Australia and britain relationship

australia and britain relationship

Australia's relationship with Britain in Many Australians thought as them- selves as British. They took pride in being part of the British Empire. They found it . A poll indicates Britain is no longer Australia's best friend. More than eight in 10 Australians see the Australia-Britain bilateral relationship as. The old relationship between Australia and Britain was changing, and Australia was turning its political allegiances more to the US and its trade.

australia and britain relationship

Australia inherited many fine British institutions including parliamentary democracy and the common law. Yet, as a recent Lowy Institute poll demonstrates, too often the relationship is focused on the past rather than the future, on sentiment rather than shared interests.

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However, when asked to choose Australia's "best friend'' from a list of six countries, respondents ranked Britain third in popularity behind the US and New Zealand. And when those who saw the relationship as important were asked why, two-thirds said it was because of the "strong historical and cultural ties between our two countries". Only one in four Australians said it was because Britain was a major economic and strategic power, even though it is a top 10 economy, a nuclear weapons state and a permanent member of the UN security council.

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This is a good time, therefore, for our two nations to move beyond history, culture and cricket, and focus our relationship on our shared interests in the region towards which the world's wealth and power is shifting rapidly: This brought together experts and high-level officials from the two countries, and while the proceedings were private, we can convey our personal impressions as co-chairmen.

Our two countries come at Asia from different geographic angles, yet we both have long histories in the region and deep knowledge of it. Our experience and analyses are complementary, and we should make more of them.

We have strong trading and investment relationships with China that are complemented by robust diplomatic relationships: Chinese premier Li Keqiang has just wrapped up a visit to Britain, and President Xi Jinping is slated to visit Australia for the G20 summit later this year.

On the other hand, we believe that neither of our national debates about Asia should ever be shrunk to the dimensions of China.

australia and britain relationship

We must think about the region as a whole, and tend carefully and pay more attention to our relations with Japan, Indonesia, India, South Korea and Vietnam. Both Australia and Britain are allies of the US — indeed we are arguably Washington's two most reliable allies.

We both believe that American leadership remains of immense benefit to the world, and that right now more is needed, not less. We both support the strategic logic of Barack Obama's rebalance towards Asia, but are concerned that America's strategic discipline on this should not waver. It was not an act of escaping religious oppression, as in the case of America, or the founding of a new political order, as in France. British Australia was the creation of an imperial decision.

This meant that strong links to Britain, and the British monarchy, continued well into the 20th century.

Australia isn't as close to Britain as it should be

There were occasional republicans who advocated a so-called independent Australia, particularly in the 19th century, but, if anything, enthusiasm for the British Empire increased in the first half of the 20th century.

Australians were Australians, but they were also British. This, of course, was probably true given that London attracted people from all over the empire and was cosmopolitan in a way that Australia was not. The early settlers were British in a very Australian way. Australianness was embedded in their Britishness; the two were not in conflict.

No longer tied to Britain, Australia is still searching for its place in the world

In celebrating Australia Day they were celebrating themselves and their peculiar Australian way. Such celebrations could not be construed as indicating a desire to be rid of the monarchy or the empire.

australia and britain relationship

Moreover, Australians felt a great deal of solidarity with their British cousins. Consider the following quote: Australians know that our future is linked with Britain, not only by ties of race and kinship, but because of hard, practical reasons. No, the speaker was not Robert Menzies but Ben Chifley in Witness the massively popular reception of the new monarch, Queen Elizabeth, when she visited Australia in The Queen and Prince Philip wave from the royal tram in InBritain was still taking Even in the s, a strong connection between Australia and Britain made a lot of sense.

The old relationship between Australia and Britain was changing, and Australia was turning its political allegiances more to the US and its trade to Asia. The shock of the post-war decline of the British Empire was also great for Australia.