Isabel allende and willie gordon relationship trust

Isabel Allende - Interview

isabel allende and willie gordon relationship trust

Isabel Allende: „My life is not different from other people's lives” we all go through pain, sorrow, drama, mistakes, failed relationships, etc. When I met Willie I fell madly in lust: I just wanted sex. I trust him blindly, I can laugh with him, I truly adore him. Isabel Allende și soțul său, William Gordon. Often compared to Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende is more interested in telling stories about her own life, her difficult upbringing, marriage and her daughter's death San Francisco lawyer and novelist William Gordon, vacated. . Her mother, who was her trusted editor, was horrified and wanted. Isabel Allende begins writing all her books on Jan. 8. Her marriage of 27 years had ended. who lives in Marin County was married to lawyer-novelist William Gordon for nearly three decades. The Trust Project Logo.

So, when I did the TED talk and I talked about living passionately, it was not only about love, it was about everything else I do. And I think that the fact that I could fall in love again means that I have an open heart and that I have passion for everyday life. Olga Murray, founder of the Nepal Youth Opportunity Foundation Do you have any small practical tips for keeping the passion alive in the everyday life? I would say that the first thing is to be healthy. It is possible but it is hard.

So, if you have a good health, my only tip is — get out there! Get out of yourself. Stop looking at yourself, looking at your own little world, and participate in the world outside. Be out there, be of service, work in the community, be engaged with life, with news, with what happens with your neighbours, with your friends, with your family. And that is how they get depressed, and how they become anxious and get old.

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I know a woman, Olga Murray. She is 92 years old. She is the most passionate person I know. She has a foundation that works with orphan children in Nepal, she travels every year — 6 months every year to Nepal, she runs the foundation. She has helped thousands of kids.

isabel allende and willie gordon relationship trust

And that is to live passionately at There is no age for this. You say you have been a feminist even before the word was invented and you have become one after having to witness how unhappy oppressed women are. Women today have the word feminism.

Do you think they are happier?

Life Inspiring Art: Isabel Allende

I think we have achieved a lot. I was born in the 40s in Chile, in a very socially conservative and catholic society. The state of women then was very different from the state of women now.

isabel allende and willie gordon relationship trust

Now we have a woman president. So things have changed and they have changed for the better in most countries. However, still, women are oppressed. Women are still raped, exploited, abused in many ways in many countries. And there are places where they are considered almost as cattle, they have absolutely no standing in the society.

Isabel Allende: „My life is not different from other people’s lives”

So, still, we have a lot of work to do. But already something has been achieved and that is due to feminism.

William C. Gordon Interview

I think that women have to fight for their own rights, no one is going to give them anything, you have to get it. Now we have in the United States the president Trump, who is a woman hater. He is a terrible man. Asked what is your message to the young people today who suffer from the political situation in Venezuela, you say that governments pass, people stay.

It has a lot to do with it. Governments go, governments change, but people stay. I experienced that in Chile. We had a dictatorship for 17 years, and it changed, and now we have a democracy.

isabel allende and willie gordon relationship trust

But I think that governments give the tone of life. We had a dictatorship in which there is no choice, no free press, no information, no progress, no freedom in which you can be arrested and you can be killed and nobody cares. Some private happiness maybe, but not the happiness in the country. We are living in the United States in a situation in which half the country- at least half the country — if not more, are afraid.

They are afraid of where this is going to lead, with this man who is now the president, who seems to be crazy.

A new life. A new love. A new chapter. Isabel Allende -

I am horrified by what happened in the US and I do hope that the institutions in the country are so strong, that they will be able to withstand the craziness of the government, that the institutions will withstand to Trump.

Not only in love but in everything else It seems that would be in the air. By November or December, something completely different might happen that brings me in another direction. I trust my belly. I have an intuition. When I sit with myself alone in silence, I can feel myself. Feeling myself guides me toward whatever I have to do.

She balances that principle with respecting her family, by giving the manuscript to anyone who is mentioned in it and waiting for their feedback prior to publication.

As Allende looks to her future, she gives thanks for the fact that writing is a profession that ages well: You can write until a very old age as long as you have your marbles.

My curiosity, attention, energy, and capacity to research are all intact. I think I can write for some time, and I want to. I thought I had found my soul mate every time I fell in love and in most instances I was wrong. When I met Willie I fell madly in lust: I just wanted sex. In time I discovered that we have a lot in common and now, after 25 years together, I can safely say that he is my soul mate. I trust him blindly, I can laugh with him, I truly adore him. People often tend to say that physical love is not the one that matters the most between a woman and a man.

What is your opinion? Maybe it is not what matters the most, but for me it certainly matters a lot. At my age it still does and I hope it will always matter.

The incredible life of Isabel Allende - Telegraph

Physical intimacy with someone we love is just wonderful. Last year you turned Is it much, is it little? Being 70 is not different from being I have lived a long and intense life; I could die tomorrow happily because I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed of. I want to continue writing for as long as possible. What scares me the most about the future is to become dependent. Years ago, you said that what you wish to do, through your books, is to have the feeling that you touched people deeply.