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"It's obvious that you are unsure about your relationship with him. Akane knew that she loved Kogami the moment that she heard Ayaka's it was discovered that the newest invention had needed guinea pigs to test it out. Akane Tsunemori is an Inspector of the MWPSB in Division 1. Akane is polite and respectful and after spending time with Shinya Kogami, one Relationships. First the allucinations Akane has of Kogami in S2. NO ONE SPINEL is Kogami's favorite brand. Smoked Anyway, onto the Shinya evidence.

An example of this is seen in his deliberate provocation of Yuji Kanehara. Eventually, he leaves Japan altogether and becomes a leading force in a conflict in Shambala Float involving Colonel Wong 's army and a guerrilla group. During high school, he meets Nobuchika Ginoza and they become close friends after Kogami saves Ginoza from bullies. While in high school, Kogami majors in social science and takes up kickboxing and wrestling as hobbies, rarities as such since students only study these arts as a means of stress reduction.

He graduates at the top of his class and scores points on the same entry exam Tsunemori takes. He later follows his best friend, Ginoza, in becoming an Inspector and entering Division 3. Kogami as an Inspector. Though warned to stay detached, Kogami and Sasayama become friends. They are given a case, which they nickname " The Specimen Case " because the victims' bodies are dismembered, then encased in synthetic material and displayed in public, much like an insect specimen in amber.

Sasayama is on the verge of finding the murderer when he, himself, is brutally dismembered and displayed in the same manner as the other victims.

A horrified Kogami finds Sasayama's mutilated corpse. Ayaka's birth was the result of something that had been purely physical. They always went to each other when they were stressed. At first it was just Kogami agreeing to teach her to fight, but it turned intimate during one session and remained that way in secret until they found out that Akane was pregnant.

Akane knew that she loved Kogami the moment that she heard Ayaka's heartbeat.

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He had helped create that life. He gave her the most precious gift she could ever have. She didn't dare to say it, though.

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She was afraid that he would distance himself if he didn't feel the same way. He thought of himself as a dog that was there for her assistance and companionship, but she saw him differently. He was a human being to her. A person with real thoughts and feelings. She wanted to prove that to him, so she decided to wait for him to say it to her first. The door to the auditorium squeaked open, causing both Akane and Togayama to jump in surprise.

Togayama got behind Akane and pulled out a remote from his back pocket. She was unable to see who entered the room.

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Trigger will remain locked. He stopped when he saw the pain her body was expressing "No no no. She did her best to try not to show the pain, but her body betrayed her. All she wanted was for him to leave and get out of danger.

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Ayaka couldn't grow up in this society an orphaned child as the result of an inspector and enforcer's physical affair. There was a cage around Akane's head, restraining movement to her neck. She was hunched over on a steel contraption in the shape of a crucifix.

Her arms spread out and restrained as far from her body as possible, and her feet had been restrained at the bottom where it was all anchored in the floor. It was something he had only encountered once before as an inspector. All of them varied in age, some of them as young as 5 years old, and records showed that they all had problems keeping their psycho pass clear. Kogami's division had gotten a lead to a psychiatric research facility that was creating new methods to keep Japan safe from latent criminals.

When they had apprehended the suspects involved in the disappearance of theit was discovered that the newest invention had needed guinea pigs to test it out. They had paid someone on the inside of the bureau to access the needed info to choose people with the right qualifications to proceed with the trial. The neck restraint kept the subject's eyes on whatever form of therapy was necessary to help their psycho pass recover.

It was also designed with a crucifix shape to keep the hands away from the body to avoid self harm, and so that access was easy for doctors to inject meds intravenously.

There was a hinge in the center of the steel the subject's torso rested on, that if released, it broke the subject's back and severed the spinal cord, causing instant death. There were two ways to release it: Remotely by another person, or when the subject's psycho pass became too clouded to save. The invention with the mix of drug trials made for a lot of dead bodies in the end.