Nia guzman and chris brown relationship baby

Chris Brown Daughter, Height, Baby Mama, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth

nia guzman and chris brown relationship baby

The situation between Chris Brown and his baby mama is so tense that for the first is not maintaining a good relationship with his baby mamy, Nia Guzman. Singer Chris Brown has more legal issues to worry about after his daughter's mother Nia Guzman launched a custody war over child support for their for more on Chris Brown and Nia Guzman's co-parenting relationship. Chris Brown and the mother of his child Nia Guzman are embroiled in a it was also revealed that he and Guzman have a close relationship.

He rode the wave of his success to a lot of successful collaborations with various artists. Chris Brown has also ventured out a little into acting with a first on-screen debut in a feature film in for the movie Stomp the Yard.

nia guzman and chris brown relationship baby

He has also appeared in such films as This Christmasand Battle of the Year Height Chris Brown stands at a height of 6 ft 1 inch, or 1. His weight and height are considered an ideal build and the singer keeps in shape by hitting the gym and dancing. At one point after coming out of jail he added a little weight climbing up to pounds a reality that he has admitted to being self-conscious about.

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Dancing and basketball had been his go-to activities to lose the weight and get back in shape. Girlfriend Five years after the start of a brilliant career, Chris Brown received massive media attention for something other than his music.

He pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge of his then-girlfriend and superstar Rihanna. He received a sentence of five years of probation and six months of community service.

It was a rough time for Brown with his record being pulled from several radio and T. V stations but ultimately his career survived the terrible incident. It ended in October and Chris Brown announced it giving the reason that he was not looking to hurt her over his friendship with his former girlfriend Rihanna. In JanuaryRihanna announced that the two were once again in a romantic relationship. Chris Brown had apparently had an affair with Nia Guzman that had ended up in a child.

As for now, Royalty is a cute kid of 4 years old. She lives in LA with her mother and older sister. In the girl was diagnosed with asthma. That caused the inflammatory illness. Who are Chris Brown parents? She supported her son after his scandal with Rihanna and tried to explain his assaulting behavior by a bad company that was around him in Joyce spent most part of her life in Tappahannock, VA.

Chris Brown Is Allegedly Buying His Baby Mother A New House For Her & Royalty

She worked as a director of a day care centre. The woman was married twice. Joyce spent a lot of time with her children.

nia guzman and chris brown relationship baby

She helped them develop their talents. When Chris Brown turned 7, his mother Joyce and father Clinton filed for divorce.

That situation influenced the boy. He met the first tragedy on his way. Soon Joyce re-married Daniel Hawkins.

nia guzman and chris brown relationship baby

She took his surname. Chris hated his stepfather and even promised to kill him. Very often he beat Joyce. Chris wanted to protect his mother. Daniel lost his eyesight after an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

After that he became even crueler. During Chris Brown court process the musician blamed his abusive stepfather. Soon Joyce separated from an abusive husband.

Now she helps her son with his career.

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But till now he stays in touch with his son. Clinton earned his living as the prison officer. It was he, who inspired his son to start a music career.

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In his young years Clinton came home from work and played tunes for his daughter Lytrell and son Chris. He is a pensioner as for now and lives in a small house in Tappahannock.

He supported his son during his time in jail, where he was put after abusive scandal with Rihanna. She is 8 years older than her brother.

Chris Brown Is Allegedly Buying His Baby Mother A New House For Her & Royalty - Capital XTRA

The girl grew up in Tappahannock, VA. There she graduated from a local high school and then continued her education at James Madison University, where she studied biology. Currently the girl lives in Chesterfield, VA.

She works as a medical laboratory scientist. Lytrell has always been in a friendly relationship with her brother Chris. She defended him during his story with Rihanna.

nia guzman and chris brown relationship baby