Indian husband and wife relationship tests

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indian husband and wife relationship tests

You are the prospective bride that Indian men are looking for, says a survey . dene ki – tu aisa kar toh tera husband tujh pe aur kharch karega. But the case had been seen as a test, pitting the rights of women against It said a suicide attempt alone was grounds for ending a marriage. Sara then meets another guy socially, and eventually starts a relationship with that guy. Things worked out well and they had set the date for marriage.

She never supported my favourite team because there was always some cute player in the opposing team. Either have no interest in the game at all or be interested in the game and not in the guy player.

Colleagues cannot be life partners While office romance could have a few advantages, like, getting to spend time together and your lover being right in front of you all the time, it can also have a disadvantage.

According to the survey, I will not marry any of my office colleagues. Getting scolded in front of your wife, or getting less increment than her will definitely hurt my ego. I will not see her as a life partner then.

indian husband and wife relationship tests

I will not feel like I am away from work. Even if I love my office, I would definitely need a break. That will not be possible if we both work in the same organization. So, it is better to not have a colleague as your wife.

indian husband and wife relationship tests

My ex-girlfriend was like that. She would not receive my call or reply to my messages when Bigg Boss was on.

India grants divorce to man whose wife refused to live with in-laws

I had a tough time. She was so involved with the show that even when we were out or talking on the phone, she would discuss it. If your partner is constantly on the phone, apart from the phone bill, what I fear the most is her sharing too much with her friends. Aur phir doston ki toh aadat hoti hai advice dene ki — tu aisa kar toh tera husband tujh pe aur kharch karega.

Also, when I am around, I would want her to spend maximum time with me, and not on phone. And when I am not around, she can visit her friends or do something productive.

They are not enabled to send each other to jail. Perhaps it is as well that the children if any are saved from the trauma of one of their parents being jailed at the instance of the other parent. The Hindu Marriage Act HMA under Section 13 1 i and the Special Marriage Act SMA under section 27 1 a have mentioned in a very precise manner, that any marriage may be dissolved by a decree of divorce on filing of a petition by you on the ground that your husband or wife has, after the solemnization of the marriage had voluntary sexual intercourse with any person other than you.

indian husband and wife relationship tests

After obtaining the decree, you will no longer be required to cohabit with your spouse [3]. This will give you time to think over the situation and decide whether or not you want a divorce. If you fail to cohabit with your spouse within a period of one year, you or your spouse can file a petition for dissolution of the marriage.

Any relief sought for by your husband or wife petitioner in a proceeding of divorce or judicial separation may be opposed by you respondent on the ground of adultery committed by him or her. In fact, you may counterclaim for any relief under the Act HMA or SMA, as applicable on such ground; and if his or her adultery is proved, the court may give you any relief under the Act to which you would have been entitled if you had presented a petition seeking such relief. Anything short of a sexual intercourse can not be used as a ground for divorce or judicial separation.

Unlike the stand of the law in past, where adultery had to be proved beyond reasonable doubt, the Supreme Court has opined in the case of Dastane vs. Dastane, that proving beyond reasonable doubt is applicable in criminal cases only, not in civil cases, especially not in those relating to matrimony.

Always implead the adulterer as a co-respondent in the suit against your spouse. Failing to do so may become a ground for rejection of your suit. Different courts have been of different opinion regarding this. However, it is always better to be on the safer side. Muslim Personal Laws Husband: A Muslim husband can divorce his wife at his will, without providing any reason for such divorce. It can be executed by triple talaq, i.

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The method of triple talaq differs, depending upon the sect of the husband Shia or Sunni. Therefore, you can divorce your wife if she is involved in an extra marital affair by exercising triple talaq. If your husband has delegated to you the power to divorce, you may use such power to divorce him.

This is known as talaq-i-tafweez. If not, you can file a petition for divorce in the court of law under Section 2 viii b of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, The section provides for a ground of divorce if your husband associates with women of evil repute or leads an infamous life, considering such an act as mental cruelty.

Section 10 1 i of the act reads: The respondent is leading the life of a prostitute and the petitioner does not know with whom the adultery has been committed.

indian husband and wife relationship tests

The petitioner is not aware of the name of the adulterer though efforts have been made. The adulterer is dead. You can alternatively file a petition of judicial separation under Section 22 of the Divorce Act, on the ground of adultery committed by your spouse.

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The statutory provisions for marriage and divorce of Parsis has been provided for by the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, As per Section 32 d of the Act, adultery is a ground for divorce, if a suit for divorce is filed within a period of two years after the plaintiff came to know of the fact.

Section 34 d of the Act makes all the grounds for divorce, grounds for judicial separation as well. Therefore, adultery is a ground for judicial separation under the Parsi Law. Jewish Law There are no statutory provisions regulating the marriages and divorces among Jews. They are rather regulated by the customary laws.