Fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship marketing

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fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship marketing

Mar 7, Fairy Tail is gaining a lot of publicity nowadays in the anime world. Mavis Vermilion is a powerful wizard who founded Fairy Tail and was Zeref is sought by many as the strongest and most evil age to walk the earth. .. And she had a big relationship with her spirits y once she invoke all her .. Marketing. Mavis Vermilion to Fairy Tail Guild Members in "Fairy Sphere" . In this state, she starts exhibiting the concentric red eyes that Zeref has under the curse, and. Mar 19, Lucy knew this, and found him on her own sleepless nights. After a few days of confusion as to their relationship they finally made it official that they were engaged. each other at market thus the reason he was looking at flowers that day. Erza and Zeref practically took over planning the entire event.

The curse of contradiction is active whenever Zeref cares about the life of and causes his dark magic to spiral out of control and eliminate everything around him and leaves Zeref immortal and unaging.

Following this incident, Zeref discovered the only way to control this affect is for him to not care about the lives of others and become the ruthless Zeref spoken of in legend.

He later wandered around unintentionally taking more innocent lives slowly beginning to hate himself for his actions as well as hating himself for enjoying the fact that he now had as much free time on his hands to continue his research.

Zeref soon came to the conclusion that he wanted to die which led to him studying forbidden magic which gave rise to demons that would later go on to be called the Demons of Zeref's books. Zeref called them the Etherious as they were created from the Etherano that makes up magic itself the demons were created for the sole purpose of killing Zeref as the latter put an instinct for them to want to return to him which turned out to be the desire to kill their creator.

But believing these demons were not up to the task, he turned back to reviving his dead brother whose body he kept preserved.

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Zeref was successful in reviving his brother, bring him back as an Etherious demon his most strongest on thus fulfilling his goal of bringing back his brother and creating something that could kill him E. Zeref took care of Natsu but the latter proved to be too rambunctious to handle as he didn't want to learn how to read or write so one day while out gathering herbs he encountered Igneel who unlike many other dragons had no problems talking with humans.

Igneel and Zeref soon became friends with Igneel offering to raise Zeref's younger brother and teach him in the art of Dragon Slayer Magic. Zeref gave Igneel his permission to raise Natsu after Igneel told him of a plan to raise and train Dragon Slayers to one day defeat Acnologia in the future.

To Zeref, Acnologia didn't matter as to him, this plan was a perfect way for him to make Natsu stronger and one day the latter would be able to kill him. Zeref helped the dragons by enlisting the help of Celestial Spirit Wizard named Anna and had her utilize his invention the Eclipse Gate which allowed the Dragons and their children to leap forward to the future. For four hundred years, Zeref awaited his brother's arrival but slowly became traumatized at the repeating conflicts that passed and soon opt to seclude himself.

The only time he was truly happy was when he taught Mavis and her friends on how to use magic. Sometime later, Zeref created what would soon form itself into the Alvarez Empire. Eventually, he found himself on the secluded Tenrou Island, hoping to stay completely cut off from humanity. Not to mention the two other weddings happening in between those six months. Everything was a blur after that, and the two weren't able to see each other much. Erza insisted on planning their wedding and dragged Lucy away, pumping her fist in excitement.

Somehow Zeref was able to find a tailor that didn't mind making suits for two demons in their true forms. So he dragged his brother away as well.

Erza and Zeref practically took over planning the entire event. The two were especially surprised when Natsu mentioned his absolute lack of knowledge on the subject, which made sense to everyone else considering he spent most of his life far away from people. Sorta like a declaration of love for both of them.

You went to Mavis and Zeref's wedding, right?

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Gray and Natsu immediately froze only to put their arms a immediately around one another's shoulders. What colours would you like?! This magic also made him immune against lightning attacks. He can also restore his magic power by simply eating electricity. This magic allows him to create a Thought Projection of himself. This image is immune to any attack and is closely related to having an ethereal body. Organic Link Magic This magic is more like a counter-attack strategy.

It will redirect an attack straight back to its source but in a form of lightning. It uses immense light magic power to eliminating anything or anyone within its range who is considered an enemy by the caster.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant There have been many occasions in the anime series where Laxus proved his prowess in hand to hand combat. He managed to ward off the combined attacks of Gajeel and Natsu with ease. Like Natsu, Laxus can also create lightning orbs in his arms and legs to boost the speed and power of his physical offense. During the fight, he even mocked Mystogan for using weak and ineffective spells against him.

Unbelievable Durability It will take more than the attack combination of Natsu and Gajeel to bring down Laxus. His resilience is outstanding even for a Dragon Slayer. Hades was also surprised to see him survive after going all out on his Dark Magic. Laxus is definitely not just behemoth offensively but also one of the best when it comes to defense. Boosted Strength Even without lightning magic, Laxus can easily overpower a physically gifted opponent like Natsu and Gajeel.

Can endure even the most horrifying Physical and Magical Damage Laxus can withstand even the toughest physical challenge. He was able to stand up against two strong Dragon Slayers and even fought with S-Class Mages being extremely weakened afterwards. In his battle against Hades, he gave up all his magic power to Natsu yet he was able to stand by his own afterwards. Extremely High Reflexes Laxus is in a much higher level than most Fairy Tail members when it comes to speed and agility.

This is clearly observed when he effortlessly evaded all the fast combination attacks of Natsu and Gajeel.

fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship marketing

Makarov Dreyar's weird facial expression. Source Makarov Dreyar pumped up for battle. Source Makarov Dreyar trying to stop Acnologia.

Source Makarov Dreyar is a very short man with exceptional magic power.

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The enlarging power is absurd as it can make Makarov almost bigger than an island. Another interesting fact about this magic is that it can be transferred to another person. Although the complete Titan form of Makarov is much slender compared to the usual, it grants him with excessive amount of power and causes his mustache to be wilder and point upwards.

Light will also be emitted from his eyes which may be brought upon by his light magic. He can easily crush anyone with his bare hand or pull out trees or infrastructure debris and smash them to foes.

Exceptional Durability After Makarov achieves a gigantic form, his tolerance against all sorts of magical or physical attack is increased. He even managed to hold back Acnologia, a very strong black dragon which is feared even by the Magic Council.

fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship marketing

Maximum Defense Seal This magic can protect Makarov from any kind of harm. It will surround him with several magic seals which will literally consume enemy attacks and render them useless. Three Pillar Gods Two ethereal pillars will appear on both sides of Makarov and one on his back to form a very powerful barrier. It was even strong enough to protect Makarov from the destructive power of Amaterasu Formula casted by Hades when they battled on Tenrou Island.

Light Magic This type of elemental magic basically relies on light as its main source of power. This magic can be used for both offense and defense. His master on this type of magic is clearly evident when he fought against Jose Porla where he conjured ethereal spheres of light in the air united by beams of light coming from the stars to perform invisible blinding and powerful spells.

Giant Wrath Makarov constantly releases a surge of destructive light energy from his light magic aura. This magic can easily destroy surrounding buildings, trees, and virtually anything near the caster.

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Light Blast This magic is a powerful beam of light that can pierce through an enemy with this. Even those with thick and sturdy protective gears are not safe from the wrath of this spell. In fact, only a few defensive magic is capable of stopping it. These seals are brought upon through light magic and will protect anything before it from all sorts of dangers. Rain of Light Rain of Light is an array of light beams that can bring upon severe damage to opponents casted through a single Magic Seal.

Upon casting, it will create a bright light which covers a considerable range. He can also re-equip his clothes to match the occasion or when the old one is too worn out after a battle.