Maura and jane relationship questions

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maura and jane relationship questions

Jane and Maura's relationship comes to light in a way they did not expect. . " Barry and Vince had a few questions for me regarding their case. Dr. Maura Isles, Boston coroner, super genius, and Jane's best friend, of the two of us engaging in a sexual relationship with one another?. It's classic girlfriend marriage proposal fishing. Ask about the cake. Jane is all, baby, I have not popped the questions. And Maura And then she says her married name would be Maura Dorthea Isles Benivieni. Jane has to.

Still, her heartbeat remained slightly elevated, and she still felt a little overheated. Isles musing and far-fetched hypotheticals," she breathed, but her stomach flipped uneasily as Maura immediately shook her head. At least, the reality of my thoughts, which are of course theoretical in nature, because if a person thinks something but has yet to act upon it, the reality of the thought it not yet equal to the reality of the person's actions-" Throwing her hands up in the air, Jane cried out in frustrated confusion, her voice rising, "Then WHAT, Maura?

What the hell are you trying to say? And there have been many studies which have indicated quite strongly that women are more sexually fluid.

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The fact that Jane's eyes happened to shift downward to notice how her nightgown dropped lower than usual on her cleavage as she did so, well, Jane knew that had absolutely nothing to do with anything they'd been discussing. She knew she should have bought a case tonight. I'm sure with lots of fluids and electrolytes, a variety of sexual aids, and a little patience we could fix that!

According to a study of the sexual behavior of female baboons-" This was entirely too much. Jane couldn't lower her voice to anything less than a shriek in reaction to this quite nonchalant last statement.

maura and jane relationship questions

Naturally repeated pressure to one's skin through the form of corporal punishment, commonly referred to as "spanking," will increase the blood flow to the affected area, causing a flushed appearance-" "Maura…stop…just stop," Jane almost moaned, raking a hand through her hair and then using it to cover her face as she took a slow breath.

Reaching rather jerkily for Maura's still half full wine glass on the nightstand and flinching when she brushed her chest with her hand, she drew back, glass in hand, and held it up as if presenting evidence emphatically.

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Okay, so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea for Jane to cut herself off too while she was at it. For a moment or two, Maura's shaking head had looked blurry. You really need to come up to date with what it is to be a modern woman.

maura and jane relationship questions

As it was she felt she had been nearly sucker punched with the shock of Maura's nonchalance, and she sputtered, eyes bulging. Maura, however, merely raised an eyebrow.

maura and jane relationship questions

Why, the episode where Samantha was dating Maria, and Maria experienced female ejaculation, you were-" "That was…well…some of those episodes- they're…I am NOT like my mother! Though she didn't look back she could hear Maura following and gritted her teeth, planning to ignore her, if she persisted any further…or maybe just to run.

But even as they settled back into a more typical mode of interaction, Jane found her eyes often drifting from Maura's face to her lips, her chest…and when Maura stood to fetch one of the containers of leftovers, Jane was horrified to realize she was watching Maura's ass.

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Sometimes a "simple question" from Dr. Maura Isles was a dangerous, dangerous thing. End The author would like to thank you for your continued support. There will be some fun elements involving Jane getting a bodyguard, things like that.

maura and jane relationship questions

We want to give her a meaningful nemesis in addition to these [standalone episodes]. Bent out of shape over Kent As we previously reportedKent Drake Adam SinclairMaura's new assistant medical examiner, is a little left of center — and he will stay that way. He's like her in that he's smart and worldly and interested in a lot of things, but he's not like her in that he's just kind of weird!

He pops up in weird ways. He's a little unsettling. Maura eventually comes to accept that he's a little weirdo. Toward the middle of the season, there will be a nice story between them and we'll learn a little more about who he is and how he ended up in Boston. The sole purpose of introducing Kent is to give more play to the medical examiner aspect of the show.

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As we go forward, there will be other conflicts of her managing him. It will hopefully make her world more interesting. Maura has daddy issues The show will finally introduce Maura's adoptive father, college professor Arthur Isles David Odgen Stiersand not all is well between the two. If you were going to bring him in, you had to explain why you hadn't seen him," Nash says. It has nothing to do with Maura's adoption or anything like that. This is very much just between Maura and her adoptive father.

But there is a secret at the core.