Go nam soon and park heung soo relationship memes

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go nam soon and park heung soo relationship memes

Go Nam-soon attends the lowest-ranked school is Seoul. To rectify park heung soo The only bright points of the drama were Nam-soon and Heung-soo's bromance but it's not enough to completely save the show. I adored Hong-joo's relationship with her mom right from the start. .. Pros and Cons of Blogging Memes. go nam soon park heung soo. 33 Pins. go nam soon park heung soo / My Korean Idol ship:D · Styluss ^^. 27 Pins. Styluss ^^ · ~~Anime Squad ~~. 13 Pins. It'll take him years to buy Heungsoo the shoes he wants, Namsoon knows. Shit tends to get bad now that Namsoon's the jjang, tearing up . Words he doesn't want to hear from Park Heungsoo, the first boy all year who's approached him. .. to do for you. lol the best I ever end up with is a one and a half-sided relationship.

After I finished bingeing the show, for about three weeks I was listening to the soundtrack with my 1 favourite changing every few days. All the songs are amazing but the following are the ones I listened to on repeat sometimes. The above song is sung by Lee Jong-suk who plays Jung Jae-chan in the show! I actually did not make the connection because I kept calling the actor by the show name and not his real name.

But since I watched another show with him in it, I figured I should call him by his real name and only then made the connection. Plot Holes Here are a few things I wish was spoken about or was elaborated: How did she die?

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We never really saw her except in one flashback scene and they never told how she died. In episode 10 Hong-joo saved a girl at the university from being badly burned. Choi never get any dreams about Jae-chan and Hong-joo in those several years? On the same note, why did Jae-chan not get any dreams during those 13 years before he met Hong-joo again? How come they started only when they met again? How did the dreams start for Hong-joo in the first place?

He could have just had black hair!

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship memes

Let me know in comments if you have any theories about these! Also, what about those parallel scenes in episode 31???

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The one at the funerals from 13 years back and presently. When Hong-joo and Jae-chan cried. It was done so perfectly just to make us bawl like babies?! That scene almost killed me.

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Overall I definitely recommend this show! Have you watched While You Were Sleeping? If yes, do tell me your theories related to the wonderings I mentioned in the discussion section. If not, have you watched any other Korean dramas? Which did you love the most? Let me know everything in the comments!

Though there have been hiccups along the way, these four gentlemen retain their friendship through both good and bad.

Initially smitten with the same woman, they still continue their friendship despite the rivalry, not letting the initial love triangle come between them. The bonds of their bromance are dashed to bits when Hyun Jun is declared a rogue operative and Sa Woo is given the task of hunting him down.

Bullies, arrogant to a fault, sons of the rich and powerful, yet fiercely loyal and protective towards one other. They're not afraid to tell one other when someone needs to just stop.

Jun Pyo is constantly frustrating his fellows with his harebrained schemes, and they have to be honest with him to keep him in line. When Woo Bin is morose, Yi Joeng cheers him up and tells him to man up. These boys are like a band of brothers and I can imagine them as ahjussis, maintaining the same depth of friendship that they always had. Though coming from wildly different backgrounds, the two become rivals, and eventually friends.

Despite the fact that they fight each other tooth and nail and their wrestling over who gets to wear underwear is hilariousyou always get the feeling they are looking out for one another even as they vie for Hye Mi's affections. And when the chips are down, they are there for each other. Yoon Jae and Joon Hee are the best of friends. Joking around, talking to each other, listening to each other, they do almost everything together.

They act like a married couple while they are roomies. Even a revelation that Joon Hee is gay doesn't stop them from being friends. But high school ends and Joon Hee decides to move out, saying it would be better if Yoon Jae had the apartment to himself now that he's got the girl. In one of the most heartwarming moments of the series, as Joon Hee leaves the apartment for the last time, Yoon Jae comes up behind him and grabs him in a backhug.

They have been and will always be friends.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship memes

Unaware of the relationship between his girlfriend and Dong Joo, Ji Woon finds himself drawn to the other man and the two strike up a friendship. The two shoot hoops together, eat together, and work side-by-side in the same hospital.