James and jessie relationship trust

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james and jessie relationship trust

On Jessie:Jessie has a very strong fondess for James, although she doesn't to admit she needs someone and past disapointment dimishes her trust, that's why on him, however, and therefore it wouldn't dominate that kind of relationship. Jessie • Jessie was the daughter of a famous Team Rocket operative, Miyamoto. Miyamoto James: Good relations from now on, right, Jessie?. Jesse James at the book signing for "Jesse James: American I think I definitely had trust issues, and that carried on later in relationships.

Her beauty attracted many suitors, and as such she went out with several boyfriends, all of whom treated her pretty badly and eventually left her. At one point she was also a Ninja. After this roller coaster of a life, she finally joined Team Rocket, as did James at a different time.

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However, in the Japanese version, Jessie is called Musashi and James is Kojiro, both after ancient Japanese rival swordmasters.

Musashi actually killed Kojiro in a fight, which might explain why Jessie, the more dominant character, is named after the victor.

But as we already know, James' more meek disposition can also be credited to his younger days. The connection may seem unclear, until you find out that the ship had a counterpart called Musashi. However, there was one time that the innocence of the show was tainted by none other than the Team Rocket duo itself, specifically James.

In an episode called Beauty and the Beach, Misty is competing in a beauty contest which involves posing in a bikini.

The Infamous Rocket Romance

Jessie and James also enter, and the latter, having a notorious affinity for cross-dressing, decides to don a pair of inflatable He even mocks Misty for her small cup size. The whole episode was deemed too inappropriate for a Western release, and never aired in America, mostly thanks to James' outfit.

When they get caught up in attacking Ash and Pikachu, the Mareanie's feelings towards James causes it to fight as hard as hard as it can.

james and jessie relationship trust

Ash's surprise is understandable, but the looks of shock on Team Rocket's faces is priceless. They saw that they were both hurting inside, and found happiness in each other. Something started to spark. After successfully completing that mission and feeling closer than ever, they were sent on another to steal the infamous Red Snorlax. Unfortunately, James fell through a trap door, where Jessie holds onto him.

james and jessie relationship trust

The alarm sounds, and he tries to let go, telling her to get away, but she refuses and stays with him. They have a heart to heart conversation about the promises they made on their previous mission, and Jessie finds the strength to pull him up, where he lands on top of her, and they stare into each other's eyes, maybe even getting lost in them.

When she finds out about this in a brilliantly written scene where Rumika grew up to look exactly like her, she seems uncertain. Maybe even a little jealous. It's good symbolism about him picking personality over looks, since Jessie and Rumika are totally different, while the whole joke is that they could be twins.

I would like to point out that in this WHOLE episode we were expecting a promise of some sort—mainly between James and Rumika, but instead, at the end, we got ourselves a promise between Jessie and James.

After Jessie and Meowth were kicked out of the house by Rumika, they are seen walking and talking. Getting back to the scene, James recites the first line of the motto. Their motto means togetherness and unity with each other.

It means that they're together and fighting together. Jessie asks him why he came back, and he says that money doesn't matter, and there's always next time. Now, the next lines are important, so I'm comparing them in both the English Dub and the Japanese version.

Double trouble time, right? Sounds great to me, James. Once again, their motto means unity. That they fight together. James admires Jessie, and he's so friendly with her you can tell he really likes her. And despite how much Jess has improved herself, I think James is still slightly afraid of her.

He, too, has been abused and neglected But it really wouldn't stand in the way if he told her he liked her. He needs a different kind of love, the gentle, patient, love you give to a child. Jessie uses a different form of love, I guess you can call it "tough love" on him, however, and therefore it wouldn't dominate that kind of relationship. I think that while Jess has helped him grow in character notice how tough he acts sometimeslike in The Fortune Hunters?

The Infamous Rocket Romance

Not even tough love can take that away. Between the two of them, there has been a lot of improvement. As the series progressed, we saw many changes in TR's relationship and character.

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What started as an innocent affections and general messages of "I care about your well-being, not to be confused with caring about you So Are they an item? Let the note-taking begin, rocketshippers.

Okay, I know that he acts very fruitily, and he's said things that are misinterpreted. But think of this: Don't you think these show executives think ahead?! Yes, some Japan shows have a lot of gay characters Has James ever remotely shown interest in another guy before?

If he's a homosexual, then why does he constantly flirt with and touch Jessie? Sure, we looked at that Holiday at Acapuluco pic thousands of times.

Seriously though, we've got to laugh at James' constant "Coooool! His wannabee girl voice always makes us crack up.

And even then, he's complained about it, poked fun at himself, and, falsetto voice and all, actually dropped shippy hints at Jessie!

james and jessie relationship trust

I think we can safely deduce that James only dresses like a woman in the line of duty. After all, he and Jessie are the masters of disguises! Second of all, the whole crossdressing routine establishes Jessie's leadership in the group.

james and jessie relationship trust

Though I mentioned there were a lot of changes in character--particularly in leadership--I think we can safely say that Jessie is the one who leads James and Meowth along the way. She tends to be bossy but this is only to get the job done right. It's just part of the plan. It makes their personalities stand out moreJessie has a more tomboy attitude, and James a more sensitive one.

Time for some fun!

james and jessie relationship trust

In this one, our heroes were trapped on the luxury cruise ship the St. Anne, which had capsized and sunk to the bottom of the sea. Now, I know I might be twisting things, and I really shouldn't be, but the looks in their eyes gives me the message of "I need to tell you something And later, when James didn't want to cross the flames, Jessie was very gentle with him, promising that she wasn't going to leave him.

After James sees her, his eyes pop out into the shape of hearts and he exclaims, "Sweet! She can't get through to him at all, and has to eventually drag him away Could it be that she was jealous that James was in love And even though Jessie was angry with him, she still did her best to protect James and keep him out of trouble. Well, when Jessie tried to say the motto by herself, she realized she just couldn;t do it without James by her side.

After the first line she facefaults and remarks, "Doing this by myself is a real drag. James eagerly climbs back up the cliff, and, holding on for dear life, eclaims You really DO care!