Fik shun and amy relationship quiz

OMG, Fik-Shun is still killin' the game. Amy Yakima — Season 10 What he's up to now: Fik-Shun was recently on NBC's World of Dance. 10, pitting the final four dancers — Amy Yakima, Jasmine Harper, Fik-Shun and Aaron Turner — against each other one last time. So who won. Despite being from very different dance worlds, Fik-Shun and Amy . incredible choreo for the upcoming Broadway revival of Kiss Me, Kate!.

Amy Yakima and Fik-Shun It was a partnership of tiny dancers destined for greatness. Which show made her skip showering all weekend? Fik-Shun is certainly grateful for having Amy by his side. America got the chance to connect with us and our partnership together," he told TVGuide. It just felt so right dancing on stage with her that I wouldn't have traded in anyone else for her. It was supposed to be us.

We just look at each other.

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I'll say something, and he's like, 'I was already thinking that. We just have a great work ethic together.

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And while Lythgoe praises the duo's original routine, he's his own worst critic. Not a bad performance, but the technique wasn't very good,'" he said with a laugh.

Check out the rest of the interview with winners Amy and Fik-Shun: How does it feel to be the most adorable winners? Hearing that, that we're the most adorable too? That feels pretty good. Which of the routines that you've danced together are your favorites?

Besides the bellhop one, I'd say definitely the contemporary one with Sonya [Tayeh]. It was our first time working together, and that one seriously pushed me to limits I didn't know I could reach or surpass. That one was definitelly a door-opener for me. It really gave me a chance to see how we work together Also now it makes me want to thank Sonya for pushing me so hard because she was the first one to drill into me that, "You did good; now do better. That was amazing; make it great.

I think we both did. At the beginning I didn't know Fik-Shun. We were partnered together, and I was like, "He's a hip-hop dancer. He's never partnered before. But that first piece — I don't know, something happened, he clicked on.

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 10, Week 14 :: The Top 8 Perform/2 Eliminated

He got everything right away. He wasn't dancing for himself. He was with me. And if that could happen in one week, I was like, "This is going to be a good season with him. Check out their first performance together: That one and the bellhop dance are definitely the most iconic dances for you as partners. We got to be serious and we got to be super fun and sexy! What did those bellhop outfits feel like to wear? It was different definitely. It was kind of restrictive at first.

But once you kind of get into character, you make it work for you. It included tons of daring and unique lifts and tosses which the judges loved.

Nigel complimented both of them on overcoming their health battles, Tucker for his knee infection and Courtney for her MS and month of blindness in her left eye.

Amy and Fik-Shun Win SYTYCD! - Dance Informa Magazine

Paul and all-star Comfort performed a hip-hop routine about graffiti artists. Paul, a ballroom dancer, got so down and dirty, you'd think hip-hop was his style. Mary said that Paul is one of the most versatile dancers on the show. Hayley and all-star Dmitry performed a sexy rhumba about a woman who wants to break up with her fiance. Mary called the routine phenomenal, and Nigel said that this was a good comeback as a choreographer for Dmitry.

Jenna and all-star Marc performed a jazz routine that was a brand new style - Marc's style. It was a combination of quirky, alien and different ethnicities. The judges were blown away and gave the pair the first standing ovation of the night.

They complimented Marc on his fresh choreography and Jenna on mastering it so quickly. Jasmine and all-star Twitch brought the comic book world to dance by taking on the personas of superheroes in their hip-hop routine.