Leliana and alistair relationship

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leliana and alistair relationship

I mainly kept her as a hybrid mage/healer in my party along with Alistair as a tank/ templar, me as a 2H dps and leliana as a buffer/rogue most of. If this practice of companions getting together was in place during DAO, do you think Alistair and Leliana would/could pull off a relationship?. I'm playing as a female, I have Alistair over 80%, I think Leliana is at 75%, I had romance going with both for a short time, then Leliana made.

When speaking to him in the party camp afterwards inform him that you weren't joking. This convinces him that he needs a bit more spine and causes him to speak up for himself a bit more often.

Alistair will sacrifice himself when you battle the Archdemon totally regardless of whether he is king or not. You can either stay with Alistair, if he isn't king, or move on while he stays as king with, or without, Anora.

leliana and alistair relationship

It's entirely possible for a Human Noble to become Queen simply by talking Alistair into becoming King and marrying you by staying with him. If you try to make Alistair king, even without marrying Anora, he will break up with a non-human character. There's only one way around this. If Alistair has been hardened you can convince him to keep you on the side.

Leliana asks about Alistair's Performance - Dragon Age: Origins

This is done by convincing him to marry Anora and then stating that your relationship doesn't have to change to both him and Anora. She will state that she doesn't mind him having a woman on the side so long as she knows. Now as long as Alistair is hardened you can convince him to do what he wants and keep you on as his lover after the Landsmeet so long as him and Anora are to marry.

It's even possible to convince your lovers to hang around afterwards keeping your own personal harem around.

leliana and alistair relationship

The game doesn't mention it in the ending but it's possible. A rather nice girl with a somewhat sordid and dark background Leliana is a good person at heart and is only going to respond to someone who acts in a like manner. Like Alistair she can be hardened via conversation options but even then she's still very religious and doesn't respond well to the more jerkish options in the game, such as destroying holy relics.

A few notes about her: She will be very forthcoming when talking to a male Grey Warden but she plays it a bit more coy with the women, probably to avoid coming on too strong. Any insinuations that she's crazy, an easy girl or spying on you don't go over very well at all. Give her gifts, speak nicely to her and be sure to complete her quest. That's really all it takes. Even if you cheat on her with another character you can get out of trouble with her pretty scott free by taking the blame for it.

So long as you apologize for it she will forgive you incredibly easily. It seems that she is being hunted by some people from Orlais which might come up in the future.

Lo and behold that the next random encounter you get into involves a bunch of hired assassins coming after her. This fight can be rough since there's a fair number of strong enemies here as well as a few Mabari and wolves to get in your way. The easiest, also quickest, way to complete this fight is to have Morrigan cast Vulnerability Hex on the Assassin Leader before starting to hammer him with every elemental spell you have as well as Drain Life. You can also use stunning spells to keep him from trying to kill her.

Once his health is low enough he will beg you to spare him in exchange for information. After he tells you where his contact is located you can either kill him or not, it's your call. However you will need to head to Denerim to find this contact. When you enter Denerim head forward and watch the houses on your right to find a house with "Assassination Contract for Leliana" on a door.

Walk inside to be immediately attacked by two huge guards. Don't bother trying to knock them down as it doesn't work, pretty much at all, stunning works well as does freezing. Take them out and then open the door to head further in. Here you will meet Marjolaine. There isn't much to say about this conversation besides it having two conclusions: If you choose to let her go then that's the end of this. Should you not want to let her go then you're in for a tough battle. Marjolaine Marjolaine is a powerful melee combatant as well as spellcaster.

She will make liberal use of a Mind Blast like spell that stuns everyone as well as cutting people down in melee. She has two more guards, one in each side room, that is watching over a mage. If you leave these two mages alive they will kill you in very short order.

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As such there are two ways to approach this fight. Take control of a melee fighter and have him slip past one of the pressure plates to get into the side room. From here you can get into the mages face and pummel it down. This isn't hard at all but you'll still have to deal with the rest of the enemies. Force your party to leave the room, disabling tactics if you have to, and have them hold position in the first room.

Here, where you fought the two guards, you will force them to come to you. Tuck into a corner and wait. Marjolaine will come to you so use a spell to make it easier for your party to beat on her. Shortly after the mages and guards will come to you. Now move Morrigan to the door and have her use Cone of Cold to freeze the lot of them.

Focus on a mage with everything you've got to take them out quickly. Try to get them both dead regardless of what it takes, even if you have to heal the heck out of Morrigan.

Now have her pull back and help the party with Marjolaine as she's likely almost dead. All that's left is clean up. Regardless of what you do search the bedroom for a treasure chest with some very good items, notably a great bow, before leaving.

Will Alistair care if I romance both Leliana and Zevran?

If you would like to harden Leliana then choose to kill Marjolaine. Afterwards you must encourage Leliana, reminding her that she enjoyed killing and there's nothing wrong with that.

So long as you don't back down from this mentality you can convince her of the wisdom of this. She will become a bit more mouthy and less religious. Leliana will ask to travel with, or stay behind, alongside you depending on what you choose.

leliana and alistair relationship

If you perish in the fight with the Archdemon the ending text you get is kind of touching in that unique, Leliana manner.

It's possible to convince Leliana to stay around you even if you're in a relationship with Alistair or Zevran. The game doesn't really make anything of your little harem but it can still be done. Your relationship with her is based upon what sort of Plot Gifts you can give her above almost every other thing. It's actually not that hard to romance her due to this detail but it can still be difficult if you don't speak to her in the right manner.

She's got all sorts of screwed up priorities: She stops being willing to teach it to you when your relationship gets really high for some odd reason. It's just better to be as straight with her as possible. Selecting options like these will cause you to lose a small bit of approval but, depending on your character, it may be worth it to do so anyways.

If you try hard enough you can actually convince her you mean it when her relationship gets up pretty high. Getting Flemeth's Grimoire will make her incredibly happy and, upon speaking to her again at camp, entirely willing to sleep with you. She puts the moves on pretty thick at this point. You can either choose to sleep with her or refuse it politely. If you do it once you can keep on doing it in the future.

She doesn't explain quite why this is but as you reach the end of the game it's easy to see that this is her guilt at play. If you've done the mages tower then you will have likely found the Black Tome but if you haven't it's in the First Enchanter's Office on the second floor.

Go inside, open the treasure chest in the rear of the room and take the tome. Go to the party camp and give her the tome as a gift. This prompts a long bit of conversation. That's where this ends for now but it's not done. After some time she will ask you for help when you talk to her in the party camp.

She has discovered Flemeth's intentions towards her and isn't happy about it. You're asked to go, without her, to Flemeth to kill her. You can go one of two ways with this.

If you don't want to, or can't, beat Flemeth then you can agree to lie to Morrigan and tell her Flemeth is dead. By giving her Flemeth's Tome you can see to it that Morrigan believes the lie. If you don't want to do this then you can fight Flemeth.

This is one of the harder fights in the game thanks to the raw power this beast of a woman wields. Flemeth When she changes into her dragon form Flemeth has four primary means of attack. The first is basic claws and bites, these aren't anything all that big. I spoke to her again immediately, and she was suddenly looking all sad, and said she's heard about me and Alistair getting married, and she doesn't know what to say. I said, "This is for Ferelden. Alistair will be a good king", thinking maybe she's not sure about my choice for the throne.

Next time I speak to her, I have the option to ask her how she's feeling about Marjolaine having completed her companion quest in Denerim before going to the Landsmeet. I pick the nicest, most comforting conversation options, as usual, and she seems pretty chatty. Then she starts saying how I remind her of Marjolaine, and then she suddenly declares her love for me, and says we'll talk about it later! I'm confused by this point. So I go to speak to Alistair, who looks pissed off, and asks if there's something going on with me and Leliana.

Jealousy seems logical, I think, as we're getting married. So I reassure him. He says something along the lines of, "oh good. Do you think you could ever feel anything for me? Which seems crazy, because there's nothing going on with Leliana.

But to placate him I say I choose him. I go back to Leliana, and she says, "you've chosen, haven't you?