Alden richards and maine mendoza relationship tips

Alden Richards' past relationships before Maine Mendoza - Manila Flash

alden richards and maine mendoza relationship tips

Before the “AlDub” phenomenon took the country by storm in , Alden Richards was already a talent on GMA 7. He was acting for different. Maine Mendoza congratulates Alden Richards for solo TV project, Victor GUIDEPBB OTSO: Meet latest evictee and last teen housemate. Explore Ysa_belle's board "Relationship goals (AlDub/MaiChard)" on Pinterest. Soulmate and Love Quotes: QUOTATION – Image: Quotes Of the day.

He wears his hair slicked back, favors simple tshirts, dark pants, sneakers, to dress shirt and slacks, according to the occasion. As you are in the business of selling million-peso propertiesphysical appearance really counts.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza may have realized they need each other - LionhearTV

This is because customers are not only sold to the products offered, but to the salesperson. Aside from investing in a wardrobe and personal hygiene, invest in time to study up on the properties you are selling, especially information that is not usually available on your presentation, catalogue, or online listing.

  • Why do Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards not interacting in Eat Bulaga?
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  • 2. He can smile his way into everyone’s hearts.

Any real estate professional will tell you a smile is a big asset when selling. This is because according to a LinkedIn Push article, a genuine smile can get customers to like, trust, and do business with you more.

Practice smiling and talking in a full-length mirror, or with a friend who can pass judgement about your sales delivery.

alden richards and maine mendoza relationship tips

But no matter how practiced you are with how you present yourself to your clients, the only way it will come across as genuine is if you truly care about helping homeseekers find their next home. Richards and Mendoza take a selfie together on their first date. Way before the two met, Richards sent a box of Filipino childhood sweets that Mendoza love in real life.

MaiChard's Relationship Status (UPDATED)

He also rarely forgets to bring pasalubong to Lola Nidora, and even her Rogelios whenever he comes back from an out-of-town trip. Going that extra mile when providing customer service to your clients will clearly level up your business relationship status.

alden richards and maine mendoza relationship tips

This will also guarantee that your client will not take his or her business elsewhere with another broker. From delivering a pile of chopped wood from Broadway to Centrum to EDSA in 20 minutes to retrieving 3 boxes of chili in an Olympic-size swimming pool under pressure, Richards has managed to pass the challenges given to him with flying colors and increased his chances at meeting with Yaya Dub.

alden richards and maine mendoza relationship tips

All is real and nothing fake is happening; it is true love going in the wrong direction. Alden Richards trusts the wrong woman who is elder than him, and this woman is very strong and influential.

Alden Richards’ past relationships before Maine Mendoza

It looks as if Alden will not listen to what Maine will have to say about her, and there can be more knots in their relationship. I also see Alden feeling stressed due to hard work and obligations which are effecting his health. Due to all these, he wants an escape from the situation, and how will he do that will be his decision. Best suggestion is to give himself some time and do some meditation to maintain a balance and understanding that he is the master of his life and nothing or no one can snatch his destiny.

Now about what Maine Mendoza thinks and what is seen happening behind the camera with him.

FEARLESS PREDICTIONS REAL PSYCHICS: Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards ALDUB Showbiz Prediction

She will try to be close to him in all possible ways and will be successful temporarily, but due to all what is going in his life she is seen getting tired of his behavior if it does not change in the future. Alden has to listen to her and not to the other elder woman if he wants to be with Maine Mendoza in a long term relationship.

Maine seeks committed relationship while Alden is taking the advice of others which when noticed by Maine creates more disputes between them.

alden richards and maine mendoza relationship tips

Maine Mendoza needs to be positive about Alden Richards, otherwise it is not difficult for fears or insecurity to become a reality, and Alden Richards moves towards a secret love affair.