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She was a true blessing to her community, raising children who had no families. The worst part of this is that Ms. Because she cannot, I feel like it is my responsibility to do so. I owe it to her and her family to be her voice, since she can no longer speak for herself. Michael McCray was present in that home during the years I was there. He preyed on the defenseless, creating lifelong scars. Media outlets have a responsibility to report facts.

The Sumter Item has acted very irresponsibly by allowing this article to be printed in their newspaper. I hope that those responsible for this article will be reprimanded and that a retraction of this article will be printed. I will also be contacting other children who were in Ms. Prince, I was wondering if you have any white friends? Are they bigoted and racist? I have friends of all colors and nationalities. If you listened at all during the trial, you know that Mr.

Zimmerman did much to help homeless African Americans. He dated a black girl at his prom.

And so far, since the trial, I have not seen anything different here in Sumter. What about them, Bishop Prince? The list goes on. Should we white folks march up and down the road screaming injustice? Prince, are the bigot. And if you are an example of a religious leader, God help us.

I like to read annual reports and the like that companies, educational systems and other community agencies publish. These give a kind of inside gaze into that business or entity and also paint a pretty good picture of how those who run the inside think and what makes them tick. The Tuomey publication that I am referring to really had an initial positive public relations impression on me. At first glance one would say that this hospital is on the move and has lots of programs in place to address the health needs of the communities which it serves and that these are administered by a diverse staff of health care professionals.

I do share the aforementioned to a degree but must say that recent lawsuits, etc. I hope that they are but reoccurring legal matters connected with the hospital just do not set well from an image point of view for the hospital.

The main reason of my letter is to address the publication that I mentioned in terms of diversity. If I did not know better, I would have thought that Tuomey did not have blacks and other racial minorities on its staff as physicians and in other decision-making positions. Yes, there are blacks in the publication but there are no phy- N.

There are physicians of the majority persuasion but no blacks. Some of us in the community want to see and feel that Tuomey is as diverse racially from those who do menial tasks to those who, at times, have to pronounce life or death decisions about our family members. I implore the board, the CEO and others who make decisions about diversity to show this in all aspects of what the hospital stands for and does as the only major health care facility in the larger Sumter community.

A time limit, of say one hour, would not do justice because of starting late, introductions, people shouting out, clapping when their point is made, etc. If we do it on the editorial page we will have time to think about what we say and not just blurt out the irst thing that comes in our mind. Everything will be in black and white for others to read and interpret. We can use he Item as our proof, say page A1 and A2, the police blotter and any other articles they print, as the person making a point ought to have proof.

How do you think up such nonsense? Do you have some kind of book that you refer to in trying to make a point?

What lies did Zimmerman tell? Is he trying to do something about crime the reason why the NAACP and the media picked this situation? But these were not. All along Kent has maintained that his client was being creative in the video when substituting the names of the only two judges he knew with the nickname for a Taurus handgun.

But he has nothing but the utmost respect for Land and Cothran. He believes they saved his life. Baker at The deputies gave chase, and after a long pursuit, the car crashed some eight miles away when the suspects drove into a cornfield at the intersection of East Brewington Road and Florence Highway in an apparent attempt to avoid their pursuers. When the car came to rest deep in the cornfield, two men were reportedly seen fleeing from the vehicle into the corn.

Deputies recovered several apparently stolen items from the home inside the disabled getaway car. Between 20 and 25 deputies set up a perimeter around the cornfield between Brewington and Alligator Branch Road, scanning the area with binoculars. At one point, a suspect was reportedly seen exiting the field near where the car first went in, then fled back between the stalks.

Dogs were deployed to search the area, and a State Law Enforcement Division helicopter flew overhead trying to spot the suspects. Eventually, the chopper saw someone moving through a wooded area behind the field. One suspect was apprehended by deputies in the woods, but it was almost an hour later when the second suspect emerged on Fletcher Drive, about two miles from where the car was wrecked.

Both men will be honoured at a special awards ceremony on Monday January 21 at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch in Invermere when District of Invermere mayor Gerry Taft will present them with their medals. After growing up in Invermere, he joined the military in and spent the next ten years in ground communications in the air force, transferring several times between Quebec, Ontario and Manitob, but never overseas. In the spring of he started with the Invermere Fire Departmnet as a volunteer firefighter.

It was only last year that he finally came on as a full-time salaried employee. Orignally from Saskatchewan, Shaw came to the Columbia Valley in to take advantage of the local Christmas tree industry, and decided he liked the area so much he would stay. Inhe took a maintenance job with the hospital, which he worked until retirement. The awards ceremony on the 21st will follow dinner, which will begin at 7 p. The Legion is located at th Avenue in downtown Invermere. Wednesday, January 9, The Valley Echo www.

Yet the IDPS does not support relocation as a solution either.

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A statement on urban deer by the BC SPCA also included in the report states that the stress of capture and transportation leads to both high mortality and fatal injuries, and the inability to adapt to unfamiliar territory C C Send your events to production invermerevalleyecho. Second, if overpopulation is in fact legitimately determined, then management should be done using non-lethal solutions. Almost 14 months old. Not sure, it's a mystery.

Speculation is that she's some kind of Husky X. Nicole Trigg is her human. She's highly intelligent and affectionate, and her favourite passtime is trail running in the summer and winter. Be sure to include your name. For each respective count, over were does, roughly 50 were fawns and fewer than 30 were bucks. At a Committee of the Whole meeting on October 2, council recommended that no referendum regarding deer take place in and that staff and Council should start the process of implementing an education program in Films, demonstrations, infomation, skill stations, tobagganing, games, barbecues, a rail jam, and more!

Taste of the Valley, music by L8, fireworks, children's activities, crafts, face painting, curling, hockey, and more! For more information call Clarence Stauffer, games at 7 p.

Health Unit, th Ave. For info visit invermere. Hot Springs studio, Fairmont Village Mall. Community Hall, 7 - 8: He was also a Regional District of East Kootenay director for that period, ending with six years as chair. He and his wife Meaghan have operated a tourism business in Radium since He served as ViceChair from tothen Chair from to In addition, he was Mayor of Cranbrook from to and for seven years served as a director of the Regional District of East Kootenay.

All directors are appointed by the provincial government and must be residents of the Basin. The board meets six times a year in communities around the Basin. For more information, and to read highlights and minutes from board meetings, visit www. Instead, they will simply continue to pay an amount equitable to their current recreation service fees and not see the decrease promised by the new larger Columbia Valley Recreation Service Area until such time that the arena is paid off in full.

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To help people in this endeavour, CBT is offering workshops in eight locations this winter that are designed to take the intimidation out of grant writing applications.

Anyone interested is asked to RSVP to or khamilton cbt. For more information, visit www. Visit our website and vote in our weekly online poll. Wednesday, January 16, The Valley Echo www. The newest addition to the string of enclosed fishing holes caught fire around 8 p. According to Jimmy McGilvery, the owner of one of the nearby shacks who called the fire in to using his cell phone, the shack had been newly set up that morning and its owner had made the mistake of setting his stove on a wooden bench.

The shack sits about metres out from the shoreline and four lengths of firehouse were used to get close enough to extinguish the flames. Friday, January 18th, 5 p. Experience menu samples from a selection of our finest restaurants in the valley! Call for more information. There will be lots of activites to participate in between 5 and 8 p. Help Keep the Ice Clean This Winter can affect oxygen levels and other physical characteristics that fish and other animals need to survive.

As more of us use the lake and take our dogs with us, the ecological balance and public health are further jeopardized. We need to reduce the risks to ensure the continued health of our lake.

Neither tourists nor locals are going to want to see waste on the lake this winter. So as you don your skis, skates or fishing gear this winter, consider these useful tips for keeping the lake clean.

Preventing Garbage on the Ice To help prevent garbage and other debris left behind on the lake from freezing into ice, make sure to pack out everything you pack on to the lake. To help remove anything that might wash onto the beaches after the ice melts this spring, join the Lake Windermere Ambassadors on their spring shoreline clean-up. Accessing the Lake Take care when accessing a frozen lake for skating, skiing or snowmobiling.