Joker and harley abusive relationship

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joker and harley abusive relationship

"To associate the word 'love' with the dynamic between Harley and Joker is to legitimize a toxic, abusive relationship founded on manipulation. CBR examines one of comics' worst relationships as we look at the 15 worst Harley survives of course, but it's another stain on the abusive. For the love of women everywhere who spend their daily lives in fear, stop romanticizing the Joker and Harley Quinn's inexcusably abusive relationship.

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This was demonstrated perfectly when the Joker had Harley come up with a plan to kill all of his henchmen in Batman In retaliation, she shoots him in the shoulder and escapes but, as per usual, this is only a temporary separation. In it, Joker suddenly gets unimaginably wealthy. One of the first things Joker does with his wealth is dump Harley. He calls the replacement Fake Harley and insists that she act precisely like the old one. If you're going to be a criminal, at least have self-respect.

In the arc, which sees Gotham abandoned by the U. Rather than take the rational way out and quietly admit defeat, the Joker decides to have one last big deadly gag.

The Relationship Between Harley Quinn and Joker: A Mad Love

She appears only as Dr. Still, there are a few alternate scenarios that stand out and one of them of course deals with Harley and Joker.

joker and harley abusive relationship

In this narrative from an alternate future, the player learns that Harley is dead. Apparently, Harley was used as a human shield to guard the Joker from perishing in an explosion. He also maintains almost zero remorse for the act, which again speaks volumes to the completely dysfunctional and abusive relationship the two shared with one another. The Joker, believing Batman had crossed a line, decided to remodel himself and how he operated.

Joker and Harley Quinn, A Toxic Relationship

The first step to that end was removing all traces from his old life. Harley didn't believe him, but Batman was shown to be correct when the Joker held a razor to her throat. She managed to escape and turned against the Joker, shooting him in the shoulder. Ever since Harley first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, their relationship has been one of neglect and different kinds of abuse.

joker and harley abusive relationship

In the episode "Harlequinade" we finally see Harley as a fleshed-out character. The episode has Joker going crazier than normal, which takes shape in his becoming incredibly suicidal and desperate in trying to take down Batman. However, he despised this feeling and he wished to get rid of it. And his method of doing it was to send her to somewhere far away… to space. She opened a video in the rocket and saw Joker expressing his feeling. Then he activated the rocket, sending Harley to space once and for all.

Harley got a gift from Joker: Becoming a Constellation Harley became a constellation Source: Internet Being with the lover and watching constellations on the sky can be a romantic thing to do. However, Joker seems to prefer that idea and he did it to Harley. And so… what could be more terrifying than Joker having near-omnipotence power? In this story, Joker easily twisted the world into his liking. The Emperor Joker killed Harley and changed her to a constellation.

Why Harley Quinn loves The Joker? So now we know how Joker treats Harley and Harley still loves him despite all that horrible acts.