Kirito and suguha relationship advice

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kirito and suguha relationship advice

TL;DR I just finished the second season of SAO, and it was a letdown in so .. That being said I have a soft spot for it simply because of Suguha who is my And that you for the advice, folks. .. Edit: Also, Incest relationship. Beautiful anime love story ♡ They go deeper into the relationship than most would . Cute Yui and Leafa/Suguha Sao Fanart, Online Anime, Online Art, Sword. Their relationship is very serious, to the point that they cannot live on if one of them dies. . Kirigaya Suguha is Kirito's real life adopted-sister/maternal cousin.

And Kirito would think of her as too uptight and strict. Until the moment came on floor 59 where everything changed. Asuna found Kirito taking a nap under a tree and enjoying the weather. She got mad and scolded him for being so lazy while everyone in the assault team was working hard to clear the current dungeon.

Kirigaya Kazuto/Relationships

And then, he said the words that would later change her outlook of the virtual world. In fact, he was gaining a day.

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She saw that as he was relaxing under the tree so she took his advice. For the first time in who knows how long, she slept peacefully without having nightmares. So later on after sharing a meal, and after solving a murder mystery involving deaths in a safe zone, they decided to become friends again. Time went on and the two became closer as friends with a mutual trust. He gives it to Asuna and using her maxed out cooking skill, she cooks them a lovely dinner.

They then decide to grind together in the floor 74 dungeon. After they found the boss room, they had lunch together and had a friendly conversation about cooking in Aincrad.

Later on they were challenged to save innocent players from Gleam Eyes, the floor 74 boss.

kirito and suguha relationship advice

In order to end the fight, Kirito used his unique skill, duel wielding, to kill the monster, but almost died as a result. After witnessing him being so close to death, Asuna throws herself into his arms and hugged him while sobbing. She wanted to take a leave of absence from the Knights of the Blood Oath because she wanted to keep him safe.

After hearing her say that, he started having flashbacks of her, symbolizing the feelings he had for so long. He lost and was forced to join them. Asuna later asked him why he always avoids guilds and people in general, to which Kirito then told her about what happened to the Moonlit Black Cats. After hearing his story, Asuna reassured him that she was not going to die and held him close.

It was apparent that Kirito wanted to hold her in return, but hesitated. But then, the two were almost killed by Kuradeel, who revealed himself to be a member of Laughing Coffin. After barely avoiding death yet again, and killing the traitor, Asuna broke down and said that she should stay away from him, feeling responsible for him almost dying so maybe times.


Kirito took her by the arm and responded by kissing her. They kept kissing for a moment, and then they declared their love to each other. I want to stay with you till the end. A night of love and virtual passion. And she said yes with a teary smile.

Love of Marriage The two lovebirds honeymooned on Floor 22 where they bought a cozy log cabin. They spent the days having fun in town and night cuddling in bed. All they ever did was spend time together. And the love grew more when Yui came into the picture.

They accepted Yui as their daughter, even knowing that she was an AI. They made a family together, and that was all that mattered. End of Aincrad The time had come to face the floor 75 boss, the Skull Reaper. The couple waited for the raid the start in the KoB conference room. She told him if he died then she would kill herself in grief. They cried in each others arms for a while, knowing that they could die at any time.

All Kirito wanted was to run away with her and live with her in their cabin in the woods. And all Asuna wanted was to fall in love with him again in the real world, go on real dates, and to really get married and grow old together. After the fight with the Skull Reaper, everyone found out that Heathcliff was actually Akihiko Kayaba in disguise.

Kayaba challenge Kirito to a rematch and promised to release everyone from the game if he wins. After watching the love of his life die before his eyes, Kirito lost his fire, his drive, and his will to live. Kirito and Asuna appeared in an area above Aincrad after dying, and saw the floating castle crumble into nothing. She hugged him back tightly. Asuna looked up into his eyes.

Already he could see her tremendous courage building back up. The trembling stopped, and soon she was in control of herself once more. I was walking home one minute, and then the next I was swallowed up by this inky darkness.

kirito and suguha relationship advice

We aren't in virtual reality are we? He was pretty sure this wasn't a virtual world, unless someone had slipped an amusphere on all of them. He didn't know where they were, but he needed to make sure the two girls he cared about most made it back home. The trio looked at each other, and decided to move toward the disembodied voice. As they got closer, they could make out a tall man with red spiky hair.

Suguha stopped and tilted her head. Kazuto frowned, and stepped in front of Suguha. His eyes threatening his friend if he moved one step closer, there would be consequences. Tsuboi Ryoutarou stopped, and scratched his cheeks embarrassedly. I guess I just got excited to see more people I knew in this creepy place. Kazuto recognized Asada Shino from her profile, but he couldn't place the man she was talking to.

Klein called to the engrossed pair. Asada-san waved at the members of her party. When the man turned toward him, Kazuto stopped in his tracks. It was the face of a man he would rather forget, him and his cactus hair.

He turned toward Kazuto, sneered, and said "Beater-kun". Tsuboi-san put a comforting hand on Kazuto's shoulder. After all, he did clear the game. Tsuboi, Asada, and Kibaou started in surprise. Clearly they didn't realize this person had arrived either. The mysterious voice slowly emerged from the darkness.

At first all they could see was the light bouncing off a white lab coat, it wasn't until he was within several feet of the rest of the group that they could see his face. It was Kayaba Akihito. Kazuto stepped up to face Kayaba. I wasn't sure if you would utilize it, or if your hatred would lead to its destruction. I decided to take a gamble. Did you bring us here? That told him that this wasn't Kayaba's doing, and that he wasn't happy not being in control of the situation.

The man held out a piece of paper to Kazuto. The dual-wielder read it to himself, his brows knit in frustration.

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It was hard to forget a man who took 10, people hostage, and trapped them in a death game. She could see how his presence was affecting his victims. She wanted to end the confrontation before the tension in the room exploded. She tugged on Kirigaya-kun's arm. To all of those assembled here: I have brought all of you here out of time, space, and out of other realities to show another side to SAO Event. Among one you is a hero, one that has faced many trials involving different realities.

You are here to watch his journey, to better understand his struggles. In the near future a new incident will threaten our young hero. You need to recognize the strengths that allowed him to thrive in a foreign world, so that he will be prepared when the next threat arises.

Who knows, it might inspire all of you to grow stronger as well. Watch, listen, discuss, and learn from all of virtual reality has shaped one remarkable young man.