Canada and japan relationship

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canada and japan relationship

Canada and Japan have deep roots that date back to the opening of Ottawa has stressed that, “improving trade relations with Japan is a top. Following the launch of Canada-Japan EPA negotiations, the Trade and economic relations between Canada and Japan have been steadily. Japan and Canada have enjoyed many years of friendly relations. Our two countries share many fundamental values, including: respect for the.

Canada welcomed close to 5, international students from Japan in Meanwhile, only three per cent of Canadian students venture overseas to study abroadwith only a fraction of those choosing Asia as a study destination.

Canada-Japan relations

The Canadian public is now realizing how important it is for young Canadians to study abroad in pivotal countries like Japan. The NOP results show that almost 70 per cent of Canadians think their province and Asia should increase the number of student exchanges and university agreements.

canada and japan relationship

APF Canada has already tried to do this by partnering with the Government of Japan to deliver its Kakehashi Projectwhich selects a number of Canadian students and Japanese students for a cultural and academic exchange designed to promote deeper mutual trust and understanding between the people of Canada and Japan.

Partner on Strategic Interests, such as Clean Energy and the Environment Lastly, Canada and Japan share many similar strategic interests that both countries can work on together to achieve common goals.

One such interest that has become increasingly important is clean energy and the environment. The past Canada-Japan Joint Economic Committee Meeting in October emphasized future collaboration on clean energy and the environment, and both governments agreed to double investment in clean energy innovation over the next five years. There are a number of already-established scientific partnerships between Canada and Japan.

With a prime minister who is avidly advancing Canada-Asia relations, and with growing uncertainty to the south, the time is right for deepening Canada-Japan relations.

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There is good news -- foreign investment from both sides show an upwards trend -- but business will need help to capitalize on this opportunity. Canada exports energy, metals and agriculture and forest products, just the materials Japan's industrial economy consumes in large quantities.

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Canadians have a high regard for Japan manufactured goods, such as cars and electronics. The two Pacific Rim nations also have areas of mutual strength, such as scientific research and digital media, that could benefit from greater cooperation.

Canada-Japan Relations

The commonalities go far beyond goods and services. A mature but sizable economy -- still the world's third largest -- Japan's business norms, democratic institutions and common values put Canadian at ease. Canada has a long history of Japanese immigration and a love of Japanese culture. The latest session was held in Tokyo in January and included discussions of trade policy and regional security, as well as energy issues.

Canada-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (CJEPA)

Trade and economic relations between Canada and Japan have been steadily expanding. Canadian investment in Japan is significant and diverse with over companies that have a permanent Japanese presence, primarily in the automotive, information and communications technologies, financial services and forestry sectors.

Canada is committed to pursuing new opportunities to deepen trade and economic cooperation with Japan. In addition to discussions about free trade, Canadian and Japanese senior officials meet for regular consultations in the context of the Joint Economic Committee.

canada and japan relationship

Canada and Japan have a long history of diplomatic relations dating back to when Japan established a diplomatic mission in Ottawa. Canada and Japan have long shared strong political ties, but in recent years, these relations have spread into new areas and become more substantive.

canada and japan relationship

One important area of growth is peace and security cooperation.