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soulmates [essay] (ichigo/orihime, renji/rukia): explicates

As someone who enthusiastically ships Ichigo/Orihime, but still loves Rukia to any influence Rukia has on any development in the relationship between Ichigo and . Rukia and Orihime are equally important to Ichigo, albeit in different ways. Ichigo & Rukia (Bleach)- this pretty much describes their whole relationship lol. Cx Bleach Ichigo And Rukia, Bleach Manga, Anime Qoutes, Manga Quotes. And, in some ways, those fans were right; The creator of Bleach was never As for Rukia, her childhood connection with Renji was a strong.

Again, a very weird fact.

Bleach: Were [SPOILER'S] Marriages Always Meant To Be?

It seems something similar happens in chapter There is a classification by person. And if they were happy memories to fight the fear, no doubt there would be scenes with Kaien too, apart from scenes with Renji, we have been her share very happy scenes with them in the manga.

And those scenes are meaningful moments, some more meaningful than happy, that precisely seem to represent what those bonds mean to her and what is important to her in those relationships: She is proud that she has been a good mentor figure and nakama to him, and she values to be able to help Ichigo and guide him. As Nodt said that her fears would resonate at the back of her mind when she closed her eyes, and that is what we see in that panel with her memories, she has her eyes closed in that scene, so Rukia at that moment had fears, so she had to open her eyes, as we saw in the next panel, because she was feeling more fear when she had her eyes closed, so her remembering those scenes with Ichigo, Byakuya and Orihime is a representation of her fears.

So her fear has to be to lose those important relationships to her, or that her important relationships become unimportant, empty, like the blackened eyes and mouths of them might represent, and even her own eyes and mouth appear like this in the memories.

How Rukia & Renji Became a Couple Revealed?

Rukia had meaningful and good memories of all of them in those scenes, so if that was the theme, Rukia has had meaningful scenes of reconciliation with Renji in the SS arc. She also had happy memories of their childhood days with Renji to remember, and Rukia looked really happy in those days.

soulmates [essay] (ichigo/orihime, renji/rukia)

In fact Rukia must have shared with Renji a lot of happy moments, and a lot of sad moments too. They have gone together through so many happy and sad moments in their lives, at least until their separation. Ichigo and Rukia, Thoughts in the Revolving Sky is the one hundred and ninth episode of the Bleach anime.

Following the battle with the Bountsthings slowly return to normal. Contents Summary Rukia slowly recovers from the Bount ordeal. As Ichigo Kurosaki sits next to a resting Rukia KuchikiLieutenant Renji Abaraigoing up to him, asks if he is fully healed, stating even if someone killed Ichigo, he still would not die. When Ichigo states Orihime Inoue healed him and Rukia, but Rukia is recovering very slowly, Renji, revealing she is doing so because she was sent to the Human World just after recovering her Reiatsunotes it will take a while before she fully recovers.

Bleach: Were [SPOILER'S] Marriages Always Meant To Be?

When Ichigo asks if everything else is taken care of, Renji states it almost is, but the scars from the battle still remain. Stating it appears the Gotei 13 is finally recognizing the existence of the Bounts, Ichigo says though Jin Kariya wanted to erase the existence of the Bounts, he ironically left a stronger impression on the Bounts than ever before.

Byakuya admonishes Ichigo and Renji. When Renji, yelling at Ichigo for thinking he knows everything, tells Ichigo it is his fault the Bounts made it into Soul SocietyIchigo points out Renji was with him in the Human World when the Bounts left, so it is also his fault.

When Renji tries to justify this, the two end up arguing with each other over who is stronger. As Ichigo tries to apologize because he is tired and does not want to deal with this, which only makes Renji angrier, Captain Byakuya Kuchikiappearing, scolds them for making such a ruckus.

Telling Ichigo if his business in Soul Society is done, he should head back to the Human World, for he does not belong here, Byakuya leaves as Renji yells at Ichigo because it is his fault Byakuya is now mad at him.

Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji reflect on the Bounts. Getting up, Rukia, telling them to stop arguing, says they do not treat the wounded well.

Where Does Rukia's Love Truely Go To? Ichigo Or Renji | Anime Amino

As Rukia, sitting next to the two of them, says things are peaceful now, Ichigo states he never imagined he would come back here again. When Renji sarcastically states Ichigo did so because he cannot mind his own business, Ichigo tells him he is correct. As Renji is surprised by this, Rukia reveals there are no longer any Bounts, which means there is nothing but bitterness.

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