Lux and garen relationship

lux and garen relationship

Yep, and she's constantly stealing Katarina's panties from Garen.:^) . that while Ez thinks they are in a relationship, Lux doesn't which would. Friends: Garen, Ezreal Rivals: Fiora Related: Garen, Fiora, Ezreal, and Lux know one another, as well as being in a good relationship with. From the earliest age, both Lux and Garen were taught to fight, to ride and to hunt . High Silvermere, their relationship becoming more distant with each return.

But where Garen chose to follow family tradition to join the Dauntless Vanguard - one of Demacia's elite fighting regiments - Lux harbored dreams of venturing beyond Demacia's borders to explore the wider world.

Her parents frowned upon such notions, and as their only other child, they expected her to take up the role of custodian and defender of the family's estates. While this was an important duty, it was not what the idealistic and headstrong Lux envisioned for her future.

She idolized Garen, but railed against his insistence that she put her ambitions aside and do what was expected of her, as all Demacians should.

Being told what to do did not sit well with young Lux, an irrepressible girl with big ideas and bright dreams. To the endless frustration of tutors who sought to prepare her for a life of dutiful service to the family, Lux would question their every teaching to pursue interesting new ideas, debate differing perspectives, and generally frustrate her tutors. Yet it was impossible to be angry at Lux, her zest for life like an inner radiance soothing even the most ruffled of feathers.

Lux had taken this state of affairs for granted, but with every passing day she came to suspect this was more than just poetic euphemism. The truth of what that meant finally came to light when Lux was enjoying a solitary ride in the northern mountains at dusk. As the last light of day sank in the west, her horse lost its footing on a patch of ice and fell, breaking its foreleg.

Lux was stranded; too far from the nearest town to reach it before nightfall, and too distraught at her mount's pain to leave him. She knew what Garen would say: But Lux couldn't bring herself to kill a mount she had ridden since she was a child. As Lux prepared for a night alone on the mountain, a lean and hungry sabrewulf pack, scenting the horse's blood, descended from their dens in search of fresh meat. As night fell and Lux had still not returned home, her father and Garen rode out to find her.

They searched all night, and eventually found her the next morning, shivering and alone next to her frightened horse. The corpses of six sabrewulfs surrounded her, their fur scorched and flesh seared.

lux and garen relationship

Lux refused to speak of what happened and begged her father to rescue her beloved steed. A wagon was dispatched from the family home, and the horse was saved as Lux nursed it back to health. Since that night, Lux knew she possessed abilities beyond those of everyone around her: Since a babe in arms, Lux had been taught that magic had once brought Runeterra to the edge of annihilation.

Her own uncle had been slain by a mage, and Demacia's folktales were replete with stories portraying sorcerers as twisted servants of evil, that told of how even the purest heart could be corrupted by magic.

Would she become evil? Was she an abomination to be killed or exiled beyond the great wall? Fear and doubt gnawed at Lux, and she spent many nights squeezing her eyes closed, clenching her fists to stop the light rippling from her skin. The terror that there was something wrong with her almost crushed her spirit. But after a strange night in the capital of Demacia when Lux was thirteen years old - a night where it was said a great stone colossus walked abroad in the darkness - she returned to High Silvermere with a fresh perspective on her powers.

The Crownguards left Garen in the capital to train with the Dauntless Vanguard, and Lux only saw her brother on his rare visits to High Silvermere, their relationship becoming more distant with each return. Upon Lux's return home, she was determined to embrace her powers, not fear them. To the eternal consternation of her bodyguards, she regularly managed to evade them and ride away for hours at a time, far from judging eyes.

Alone in the wild forests, she would give free rein to her magic, gradually learning to better control it. Finally she was free to let her powers loose in all their wild majesty. She could bend light to blind and confuse, bring forth radiance upon the palm of her hand or summon illuminated figures from thin air. She could also craft light so intense that it could burn and destroy. Once, these powers had frightened her, but now she reveled in them, joyous as she was finally able to fully express herself.

Yet even as she understood more of her powers, Lux knew she still had much to learn. At the moment, he stood still as a mountain, straddling the Memorial Road, far from the traffic of the main highway.

lux and garen relationship

Lux cautiously approached the statue. Ever since she was a little girl, she had imagined the old titan keeping vigilant watch over all those who passed beneath him. It seemed to peer into her soul, judging her. Though it only spoke in her imagination, the girl knew it spoke true. Then there was the glow. Ever since she could remember, Lux felt it burning in her heart, longing to burst free.

When she was small, the glow was weak, and she could easily conceal it. Now the power had become far too great to stay hidden. Burdened with guilt, Lux lifted her eyes to the Colossus. It was uncharacteristic of Lux, but the day had not been kind, and it soothed her soul to vent.

She expelled sharp breaths of air in relief, then immediately felt embarrassment at the outburst. Did I really just yell at a statue?

At certain times of the year, this road was flooded with travelers making their pilgrimages to the colossus, paying tribute to the symbol of Demacian resolve. But presently, the Memorial Road was empty. As Lux was searching for bystanders, she heard a gravelly racket in the air above her. She whipped her head up — it had come from the top of the colossus. It sounded like a heavy clay pot being dragged across cobblestones. Lux stared for a long while, but nothing stirred about the statue.

Even so, her eyes remained fixed on the colossus, daring whatever had moved to do so again. And then it did: The large stone orbs physically swiveled in their sockets to find Lux in the grass below. She could feel the enormous stone figure studying her.

This time, it was definitely not in her imagination.

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Lux found her legs and ran, away from the statue, as fast and as far as she could. She had walked many miles, all day long, all over the city, in the hope her parents would be asleep when she returned home.

But one person was not. Her mother Augatha sat in on a sofa in the corner of the grand foyer, glowering at the door with burning expectation. Lux did not respond. She knew it was past midnight, well beyond the hour when her family were typically asleep. Eventually, someone will get hurt. She felt wretched, knowing she harbored any power that might be used for such destruction.

lux and garen relationship

There was only one profession that dealt with her affliction. She knew the shame that was imminent. Even if the man told no one, as her mother assured her, he would still know.

Lux was not even a woman yet, and already her life was over. She wanted nothing more than to retire upstairs to a deep slumber that would bury all her troubles in darkness, but she knew her particular troubles would not disappear with the night.

The light would still grow inside her, threatening to erupt again at any moment. The annuller would arrive in the morning to perform some dreadful treatment. Lux had heard rumors, horrible rumors, of petricite ground and swallowed in potions, followed by bouts of excruciating pain. True, the girl wanted to be rid of the affliction, but no part of her wanted to experience that. The idea leapt into her head like lightning.

Under the deepening night, Lux frantically retraced her steps, back through the alabaster archway, down the boulevard, sneaking her way past the guards at the gates. Her heart galloped in her chest.

Lux approached the plinth where the colossus stood, all alone in the stillness of night. She cautiously placed her hand on the cold petricite foundation. Wonder what it tastes like. She supposed she would find out soon enough, unless her plan worked. I want to be Demacian.

It was as inert and unwavering as the Demacian way of life. Not even the bats were fluttering about it tonight. What she had heard before — what she thought she saw — was something she had imagined after all, then. She removed her hand from the plinth, pondering where else she could turn. Galio watched in wonder as the girl ran away from him, her tiny head shrieking words he could not understand.

Ever since the girl was very small, Galio had seen her as she stopped by on yearly trips with her family. He would study her with fascination, straining to keep sight of her as she skipped in and out of his field of vision. When the colossus was dormant, everything seemed to move with a hazy distortion.

The world was dull, people were but flickers before his eyes. But even then, Galio could feel something profoundly special in the girl. It was a glow, but not just a visual luminescence.

Time slowed with her, and the haze lifted as something strange stirred within his stone form. When the girl was a toddler, Galio could feel her strange warmth tickling his toes. On her second visit, Galio could feel the glow tugging at his entire leg. Now, here she was again, even though it was not her normal visiting day. Her power burned so intensely it had spread like wildfire across his cold innards. She had brought him life! Now that Galio was awake, he saw her brilliance with stunning clarity.

She shone like all the stars in the heavens. And she was leaving again. With every step the girl took, Galio felt his life evaporating, returning him to his cold, motionless state. If he went still, he would never know the girl. He had to follow. His towering legs rumbled from the plinth, easily catching up to the girl with their enormous gait.

Her eyes shot wide as she whirled toward the lumbering colossus. The strange feeling within him intensified until he thought he might explode, scattering bits of himself all over Demacia. But Galio did not break. Instead, he grew even warmer, and more alive. He bent down and gently scooped up the girl in his hands. She covered her face, as if to shield herself from some imminent harm.

The colossus began to laugh, like a child playing in a fountain. Please, do not leave. Forgive me, girl person. You belong in Demacia. The only reason you are moving is me. He then quickly added: With your wonderful starlight! If I leave you, I will sleep. And when I wake, you will be gone, small girl thing.

The colossus thought for a moment, then accepted the proposal. To her disappointment, nothing but a tiny spark of light glinted from her fingers.

She tried again, and again, getting less of a result each time. Suppose I might as well bed down. It was not as interesting as the girl, but it would suffice. Making due with the modicum of privacy, Lux closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Once she was certain Galio would not turn around, she quietly got up and crept away into the night. Luxanna walked quickly, knowing her first order of business was getting as far away as possible from the colossus.

By morning, every patrol in the kingdom would be searching for the missing Crownguard girl who had vanished in the night. She had only a vague idea of her surroundings. It was difficult to find any landmarks at this black hour of night.

All she knew for sure was the Cloudwoods were nearby - their thick, towering redbarks forming the skyline to the south. It would be an ideal place to hide from any search parties, and a good foraging ground for breakfast.

She could cross the forest in two days time and find shelter in one of the Vaskasian timber villages, where people were unlikely to recognize her. It was not a brilliant plan, by any stretch, but it was the best she had. Lux could see the beginnings of the forest coming into view, its trees progressing in height like a pyramid, with the largest in the center.

As she crossed the threshold of the woods, she paused a moment to grieve what she was abandoning. She would miss her brother Garen, and her beloved steed Starfire, and even her mother, but this was the way it had to be. A shadow fades before the light, she reassured herself, and then stepped into the blackness of the dense evergreen woods.

After an hour of plowing her way through the barbed, resinous branches of the forest, Lux already found herself doubting her plan. All around she could hear the snorts and rustles of nocturnal animals, and that made her nervous.

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Just a little light, she thought. She began to conjure a luminescent orb between her hands. For a brief moment, a flicker of light danced on her fingertips, causing an audible ruckus in the creatures around her. But the light snuffed out as quickly as it came, returning all to blackness. Lux looked at the outlines of her hands, inspecting them for flaws. She wondered what could have hampered her from doing what had previously come so easily and unbidden.

She suddenly became aware of voices in the woodland murmur. Slow, purposeful footsteps, and whispers. She could sense the presence of at least two other men to her sides. Lux stammered, not quite formulating a response. The man restraining her tightened his grip. She concentrated, but still could not summon the magic that had apparently once been hers. She freed one hand, struck one of the men squarely in the jaw, and heard the twigs on the ground crunch as he fell. The two other men angrily descended on her.

They were making a point to pull the knots as tightly and painfully as possible, when the ground began to vibrate with dull thunderous beat. The men paused in dread, searching for the source of the noise, as it slowly increased in frequency and volume.

lux and garen relationship

It rumbled like an earthquake, only broken up into steady rhythmic booms And they were getting nearer. The ground shook more, and its quaking was joined by the crackling of great trees being broken apart.

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Whatever it was, it was now in the forest and almost upon them. The men ran, getting only a few steps through the trees before a giant petricite hand snatched them up high into the air. Galio glared with one enormous eye at the trembling wads of flesh held tight in his grip.

Confused, Galio lowered the men to the ground and released them. As she wriggled out of her bindings, she gazed up at the colossus. Galio reclined on a hillside, gazing at the stars with the tiny yellow-headed girl he had befriended. Neither spoke, save for an occasional sigh - not the stressful gasps that Lux had previously known.

Should we have a conversation? There was something different about the girl. She no longer shone like the stars. The girl continued her thought. Since before you can remember, I have felt your gift. For so long, I wanted it near me. But now I see I smash your gift. His mind was made up. Together, they began to trudge back toward the city to face what awaited.

The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon when Lux returned to her family manor. Outside the city walls, Galio was returning to stillness on his plinth beside the Memorial Road, leaving Lux to face her problems alone. A shadow fades before the light, she thought, and she opened the latch to her front door. She entered the house to find her mother sitting in the parlor with a balding middle-aged man, who held a case of exotic medical tinctures in his lap. Lux looked warily at the man on the couch.

He stood and slung his bag over his shoulder. She cornered Lux and began to speak with authority. This man has risked everything to help you.

As Lux flopped onto her bed, she expelled a deep, easy breath. For the first time in years, her mind was as still as a pond in summer. The light that had once exploded from her unbidden was still there, but she could feel its beginning and its end, and knew that one day she could master it.

As she drifted off to sleep, she realized her mantra had always been wrong. No light could ever kill shadows. A shadow thrives beside the light, she thought. It had a nice ring to it. Garen had just left to begin his training with the Dauntless Vanguard, and the rest of the family had come north to honor the tomb of great grandfather Fossian. A marble slab set into the base of the mound depicted the legend of her illustrious forebear; Fossian and the demon falling from the cliff, her great grandfather mortally wounded, the nightmarish entity with a Demacian blade piercing its black heart.

It had rained then, and it was raining now. An icy, northern deluge fresh off the dogtooth mountains that separated Demacia from the Freljord. A storm was brewing in that frozen realm, breaking on the far side of the peaks to fall on verdant swathes of Demacian pine bent by hostile winds.


North, the forested haunches of the highlands were craggy with cliffs and plunging chasms. Dangerous lands; home to fell creatures and wild beasts of all descriptions. Lux had set off into the north two weeks ago; Demacia to Edessa, then to Pinara and on to Lissus. Almost immediately, the character of the people and villages began to change as the heartland of Demacia fell behind her like a pennant torn from the haft of a banner-pole.

Rolling, fertile plains gave way to windswept hinterlands dotted with gorse and thistle. Silverwing raptors screeched overhead, invisible as they dueled in the clouds. The air grew colder, freighted with the deep ice of the Freljord, and the walls of each settlement grew higher with every mile she rode. It had been a long and tiring journey to Fossbarrow, but she was here, and Lux allowed herself a small smile. The town occupied the banks of the Serpentrion, a thundering river that rose in the mountains and snaked to the western coast.

The tower of a Lightbringer temple rose in the east, the brazier within its steeple a welcome light in the gathering dusk. Lux pulled back the hood of her blue cloak and shook her hair free. Long and golden, it framed a youthful face of high cheekbones and ocean blue eyes that sparkled with determination. She unfastened the leather thong securing her staff to the saddle, and held its lacquered gold and ebony haft loosely at her side. Two men appeared on the tower above the iron-bound gate, each armed with a powerful longbow of ash and yew.

As soon as it had risen enough, Lux rode under it to find a hastily assembled honor guard awaiting her — ten men in leather breastplates and blue cloaks secured with silver pins in the shape of winged swords. They were proud Demacian soldiers, though their shoulders were curiously slumped and their eyes haunted with exhaustion. Magistrate Giselle will be relieved to know you are here. May I offer you a detachment of soldiers to escort you to her home?

Rumors of dark magic in the forests and crags around Fossbarrow had reached the Lightbringers in the capital of Demacia, and Radiant Kahina had sent Lux to investigate. A pall of fear hung over Fossbarrow, but it was worse than Lux imagined. Lux awoke with a scream, her heart hammering in her chest and her breath coming in wheezing spikes. Terror filled her mind; a nightmare of clawed hooks dragging her beneath the earth, of fetid mud filling her mouth and darkness smothering her light forever.

Lux blinked away the last afterimages, glimpsing retreating shadows out of the corner of her eye. Her mouth was filled with the taste of rancid milk, a sure sign of lingering magic, and she let spectral radiance build in her palms.

Light filled the room, and with it, the last remnants of the nightmare was banished. Warmth suffused her, her skin shimmering with a haze of familiar iridescence. She heard voices downstairs and clenched her fists. The light faded, leaving only the wan traces of daylight from the shuttered window to illuminate the room. Lux pressed her hands to the side of her head, as if seeking to push the awful visions from her mind.

She tried to recall specific moments from the nightmare, but all that came was the reek of sour breath and a faceless darkness pressing down upon her.

Her mouth dry, Lux quickly dressed and lifted her staff from the corner of the room. She descended to the temple kitchen, and though she had little in the way of appetite, prepared a breakfast of bread and cheese.

At her first bite, the taste of grave earth filled her mouth and she put the food aside. Only now did Lux notice just how bone-weary Pernille was. He nuzzled her and she stroked his pearl white neck and shoulders. Dawn was already an hour old, but the town was still to fully come to life. No smoke rose from the forges, no smell of fresh bread wafted from the bakeries and only a very few sullen-looking merchants had their doors open for business. She passed through the gate into the open ground before the town and let Starfire run to work out the stiffness in his muscles before turning onto the muddy road.

The scent of pine and wildflowers hung heavy in the air, and Lux savored the heady, natural aroma of the northern climes. Sunlight pierced the leafy canopy in angled spars of light and the smell of wet mud sent a shiver up her spine as her nightmare briefly surfaced.

She rode deeper into the forest, following the track as it wound its way further north. Lux lifted a hand from the reins and reached for a glittering sunbeam, feeling the magic within her stir at its touch.

She let it come, feeling the light at the center of her being spread through her body like an elixir. Her world lit up as magic filled her senses, the colors of the forest unnaturally vivid and filled with life. She saw glittering motes of light drifting in the air, the breath of trees and the sighs of the earth. How incredible it was to see the world like this, alive to the energies flowing through every living thing. From blades of grass to the mighty ironbirch trees whose roots were said to reach the very heart of the world.

After an hour of riding through the iridescent forest, the road diverged at a crossroads, one path leading east; to a logging town if she remembered correctly, the other dropping west to a community built around a thriving silver mine.

Her father owned a stake in the mine and her favorite cloak pin had been wrought from metal dug from its deep chasms. Between the two main routes lay a smaller pathway, all but invisible and suitable only for lone riders or those on foot. She had no need to go that way, for her story of paying respects to her great grandfather was just that, a story.

Lux closed her eyes and lifted her arms out to the side, letting the magic drift from her fingers and the glittering tip of her staff. She took a breath, filling her lungs with cold air and letting the light of the forest speak to her. It spoke in contrasting hues of light and shadow, scintillating colors and vibrant illumination.

She felt the light of distant stars drift down like mist, light that bathed other worlds and people. Where the light of Demacia fell into shadow, she flinched. Where it nourished something living, she was soothed. Lux turned in the saddle, her senses extended far beyond those of most other mortals, seeking the power that lay over the land like a curse. The sun was almost at its zenith, and she frowned as the quality of light in the forest trembled.

She felt shadows where no shadows ought to dwell, hidden darkness where only light should exist. The breath caught in her throat, like a hand at her neck, and a sudden wave of dizziness swept over her.

Her eyelids fluttered, drifting closed as if she were being pulled into a waking slumber. The forest around her was suddenly silent. Not a breath of wind stirred the leaves of the trees, nor ruffled so much as a blade of grass. The silverwings were silent, the chatter of animals stilled. Lux heard the soft susurration of grave cloth being pulled tight. She drew in a great draught of air, the cold in her lungs jolting her awake again. She blinked shadows from her eyes and let out an icy breath as she drew her magic back into herself.

She heard men on horseback, the jingle of bridle and trace, the rasp of metal on metal. Riders, armored for war. At least four, perhaps more. Not yet, and certainly not of men. Whatever darkness was lurking somewhere in the forest was a more immediate threat. Its strength was uncertain, its abilities feeling like someone testing the limits of what they could do.

That, Lux could deal with. She let the magic simmer just beneath her fingertips, ready to unleash its power in destructive bolts of light. The foliage in front of her parted, and five horsemen rode into view. Powerful men, armored head to foot in gleaming warplate. They rode wide chested steeds of gray, none smaller than seventeen hands, and each caparisoned in cobalt blue. Four had their swords drawn, where the fifth had his golden-hilted blade sheathed in a lacquered blue scabbard across his back.

Her brother had brought four of the Dauntless Vanguard. Drawn from any other army, four warriors would be a paltry force, but every warrior of the Dauntless Vanguard was a hero, a legend with tales of valor etched into the metal of their swords. Their deeds were told and retold around tavern tables and hearthfires the length and breadth of Demacia.

Flanking him was Sabator of Jandelle, the slayer of the hideous deepwyrm that woke every hundred years to feast, but which would now wake no more. Slighter, though no less striking was Varya, she who led the charge onto the decks of the sea-wolf fleet at Dawnhold.

She set their ships ablaze and even wounded nigh unto death, cut down their berserk leader. Rodian, her twin brother, had sailed north to Frostheld and burned the Freljordian harbor city to the ground, so that no others would dare sail south to wreak havoc again. Lux knew them all, but rolled her eyes at the thought of hearing their legends around a table tonight. Garen came alongside her as they followed the road back to Fossbarrow. Though any servant of darkness would have had plenty of time to run and hide, given the noise Garen and the Dauntless Vanguard were making.

I seem to recall mother saying you hated coming here last time. Mother was always telling me not to pay attention to the things you did.

People knew him as honest and direct, with a sound grasp of tactics and war stratagems, but few ever thought of him as subtle or cunning. That, knew Lux, was a mistake. Garen ran a hand through his hair. His entire posture changed, muscles taut and ready for action, his eyes utterly focused.

The warriors of the Dauntless Vanguard formed up alongside him, ready to move in an instant.