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Posts about Barack Rezko Obama written by oldatlantic. It didn't take long for the Republican Party to pounce after Antoin “Tony” Rezko, a prominent longtime fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama, was. (multiple exclamation-points being, in the tabloids as well as in Huffington Post comments, The accused felon, of course, was Tony Rezko.

Lest you be tempted to seek out this issue in some local Dumpster, don't bother -- it was a classic bait-and-switch job.

Obama Fathers Two-Headed Gay Terrorist Baby: The National Enquirer -ization of American Politics

Hard as they tried to hit the "terrorist" thing -- running the infamous "Bedouin-garb photo" right beside it -- the story only said that Obama knows William Ayers, a non-Arab, former SDS radical. The accused felon, of course, was Tony Rezko. And the "other women" don't exist, despite the headline; they couldn't dredge up an actual affair, so they said only that Michelle gets frustrated when Barack spends too much time talking to women on the campaign trail. But the funniest--and most sinister--passage is worth quoting in full: Government and wage war against Sunni Muslims.

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Of course, any Huffington Post reader can reliably report that "some posts" even!!! What's truly strange is that, considering how little juice the cover-headlines ultimately delivered, the Enquirer story buried its lead: Now, Larry Sinclair -- for those of you who shop in upscale markets and have been fortunate enough not to be exposed to him yet -- is a junkie career criminal who claims to have gotten high and had sex with Obama, and though he's obviously completely demented and has actually failed a lie-detector test, his story has incredible traction among that section of our citizenry that thinks the Swift Boat attackers were too liberal and principled.

Sick, absurd, revolting, hilarious -- it's all of that, and worse: Millions of them will be choosing their candidate soon, not on questions like how to stop the horrific carnage in Iraq, or how to protect the children of America, but on fantasies about the sex-lives of the candidates and other insanely peripheral issues.

And at a point when the Clinton campaign in particular has openly admitted to a take-no-prisoners, all's-fair-in-love-and-war, "kitchen sink" strategy, one has to wonder: How kitchen-sink is too kitchen-sink?

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I read today that "a key owner of the Enquirer is a prominent New York investment banker and one of Hillary Clinton's key backers, Roger Altman.

Donna Schwan, with MetroPro Realty, which listed both the house and the vacant lot, recalled that there were several offers on both the house and the lot, though she could not remember the amount of those other offers and said she has since discarded the offer sheets. The sellers also required the buyers to put off the closing until June 15, after their children had gotten out of school.

And that may have some value. Lastly, Wondisford confirmed that it was he who insisted the closing for the two properties be completed on the same day. We rule this GOP claim False. It was a deal Obama came to regret, for appearance sake alone. At that point, it was clear that he was going to have some significant legal problems.

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For me to enter into a business transaction with him was a bad idea. The GOP news release suggests Obama changed his story about not needing help to buy the home or the vacant lot next door. It comes from an interview Obama had with the Chicago Tribune, published on Nov.

The Rezko Connection: Obama's Achilles Heel?

If Obama had no interest in the vacant lot next to the home other than the sliver he purchased from Rezko a year laterhe would have no reason to tell Rezko he needed help buying it. The answer is not a contradiction of his first statement. We rule this GOP claim False, too. In his interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama detailed a relationship that dated back to when Obama was finishing law school at Harvard and Rezko approached him about coming to work for his development company.