Konata and kagami relationship counseling

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konata and kagami relationship counseling

Sep 25, Konata dialed up Kagami's house number and waited patience; . Hiyori thought about her fantasy of Yukata and Minami being a couple. Feb 2, anxiously, putting her hand on the door knob to the counselor's office. How Konata acted around Kagami hadn't changed, but Kagami couldn't . think it's okay to go around and make sexual relationships with whoever. Kagami- She is a very smart girl that hates it when Konata bugs her and finds her very annoying. She is always around the top of her class along with Miyuki and.

The girl had turned an argument from a counter-argument back into an argument, and coupled it with blackmail.

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It wasn't often she felt admiration for a fellow conspirator. Yutaka leaned deeper into the other girl's arms. The night wasn't really chilly, but it was so much warmer next to the taller girl, and she didn't want to give it up. Patricia and Hiyori were enjoying themselves with the more explosives fireworks, Kuroi was drinking with an unusually peaceful expression on her face, Miyuki and Ayano were laughing and giggling at Kagami and Konata's antics, Misao was shifting uncomfortably in the kimono she'd been forcefully dressed up in, and Tsukasa had just located those sparkly sticks.

Yutaka didn't know the actual name for them, but thought that it'd be nice to join her. Possibly almost as nice as curling up into Minami and just breathing. She wasn't quite sure yet. XXX Kuroi sighed as she watched the girls playing.

The sake tasted sweet, the light chill of the clear summer night contrasting pleasantly to its warmth. The lights of the fireworks matched those of the silents stars in the sky, and she found herself shaking her head in exasperation as Konata finally caught up to Kagami, tackling her to the ground in a fit of giggles. Miyuki sat down next to her, looking a little breathless from her own amusement at the antics of her two friends, her face flushed and a gentle smile still lingering on her face.

Kuroi wondered again how strange it was that the girl hadn't been asked out by any of the boys in school. Maybe she was beautiful enough to intimidate them? Made sense, she supposed. And even if she should probably know better, Kuroi tilted her head and silently offered the girl a sip of her sake. Miyuki blinked, looking a bit startled, before nodding and lifting the cup to her lips.

Her eyes closed and her brows furrowed in a manner that made Kuroi stifle a laugh. It was an acquired taste. Accepting the cup back without argument, Kuroi smiled as she watched the girl lean back on her hands, breaking her normally politely proper posture. It was a nice night, she decided as she sipped at the contents of the cup.

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XXX Misao sighed, turning to see the girl currently using her shoulder as a pillow sleeping soundly. Having apparently exhausted herself playing so late into the night.

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It just couldn't be easy, could it? She wasn't sure what she felt for the girl. A beautiful gem that she wanted to keep all to herself. She'd heard her brother try to explain what he felt for Ayano a few times, but she was willing to admit that she hadn't really wanted to know about her brother's love-life.

In hindsight, she should've strapped him down and pumped him for information, this stuff was important! Still, even if she — against all odds — really was in love with the youngest Hiiragi, what exactly was she supposed to do about it? She didn't even have the faintest of clues how it was supposed to work with boys, how the hell was she to know what girls were supposed to do?! There was of course, the option of asking someone else to explain it to her, but she wasn't sure who she could trust with her sort-of-problem.

She might be able to ask Hiyori, since she'd managed to catch glimpses of just what the girl spent most of her time drawing, but she wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea of accidentally involving Tsukasa in what the girl might turn into some kind of bizarre love story. She didn't trust the lone adult available with anything even remotely delicate, especially not of emotional character — having heard the woman's rants about men being useless.

She didn't really feel like telling Ayano and risk having the girl mock her endlessly for coming to her 'big sister Ayano' for help. She was never going to accept that her brother had been stolen by such a wicked witch! And she wasn't going to ask the midget for advice, because even if the girl might swing that way, she was clearly incompetent. Misao had seen her interacting with Kagami, and she hadn't been making any headway at all.

It would've been sad if the midget hadn't annoyed her so much. XXX Kagami slumped down on the porch, trying to catch her breath. Yes, it'd been fun. A lot of fun. So much fun that she doubted her smile would be slipping from her face for days afterwards. But the night of fireworks had also been utterly exhausting.

Glancing over to where Miyuki had apparently decided to take a nap in Kuroi's lap, Kagami wondered when exactly the two of them had managed to fall asleep. Because Kuroi's head was lulling gently with her breathing, the bottle of sake next to her long since emptied. Still, at least most of the others were still awake. Yutaka and Minami had retreated inside once it'd become obvious that Cherry didn't enjoy the sudden explosions filling the night sky. Though, by the time they'd realized that, the dog had apparently already hidden itself underneath one of their beds, forcing the two girls to try and gently coax her back out.

Kagami wished them luck, they were going to need it. Ayano was moving around, helpfully cleaning up any messes they'd caused, shaking her head with a kind smile whenever Kagami tried to move to join her.

Hiyori and Patricia were It was hard to tell, but Hiyori seemed to be trying to drown herself in coffee for some reason, whilst Patricia was trying to convince her that they should probably get some sleep. The fact that Hiyori's hands were shaking too much — from the caffeine that she'd already imbued — to actually draw anything was lending credence to Patricia's argument of sleep.

Misao was sitting with her back against a boulder, an arm carelessly draped across Tsukasa's shoulders as Kagami's sister's head settled on her shoulder in blissful sleep. The sight of it made Kagami distinctly aware that her sister was growing up, and that one day in the ever-closing future she might actually fall in love with someone. The idea that that someone might end up being Misao of all people made Kagami feel distinctly unsettled, but there was no way she was going to interfere at this moment.

Not with Tsukasa looking so peaceful, and with Misao looking so heartbreakingly conflicted through her careful gentleness towards the sleeping girl. Kagami might not approve of her classmate trying to 'court' her younger sister, but in the end, it was not actually for her to decide.

Tsukasa would either accept the girl's advances, or reject them. And Kagami was beginning to realize that her defense of her sister's innocence wouldn't last forever. Grumbling inaudibly about meatball-brained idiots trying to seduce anyone capable of cooking, Kagami found herself interrupted by a hand reaching down into her field of vision. She'd grabbed the offered hand before she'd even registered the task, and soon they were trying to coax some life back into the snoozing forms of Miyuki and Kuroi.

They didn't make it to Tsukasa before Misao decided that the youngest Hiiragi could easily be carried to bed in her arms without bothering to wake her from her happy sleep. And maybe, just maybe, that earned her a few secret points from Kagami. Kagami glared at her, obviously not approving.

The twin-tailed girl made a disgusted face. I did not want to hear that right before lunch-time.

konata and kagami relationship counseling

Konata made an indignant sound. You can't steal my begging technique!

konata and kagami relationship counseling

What if you make her immune?! Kona-chan is in love with oneechan? The two girls who were caught between blushing furiously, stammering denials, and being generally completely adorable.

There was a moment of silence as everyone turned their attention back to the one who started the argument. Then Kagami actually growled. The fact that most of the other girls were putting distance in between themselves and the two of them, then made her seriously reconsider saying something. Finally, she caught the girl's eyes, and her voice came out on its own.

Alcohol was probably too flammable to be in the girl's vicinity anyway. XXX Shaking her head at the antics of the girls surrounding her, Kuroi again mourned the loss of her alcohol for this particular excursion. Misao was praising Tsukasa's supposedly-divine cooking, causing the girl to blush helplessly as she tried to divert the praise towards Ayano instead.

Ayano spent most of her time smugly shooting down all of Tsukasa's protests, but seemed to spend the rest of it enjoying the soft breeze and the food that she'd helped to provide. Patricia and Hiyori was doing something that she honestly had no clue about, but that was apparently some sort of chess using breadcrumbs and the checkered blanket. Hiyori was also chugging coffee, but that was to be expected as the girl's sleeping schedule was apparently still insanely messed up.

Kagami was focused entirely on the food, but was — despite how actively both of them were trying not to pay attention to each other — seated fairly close to the manga-reading Konata and seemed to bump into her at regular intervals. Whether this was planned, manipulated by the others, subconscious, or completely random was anyone's guess. Yutaka and Minami were happily petting Cherry, who was napping in between them. And seemed to be the two who were most enjoying how the nature and food worked as a combination, from where they conversed softly.

Ignoring that Miyuki had stifled a giggle when she'd sighed longingly for her bottle of good stuff, Kuroi continued her conversation with the girl. It was a bit strange, how they'd ended up talking about something as pointless as music, but then they didn't necessarily have a lot of common ground. Kuroi liked alcohol and roleplaying-games, Miyuki enjoyed reading and and not going to the dentist.

In fact, unless they wanted to speak about homework, or politics, or something equally annoying, neither of them could find much more interesting things to converse about than the weather. And the weather didn't even have the grace of being horrible enough to complain about.

In episode 4, at around In Episode 4 around 8: In episode 4, around In episode 4 at Lucky Channel section, the character that appears in the cover of the magazine that Akira holds a japanese computer game magazine, Comptiq is Feena Fam Earthlight from Crescent Love. In episode 4, the character on the cover of the magazine that Konata is reading at school during the In Episode 5, when Yui meets up with the girls and their teacher, she is seen wearing a face mask of Bonta-kun, from Full Metal Panic?

Fumoffu, on the side of her head. In episode 5, around It describes when Sato encountered online gaming. In episode 5 at Kagami says she knew Konata would do that. In Episode 6, when Konata says "timotei", it refers to an old shampoo commercial for the shampoo "timotei" In Episode 6, when Konata mentions she "triggered a flag", she is talking about how in H games, the player has to make a choice, and the choice decides what events occur.

Konata also mentions that it is at these parts that you save the game, so you can see the results of all the choices. In Episode 6, when Konata is finishing her story, the last words are "Danzen! In episode 6, while on the beach, Konata comments on how nobody were cracking watermelons on the beach. Kagami replies that it is wasteful.

In response, Konata says if you blow up a watermelon with a gun, you will be covered in watermelon. This is a reference to Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu when Sagara used a shotgun to 'crack' open a watermelon resulting in Kaname covered in watermelon. In episode 6, there's a Initial D parody. ALso, the music used during that segment sounds quite similar to "Noisy Tribe" by m.

In episode 6 7: Then when Kagami asks what their favorite manga is, they both reply "Keroro Gunso" In Episode 7, when Shiraishi imagines himself with "twin drills", he makes a reference to "Getter Robo", a character known for having "twin drills" on its head.

In Episode 8, Konata buys a copy of the fifth volume of Shuffle! In Episode 8, Konata says Kagami can't cut her hair because "tsunderes" tough girls who still show vulnerable emotions need to have twin pigtails. In Episode 8, during the athletic festival around 9: They were both wearing a red head band as well in their perspective relays. In Episode 8 when kagami was just about to start the bread eating contest, Konata said " Girls must be elegant" this could possibly be a reference to Lumiere of Kiddygrade who aya hirano also voiced.

In episode 8, the 'main' cover in the Newtype magazine are characters from Heroic Age while the one in the corner is CC from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

In Episode 8 while Tsukasa is attempting to play Joy to the world, Kagami is reciting an Acronym to memorize the first few elements in the Periodic Table. It was later covered by the pop group Springs, which Aya Hirano was a member of. In Episode 9, when they are talking about sports, they are referring to Shizuka Arakawa gold medalist in the figure skatingYuki Saito nicknamed "Handkerchief Prince"Daisuke Matsuzaka baseball player that went to America this yearand the last Japan series was the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters against Chunichi Dragons hence, no department store or supermarket chain was involved in giving discounts.

In episode 9, on "Lucky Channel" segment, when Akira takes the panel with Tsukasa's picture by force from Shiraishi and throws it away, Shiraishi, afraid that she was going to hit him again, shouts "Oyaji ni butareta koto nai no ni! In Episode 10, Konata mentions that she wanted to buy a Sousei No Aquarion bookmark, most likely another fanservice moment for 2channers as that anime is also a popular meme. In Episode 10, there is a fox plushie on Konata's bed, which looks like Makoto in her fox form in Kanon, which Kyoto Animation also did.

In episode 10 when Konata, her dad, Tsukasa Kagami are eating, Konata's father jumps up and mumbles in the background "Sakura, Tohsaka you're older sister!

In Episode 10's Lucky Channel. When Minoru Shiraishi was explaining things about a tsundere, his hand gestures is obviously a reference to Itsuki Koizumi's hand gestures when he was talking to Nagato Yuki in The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru SHnY ep 1 In episode 10, the red capped store guy resembles Gouda Jouji of Akane Maniax, who was also voiced by Tomokazu Seki in that series as well. In episode 10, one of the characters in the waiting room of the clinic is Ando Shigeo -- a character from the popular TV drama "Dr.

In the drama, Ando-san is played by Izumiya Shigeru, and the anime character is a good likeness of him. Likewise, Nishiyama Mariko, also in the waiting room, is another character from the same drama played by Otsuka Nene.

In episode 10, when you first enter Konata's room, you get a clear picture of a figurine holding a golf club. In Episode 11, when Konata is talking about her dad missing the subway stops, her dad mentions "Patrasche", the name of the dog in the anime film "Flanders no Inu, Boku no Patrasche".

Konata's dad is crying because the anime is well known for being emotionally devastating. In Episode 11, when Konata accidentally tries to get off a stop early on the train, the woman she loses her seat to bears a considerable resemblance to Ichinose from Maison Ikkoku.

In episode 11, from This is most likely taking from Naruto when Naruto introduced himself to Kakashi and said this. This is a parody of the beginning of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu episode 2 chronologically episode 1 where Kyon talks about the same subject. In episode 11, around This might be a reference to Soul Eater.

In Episode 12, one of the trucks is promoting Haruhi Suzumiya. On the hood of a yellow car is a decal of Primula from "Shuffle". Inside the center, there are promotional pictures with Makoto and Shiori from "Kanon", and also, Haruhi again.

konata and kagami relationship counseling

The doujinshi covers also have Haruhi on them. Also, next to the "yaoi" doujinshi cover is Chidori from "Full Metal Panic". There's also a Keroro cosplayer, a Haruhi cosplayer, and a Mikuru cosplayer in the background. Also, when the otaku grabs the manga-ka, the background has Ayu and Nayuki from "Kanon".

In Episode 12, during one of the battle scenes, one of the characters pulls out a card with Kyon from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" In Episode 12, the ending song is "Makenaide" by ZARD, which seems like a dedication, considering the lead singer of ZARD, Izumi Sakai, died a month before Episode 12's broadcast and a memorial service for her would be three days after Episode 12's broadcast. In episode 12, during one of the battle scenes, the clerk who pulls out the "Kyon" card from "Suzumiya Haruhi" is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita, who played Kyon!

The battle is basically Tomokazu Sugita 's characters versus Tomokazu Seki 's characters! In Episode 12, the first scene shows a posting for a concert. They will sing Symphony No. In Episode 12, when Konata, Tsukasa, and Kagami are on the subway to go to Comiket, one of the passengers that gets on is cosplaying Suigintou from "Rozen Maiden".

In Episode 12, just when everyone gets into Comiket, a crowd is fighting for Haruhi doujinshi, and one character shouts out "Climax from the beginning", a reference to the fact that the first broadcasted episode is chronologically, one of the last episodes. In Episode 12, the yaoi doujinshi that Kagami looks at has Gauron and Sousuke from Full Metal Panic In Episode 12, Konata mentions that one of the salesgirl is "Nagato", referring to the fact that the salesgirl is voiced by Minori Chihara, the voice of Yuki Nagato in "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" In Episode 12, after the two clerks ask that the customer buy their respective character cards, the customer wants a "Coco Saikoubi" card.

Coco Saikoubi is another mascot of Animate. In Episode 12, the character that punches out both clerks is President Takahashi, another character from the Animate world In episode 12, there is a truck showing Haruhi cast members singing, as stated earlier.

This is a real truck in Japan. In Episode 12, after the manager with red cap, voiced by Tomokazu Seki punches the Clerk Sugita voiced by Tomokazu Sugitayelling about how it's important selling the leftover stuffs and telling him to make a recommendation to the customer, Sugita, while looking forward for something to recommend, says "Nanka, buki wa nai no ka?

In episode 12, about 6: In Episode 13, instead of the karaoke ending, it has Minoru Shiraishi the seiyuu of Minoru Shiraishisinging a song by the sea. In episode 13, a figure of Mikuru Asahina is seen on top of Konata's television set. In episode 13, the original comics display before being swapped out with Keroro Gunso by the store clerks shows scribbles actual comic book covers, notably Fruits Basket Vol. In episode 13, when they are talking about jobs and describing being a self-proclaimed manga artist, Konata says, "Megas smoked cheese-nyoro," a reference to 4 koma Chuyura-san mangas.

In Episode 13 In Episode 14, in the scene in which Konata was just about to finish playing games in the morning, a Suzumiya Haruhi figurine in bunny costume with the electric guitar can be seen in her room on the cupboard. In episode 14, the Playstation 2 game Konata plays while Tsukasa and Kagami was watching is most likely a reference to the Super Robot Wars game series.

In Episode 14, the segment describing Yutaka and the handkerchief girl is drawn almost directly from the opening of the Yuri manga "First Love Sisters" In episode 14, at 17'49", when Konata is preparing a meal, it can be noticed that close to the spices and the plate she is using to cut the vegetables, there is a dark blue Nintendo DS with a famous "do-it-yourself" kitchen game. In Episode 15, Konata parodies "D. In episode 15 when Konata is reading a manga around 8: In episode 15, the anime about pets that return as humans Konata refers to is Tenshi no Shippo.

In episode 15, after Konata suggests a solution for her dad's pollen allergy, Soujiro does a Kamen Rider Henshin, namely that of Kamen Rider Super-1's. In Episode 15, the song that plays over Konata's montage sequence is "Sakura saku mirai koiyume", the opening theme to Da Capo. In episode 15 in the Da Capo Parody, you can see the cat of the eyecatch next to konata. The East is burning red! In that show, one of the characters, Master Asia, will say that line among others when he introduces himself as Tohofuhai The Undefeated of the East.

In Episode 15 onward, before the opening sequence begins, Kuroi-sensei shouts "3rd year, group B! In episode 15,Konata was caught sleeping in class by her teacher. From her rude awakening she belts out "Potemkin" Who is a player from Arc System Work's fighting game: In Episode 15, when Konata speaks with her father about remarrying, the bookcase in the background shows a model of Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in a bunny suit. The specific pose refers to an ultra rare figure sold at World Hobby Festival on July 30th, Only were sold which only reinforces Konata's otaku nature.

In episode 15 at around 9: The theorem he proved was Fermat's last Theorem, so C is the right answer. As mentioned many times before, Konata and Haruhi are voiced by Aya Hirano, as shown when she quickly changes voices from Konata's to Haruhi's.

At the end of her Haruhi voice taking drink orders, Kagami says "Yare, yare" and puts her hand to her forehead, exactly the way Kyon reacts whenever he becomes frustrated with Haruhi In Episode 16, there also is a Yuki, Mikuru, and Kyon cosplayer. In Episode 16, Kagami is having a hard time at Gamers finding what Konata wants because she is only told "Rurushu", which is the very shortened form of "Code Geass: Hangyaku no Rurushu" Code Geass: In Episode 16, when the Hiiragi older sisters are reading Tsukasa's English homework, they are reading excerpts from what Enma Ai says in "Jigoku Shoujo" In Episode 16, when Tsukasa, Kagami, and Miyuki are about to enter Gamers, Tsukasa is stopped by an otaku who wants to take her picture.

Tsukasa mentions that she's not "Kamigishi". Akari Kamigishi is the lead female character in "To Heart" and looks very similar to Tsukasa. The otaku then asks her to say "Hiroyuki-chan" referring to Hiroyuki Fujita, the lead male character in "To Heart". In Episode 16, Minegishi mentions that she isn't as good as "that Ajiyoshi boy". She is referring to Ajiyoshi Yoichi in the anime "Mister Ajikko", who is a culinary prodigy. In episode 16, when guy who looks like Kyon is ordering drink, girl cosplaying Yuki asks for permission with same lines as in "The Day Of Sagittarius" episode of Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.

konata and kagami relationship counseling

In Episode 16, Tsukasa tells her father Konata said her cell phone was out of service due to a concentration of "something particles. May also be from "Angelic Layer", referring to one of Icchan's "penalties" if his subordinate is late getting the hot water.

In Episode 16, when the girls are in the Gamers store, they bought the manga from a pink-haired girl with a bunny hairpin. In Episode 17, when they are preparing for Konata's birthday, it parodies the show "24". Sailor Fuku" In episode 17, the "mysterious band of female bandits" Konata was refering to at around