear were the beautiful messages of the song "Meant for Me". Freddie, that song, to me, will always be our song. In the moment, you really were meant for me, like you had always told me when we were younger.

No other guy ever was. By that point, you were willing to take me safe in your arms like no other boy ever did. Then, about a month later, you and I started dating. You saved my life and I'll never forget that.

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I was kind of heartbroken when you broke up with me, but I'm just glad that you knew better than to take advantage of me when you felt that I only liked you for saving my life. I even still remember the promise you'd made me that if I still wanted to be your girlfriend, you'd be really excited about it.

It's been about years since you made me that promise. I hope you haven't forgotten about it, but it at this point, that choice really is yours. As time went by, Freddie, our relationship really took some sharp turns, with some good things happening and some things happening that I still kind of worry about, even today. Remember the time when I sang "Shakespeare" at that awkward wedding? Well, part of me felt like I was singing that song for you.

I hope you felt it back then. Or how about the time when Sam started a fan war at Webicon? I really hate looking back on that day, especially with the inner turmoil YOU must have felt between me dating Adam and you being the center of the whole "dating" war between the iCarly fans.

The only reason I'm reluctantly bringing it up now though is because back then, and even today, I was a little worried when you denied the idea of the two of us being in love in front of everyone. You had every right to deny it, since I was dating Adam at the time, but I still worry if you really meant what you said, even today.

It's kind of silly of me though, and, it's something I'd rather not talk about. Even something like the time we all sang "Leave It All to Shine" with Tori Vega and all her friends at that party is worth mentioning.

Spencer sits next to Carly. What did he say? Carly stands up and looks at Spencer in the eye. Spencer is in shock. Spencer calls his dad with his cell and tries to clear this out.

It turns out our dad isn't our dad…we are orphans. We aren't even brother and sister and we have a fake dad with no mom.

This is a terrible night" Spencer says. Spencer and Carly hugged each other and cried "We better go back to the restaurant. Sam and Freddie been waiting for a long time.

Carly agrees and they both enter the restaurant. Spencer tells Sam and Freddie not to mention what is wrong with her.

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Carly runs out the restaurant crying and screaming. Spencer pounds his head on the table and Sam pets Spencer's head "What did i say? Spencer drives Sam and Freddie to their apartment. Carly is in her room yelling and screaming and crying. Spencer shoves a pillow in his face. Sam grabs Spencers pillow and throws it in the kitchen then she pulls spencer off the couch. I don't like seeing my boyfriend acting like this. It hurts me to ya know. This is a very difficult time for me and Carly and if you don't understand that you should leave.

Spencer, like any guy would fall for boobs any day. Spencer and Sam do it on the couch. Carly can hear the moaning but Carly puts on her ipod and puts it no max and listens to very depressed music. The next day Carly wakes up in a happy mood "You know what Spencer,let's just be friends and let this brother and sister thing aside and never talk about it again ok? Sam thinks about telling them it's crack but instead she figures to lie.

Later" Sam says while she throws the bag of "sugar" to Spencer Sam leaves before they find out its crack. They both tried the "sugar" and they both started realizing they don't care about them being brother or sister they are in love!

They both look at eachother stairing eachother in the eye. Spencer pulls Carly towards him and Carly begins to make out with him. They begin making out on the couch.

Sam and Freddie both scream! They couldn't believe what they saw Spencer looks at Sam and passes out. I thought you loved me" Freddie says. That's not real sugar thats crack! It's a very powerful drug! I don't like you guys being depressed about this whole brother and sister thing," Sam addmits.

Spencer Carly and Freddie give Sam dirty looks. Let's pretend yesterday night never happend okay? Even if we have more relationship feelings than normal?